Lin Wood’s Twitter Meltdown

Patsy Ramsey called Wood three years after JonBenet’s death, in the fall of 1999. A grand jury was investigating the parents, and tabloids screamed accusations.  The grand jury ended its work without an indictment, and the Ramseys started suing.

Forums for Justice, Boulder Daily Camera

“Lin Wood is guilty of the same thing that he is laying at the feet of his adversaries, and that is that he’s editing the material for the public,” [Lawrence] Schiller said.

“He is in essence a public-relations expert.”

Lin Wood’s response to the CBS series The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey…

“He knows how to play the game, and the media allows him to play the game,” [Andrew] Cohen [legal analyst for CBS] said.

Wood is an aggressive and zealous attorney, but his efforts are all “window dressing,” “spin” and “pizzazz,” Cohen said before stopping abruptly.

“I better be careful what I say,” he said. “I don’t want him to sue me for libel.” – Forums for Justice, Boulder Daily Camera


“I have a big ego,” Wood admitted. “A lot of lawyers do.”

– Forums for Justice, Boulder Daily Camera


“I’ve had failures,” Wood said. “I didn’t get married four times because I was good at it.”

He hasn’t had many failures in the Ramsey case.

“So far in a court of law, I’ve won every case,” Wood says. “And I’m not worried about losing in the future.”  – Forums for Justice, Boulder Daily Camera

The million dollar question these past two weeks has been… why the hell, after 20 years, did Burke Ramsey come out from under his rock to do an interview?  Let’s be honest, Burke doesn’t exactly present himself as a full deck of cards.  Something everybody close to him is obviously aware of.  So why do it, and why now?  Nick and I have a few of our own opinions regarding that question, which we’ll get to in due time, but as far as why Burke chose Dr. Phil of all people to present his “narrative” to the world… I think the answer to that has become blindingly apparent…

From [July 2016]:

Atlanta libel attorney Lin Wood—who filed the defamation suit last week on behalf of [Dr. Phil] McGraw and his wife, Robin, in Palm Beach County Circuit Court in Florida—says the Enquirer, the Star and other publications of Florida-based American Media Inc. knowingly printed “outrageous lies” about the McGraws, their marriage and their character, and that constitutional press freedom privileges offer “no safe harbor for publishing statements known to be false or manufactured by paid sources.”

Sound familiar?

Among other false claims, Wood said several stories alleged the couple is planning to divorce. “It is these types of lies that the National Enquirer and American Media have been publishing for years while making millions of dollars in the process of so doing,” he said. “The McGraws are determined to stop these lies and the business practice of libel for profit.”

No surprise, in episode 3 of Dr. Phil’s series with Burke, he defends the Ramsey’s decision to hire lawyers rather than work with the police.


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