C.T. Brown’s 22nd Review

Mr Van der leek you should be ashamed of yourself. This entire book is a mixture of gossip, fake evidence and character assassinations. Do you even care that three people lost their lives (four if you include Shan’anns unborn child)? Can you imagine being the family of Shan’ann Watts and losing your daughter and grandchildren, only to have someone speculating that Shannon was unstable and difficult. Van der Leek takes a few videos and fb posts Shan’ann made and thinks that he somehow knows Shan’ann and her family. Victim blaming at its worst!!! Van der Leek seems to attach himself to cases such as this and even if there is little to no evidence, he creates wild stories from social media accounts and pictures. Shame on you Van der Leek!!!

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  1. So .. People always find a way to justify woman killer who killed her husband because of the abuse .. But they would never consider a fact that husbands are being abused by their wives neither want to Hear about it . We’re seeing not only abuse of C.W. but we also know that he confessed to killing her after seeing his daughters dead by hands of his wife . we would believe his confession if C.W. was a woman. Like nobody has been in situation when it would be hard to prove that he’s right .. People have lied and falsely confessed too , so I don’t believe when they say if he called police right away I would believe him .. If that’s the only reason you’re not believing him than you have no idea how human mind works ..

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  2. CT Brown seems to think that because someone has been murdered, we should all pretend she was a saint. Well, no-one’s a saint — not even Mother Teresa — and in order to understand motive in a family murder, one needs to delve deeply into the personalities of all concerned. Which the writer of the this blog does so well. CT is entitled to her opinion, but the fact that she has slated Nick’s work 22 times, comes across as stalkerish. Methinks CT should take up a hobby, like crochet, and let real writers get on with their work.


      • In all fairness to saints, it’s a slippery slope there. Nicholas Romanov is now a saint, Jewish people probably wouldn’t agree, pogroms and such. Amongst the living Betty Broderick would be canonized if her supporters had their way, me I’m hoping for one for dear leader in North Korea, the whole Saint things pretty funny. I,ll nominate Jeff Bezo,s if he makes Amazon reviewers use their real names 🙂


  3. It is puzzling that so many people object to a straightforward stating of known facts. We can all see what the Watts household was like, thanks to the hundreds of videos Shan’ann made, the texts, and discovery documents.

    This case is troubling to people all over the world because we know so much but we understand so little.

    Pulling back from the crime and looking at
    the life that was constructed by these two adults, a kind of rampant consumerism seems to be the fuel that stoked the fire that led to this tragedy. The big, boxy, soulless, house and the anonymity, conformity, and loneliness of their lives was built on a foundation of STUFF. And stuff costs us more than we realize.

    Oddly, what angers me most is the violations of the family’s privacy with those videos, all in the name of promoting Shan’ann’s “job” and making money.

    When might they have had a few hours to get their minds settled enough to talk about the looming financial catastrophe? The damn camera never slept.

    Multilevel marketing is a shell game and no one (even its victims, the promoters) knows if any money is being made. If Shan’ann was lying to herself and everyone else about what she was really making,
    or if she simply couldn’t bring herself to take a cold look at the situation, she may not have known she was clearing next to nothing after all the expensive product she had to buy. That’s how MLM works– the promoters are also the customers.

    What we see in the videos and stills are images of what two people thought success and the good life looked like.

    It is an indicator of how sick one can get in relation to this case, but in my mind, I put them in a 2,000 square ft house, out in the country, with flower and vegetable gardens, a few chickens, and maybe a pet rabbit or two.

    As the daughter of a murder victim (unsolved) I live under the illusion that finding out the hows and whys of cases like this can bring peace, but it probably won’t.

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    • Are you the user from Reddit’s unresolved mysteries sub whose mother was murdered? I follow that subreddit and if you’re that person, I’ve read your story and it’s harrowing. I’m sorry about what you’ve gone through.


