C.T. Brown’s 22nd Review

Mr Van der leek you should be ashamed of yourself. This entire book is a mixture of gossip, fake evidence and character assassinations. Do you even care that three people lost their lives (four if you include Shan’anns unborn child)? Can you imagine being the family of Shan’ann Watts and losing your daughter and grandchildren, only to have someone speculating that Shannon was unstable and difficult. Van der Leek takes a few videos and fb posts Shan’ann made and thinks that he somehow knows Shan’ann and her family. Victim blaming at its worst!!! Van der Leek seems to attach himself to cases such as this and even if there is little to no evidence, he creates wild stories from social media accounts and pictures. Shame on you Van der Leek!!!

Original review at this link.


6 thoughts on “C.T. Brown’s 22nd Review

  1. So .. People always find a way to justify woman killer who killed her husband because of the abuse .. But they would never consider a fact that husbands are being abused by their wives neither want to Hear about it . We’re seeing not only abuse of C.W. but we also know that he confessed to killing her after seeing his daughters dead by hands of his wife . we would believe his confession if C.W. was a woman. Like nobody has been in situation when it would be hard to prove that he’s right .. People have lied and falsely confessed too , so I don’t believe when they say if he called police right away I would believe him .. If that’s the only reason you’re not believing him than you have no idea how human mind works ..

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  2. CT Brown seems to think that because someone has been murdered, we should all pretend she was a saint. Well, no-one’s a saint — not even Mother Teresa — and in order to understand motive in a family murder, one needs to delve deeply into the personalities of all concerned. Which the writer of the this blog does so well. CT is entitled to her opinion, but the fact that she has slated Nick’s work 22 times, comes across as stalkerish. Methinks CT should take up a hobby, like crochet, and let real writers get on with their work.


      • In all fairness to saints, it’s a slippery slope there. Nicholas Romanov is now a saint, Jewish people probably wouldn’t agree, pogroms and such. Amongst the living Betty Broderick would be canonized if her supporters had their way, me I’m hoping for one for dear leader in North Korea, the whole Saint things pretty funny. I,ll nominate Jeff Bezo,s if he makes Amazon reviewers use their real names 🙂


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