Henri van Breda’s axe at the DeZalze crime scene – what’s wrong with this picture?

Okay armchair detectives – here’s a chance to prove your worth. In the clip below is an instrumental and obvious clue that should pop up out of the crime scene and wave a giant red flag. There’s something about this clue that’s an immediate sign that the suspect on scene might not be all that he appears.

Watch the clip and see if you can figure it out. Watch it a few times.

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Figured it out?

If not, here’s a last chance. It’s this frame right here. Notice anything wrong about it?

C’mon, let’s see those true crime muscles flexing…

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What it is is the fact that there’s no blood around the axe. Not around the handle, and not around the axe head. You might argue that actually there is a little smudge of blood under the blade, or a smear near the bottom part of the handle. If so, you’re missing the point.

Consider a scenario where the axe is used [as it was] to bludgeon to death 4 people one by one. By the time Henri was done, not only the axe, but Henri himself would be dripping – showered – in the warm blood of his victims. The wooden handle and metal blade would have been doused several times with brain matter, cerebral fluid and blood, and right at the end, blood gushing out of Marli’s neck.

When Henri dropped the axe, it should have left a thick trail of blood drops behind and around it. The axe itself should be covered in scarlet blood, almost as if its been painted from end to end.

Instead, the axe looks fairly innocent here. In fact, it may take a while to figure out [or even prove] that the axe was the murder weapon. That’s the problem with this picture. Someone has wiped it clean to minimise what it did, and what was on it. On the whole staircase, Henri seems to have found one of the few spots where there is no blood.

You could argue that Henri’s version about the axe being thrown and embedding in the wall caused the blood on it to miraculously float off. If it was flung, then there would be a big red blood spatter splodge where it impacts the wall, and there’d still be big drops of blood surrounding the still wet axe, but there isn’t.

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3 thoughts on “Henri van Breda’s axe at the DeZalze crime scene – what’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Tsk. I thought it might have to do with Henri sitting there at the end in just his underwear, as there were bloody shoeprints all over the place. Who commits a murder in their underwear and shoes? Obviously he cleaned up – himself.


  2. The most OBVIOUS clue to his innocence is that the family had a policy of leaving the back door open for the domestic that worked for them….why ?….because it shows you that THAT was the point of entry.
    The domestic would be my first suspect since she would know the layout of the place and its valuables, as an in-house expert, who could then pass the info to GANGSTERS.
    Secondly, the absolute shambles of a crime scene indicates a disorganized Crime, done by primitive minds via Axe and knife, the hallmark of Western Cape gangsters.
    Blacks/Coloureds use axes and knives…., it is well known.

    Afrikaner boys will use guns, not axes….if murder is contemplated.

    Thirdly, this crime was done by scum who had previous assaults, on their record.
    This is NOT a first-timer crime.

    Fourthly., the cops were complete amateurs, not even using dogs to track the scent from the BACK DOOR and outside….why not ?

    Because, here we have a WHITE AFRIKANER that can be crucified via the mass media.
    Just like Hansie Cronje and Joost van der Westhuizen, in the past.
    So that Afrikaners can be demonised as BAD people.

    I watched his cross-examination and it was a farce.
    Henri said there were 2 people involved….which makes perfect sense.
    The Judge IMMEDUATELY directed his testimony AWAY from that CRITICAL info.
    His affidavit did not match his statements to Colonel Benecke.
    That shows you how naive Henri was….. since he signed it
    He was way too trusting of the authorities.

    Also, WHERE THE HELL was his advocate to advise him, after arrest.
    His family is worth R200m…. and could afford the best.

    In short, apart from the photo clues, which show him with minimal blood on his body he was just plain railroaded from the Start to the Finish.

    No surprise, in white-hating ANC courts……
    Henri did NOT do it.
    He has no previous convictions for ANY assaults.


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