  4. This review… there’s no way about it. It’s god awful terrible. Not NVLs book, rather this particular review.

    There’s no “speculation” about Shan’ann being mental unstable, she was mentally unstable. You don’t continue to rack up hundreds of thousands in debt after bankruptcy, or continue to rack up debt from multiple pyramid schemes, or go on 6 week trips when you can’t even pay your HOA fees and are four months behind on the mortgage. You don’t argue with your husband, the only one bringing in money, that’s it’s imperative for your kids (who aren’t even 5 years old) when your household income is 60k before taxes. Shan’ann may have been a “80k” presenter, but that just means her team sold over 80k in product, which by the way isn’t good, but she was bringing in less than 1200$ USD a year net. You could work part time at McDonald’s and make more and atleast you wouldn’t be scamming people to try and “make you’re nut”. 98 percent of LeVel “promoters” (known as customers to the rest of us, distributors in their own little mind) quit within the first year. Only the top 1% of the company makes anything sustainable profit wise, and Shan’ann wasn’t it. Don’t believe me, go to “The way back machine” or archive.is and not once is she listed in the top 100 presenters. Not once. In 2017 her yearly income on her taxes was around 1200. That’s so far below poverty level she was actually spending more money than she was making. That money should’ve been going to pay off the mortgage that they were about to be foreclosed on (3 months behind before they missed Augusts payment) or to pay downtheir massive debt, or to the HOA that was suing them for non payment of fees. Nope, instead Shan’ann, a SAHM who did mostly nothing all day, sends her kids to a school that costs $25000 USD, half her households income. She justified it by saying she was “working” but buying hundreds in product you can’t afford to give away free samples and updating your FB post isn’t working. You can call it a small business but that’s an insult. She had no website, no business license or registered business, no separate account at the bank (she’d need a business license) for just the business, she can’t decide price points, she doesn’t make the product, at best Shan’ann and her friends were bad drop shippers, but LeVel (behind closed doors) knows their reps are nothing more than glorified customers.

    She wasn’t knew to this, the MLM life, and that’s part of the problem. Your only hope of “striking gold” in an MLM (a pyramid scheme with a product where you make money off recruiting people) is by starting it, or getting in right under those that started it. Shan’ann got into it ridiculously late, and seeing as this was her 5th (give or take) failed MLM endeavor, you think she’d see the writing on the wall. She didn’t want too because she was so far in and had that “sunk cost” fallacy going on that of she were to walk away, in her mind, the last 18 months of shilling this overpriced pseudo-science garbage would’ve been in vein. All that money (she had both her underage daughter and husband signed up underneath her) to stay active every month, somewhere between $500-1000 USD just to fail. She’s making $1200 a YEAR and that’s before expenses! Her actually net was in the negative. Yet LeVel convinces these people they own their own business because they bought a starter kit. It’s laughable. Shan’ann and co had no business acumen, wouldn’t know a Cap Table if it hit them on the head, had no registered business in Colorado, no separate business account, no LLC formed – all they did was buy product and try to resell it, unsuccessfully.

    Go look at LeVels Online Income disclosure statement and you’ll see 98% of reps make poverty level wages. Shan’ann got in way too late for it to make her money, and there’s reps with 200 people in their down line that aren’t making liveable wages.. and people think shan’ann, with less than 10 people in her down line (3 of them being in her own household) was making anything? Come on, let’s use our brain here.

    Chris watts did a heinous thing, but to act like Shan’ann had no agency in her own life and therefore didn’t contribute to their financial demise and other issues that led to the family being murdered is ignorant. It’s not victim blaming. It’s digging deeper to find out what their life was like behind closed doors so we can find answers and perhaps stop another family from the same fate.

    At the end of the day, a mentally sound woman doesn’t embezzle from companies (and yes, that 100% was her, not someone with the same name) or rack up 6 figure debt right after bankruptcy. A mentally sound woman doesn’t spend half the household income on daycare for 2 kids when she can watch them at home, and especially when they’re about to be homeless. You don’t spend like there’s no tomorrow when you have no savings or emergency account. In 6 years they paid off less than 30k of their mortgage, it would’ve taken them almost 60 years yo pay off a 30 year mortgage at the rate they were going. Even if they had sold that home, they had no equity and were so far behind on their mortgage they would’ve walked away with maybe a couple thousand a piece if they were lucky. When you’re on the brink of financial armageddon, you don’t say “okay” to another kid, even if it was Chris who wanted that child, it’s no excuse.

    Someone who is mentally stable and emotionally grounded wouldn’t do any of the above, and to ignore the resentment her lackadaisical spending brought about (while she brought in no money from that get rich quick scheme) is ignorant. If the police and similar agencies took the same approach, we’d never find any answers in homicide investigations, just more answers. “Victim blaming” this is not, and to call it so I’d a cheap cop out, although I wouldn’t take anyone who ends every sentence with “!!!” seriously, nor would I expect them to critically analyze anything other than a color by numbers book.


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