“Be brave…make your voice heard, your physical you seen and the presence of your mental you felt.” – Reeva Steenkamp [WARNING GRAPHIC CRIME SCENE PHOTOS]

Whatever essence there is left of Reeva Steenkamp, it was acknowledged in courtroom GD on Wednesday 15 June 2016.  The issue of her wounds was addressed, and if the court and the world should be allowed to see them.  This was at the request of Barry Steenkamp, Reeva’s father and the rest of her family.

This formed a stark contrast to the court seeing Oscar parading around on his stumps for effectively the third time during this trial [once to demo himself hitting a cricket bat at Barry Roux’s invitation, once in a re-enactment video made by the Pistorius’ and the third time in court yesterday].

When Oscar removed his prosthesis, many people in the gallery beside me instantly burst into tears, including a man sitting on my left.  This was odd because it was the defence’s ploy to show Oscar on his stumps, something Oscar also consented to. So what was so heartbreaking about it?  The intention was to solicit sympathy from the sentencing judge.  But obviously it had an additional effect; the effect of portraying Oscar – poor, broken Oscar who needs to go to the hospital – as the real victim of his own crime.

Except he isn’t the victim, Reeva Steenkamp is.  Remember her?

Look up to the moon… Look into the shimmering stars of the sea… Remember Reeva, Rage And Burn… and remember to live your dreams, because in the end, we are little more than unvoiced shadows and dust in the moonlight.

Those were the final words written in our book #RS.  But now Reeva’s unvoiced shadow has been nudged back into existence.  Oh yes, Reeva Steenkamp.  Oh yes. Along with those final words in #RS we provided this haunting image of Reeva’s bloodied body lying at the bottom of the stairs.

reeva at stairs

The only place this image had previously been seen was in a split second clip from a documentary on YouTube.   Despite being controversial, Nick and I have always believed in full transparency when it comes to discussing true crime.  That includes showing images of the victims.  Why?  Because every murderer has a counterfeit narrative which must be countered with the truth.  These images are the truth.

On June 15, 2016, Judge Masipa granted the release of 6 previously sealed photos of Reeva.  They’re images that Barry and June personally selected after the gut-wrenching task of reviewing dozens of death scene photos.  Below, you’ll see some of these images for the first time.

Nel:  “Isn’t it time for the world to see what Oscar Pistorius did with Black Talon rounds to Reeva Steenkamp’s head?”

During testimony on June 14, 2016, Barry Steenkamp explained to Judge Masipa why he and June wanted the images released [1:21:10].

Barry:  [while sobbing & trembling]  

“…. the world can see this [the pain inflicted on Reeva] and that most probably will distract people who are thinking of that type of deed to stop them in the future.”

In response, Carl Pistorius had this to say on Twitter:  “This application is distasteful to all parties. Except perhaps some parties who stand to profit from such.”

Oscar on stumps

Speaking of profiting… the following day, Oscar removed his legs in front of the court and hobbled across the room while crying and nearly stumbling.  Roux, and psychologist, Dr. Scholtz, argued that Oscar is a broken man who’s disability should prevent him from having to spend any more time in prison.

Look at Oscar’s image, then look again at Reeva’s. Is there any question who is the real victim in this case?





20 thoughts on ““Be brave…make your voice heard, your physical you seen and the presence of your mental you felt.” – Reeva Steenkamp [WARNING GRAPHIC CRIME SCENE PHOTOS]

  1. He is a despicable piece of shit and should go to prison for the rest of his life. His family are contemptible as well.


  2. He wanted the court to believe he brought in fans and closed curtains on his stumps, not to mention grabbing a gun and approaching danger on them – but now he can hardly stay upright? Does he think we’ve forgotten?

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  3. The contrast you highlight between the two victims brings home what this is all about and the sick, cynical, charade acted out by Pistorius and his feculent, amoral attorney, Barry Roux.

    His theatrics will make the news today but it is the harrowing images of Reeva that will be echo into eternity and make people’s hearts cry out for justice.

    Let all of us enable Reeva to have her voice heard and her presence felt; so the whole of creation knows what a real victim looks like.


  4. Oscar made a grave mistake not testifying honestly at his last opportunity. If Oscar wants to make a run for it he has three weeks, and possibly some pocket money from ITV…


  5. Defence argue its Dolus Eventualis bordering on culpable homicide, prosecution say Dolus Eventualis bordering on Dolus Directus. Give the conventional sentence for Dolus Eventualis. However I think Masipa will take off about 5 years because I think the sympathy factor had an impact on her. 9-10 years?


  6. Oscar must feel the same pain that Reeva felt, justice must be served, 25+ years, im sure Reeva screamed when he fired the first shot..didnt he hear the scream of her loved one?, the scream of a woman? How could he murder someone’s child like she some animal like that.. justice must be served for Reeva’s sake and all other murdered vulnerable people out there.


  7. Well when I compare these photos. Yes. When that first shot was fired I suppose she WOULD have obviously screamed, he heard her cries, but I personally think he fired two shots in the hip and then realized oh shit, I shot her, I might as well finish the job and find some excuse, since obviously if she was left alive to tell her tale, Oscar would have been in even more trouble, however Justice got served and he did not get ‘off’ it as he initially thought. Your ‘stumps’ did not prevent you from leading a glamorous self absorbed life, driving fast cars, racing around in boats, your stumps did not even prevent you from breaking world records. Therefore, your stumps my dear, should have no trouble coping in prison. I hope that some day you will eventually speak the truth for your own sake.


  8. Now he is a poor man, but at the day that he was as a evil chasing this beautiful lady to gun she down he was heath enough even to run in a such speed that she has no time to reach to the out door an escape from the clutches of this demon. Sentence him for a such time that make him to understand that what he has done is not an ordinary thing.


  9. A life sentence is what this cold blooded murderer should get. So now he can hardly stand on his stumps but yet what about the re-enactment he did for the BBC whereby he clearly showed exactly how very capable he is on those stumps!!!! #LIFEINPRISON #JUSTICEFORREEVA ❤❤❤


  10. Lisa, I totally believe in the steenkamps brave decision to show the world how this so called vulnerable twat literally ‘broke’ their child! It cannot have been easy for them, but there is a limit to the real victim being forced to remain unheard, and now the world can hear and be reminded of the true victim in this horrible murder….it was Reeva and till the end of their days, her poor parents!
    The pic with arrows showing splinters is of what? Arm? Or the hip wound?
    Thanks for your continued work to highlight the true victims of crime! I am a big fan and follower!


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  12. What is even more chilling, is the revelation of those black bags and tape found on the scene!
    He was ready to “cut her up, put it into plastic bag and dump the body! But he panicked, phoned Big Brother and together they came up wit the BIG LIE! Brother helped to stage the scene, got rid of the “evidence” (laptop and mobile) by erasing all and only then, did Oscar made his distressed call – All was set up, it only needed the police bumble to contaminate scene. Add to that, an ex social worker judge and you have “poor Oscar, the victim” almost walk free. This man is a dangerous, murderous sociopath who killed a beautiful innocent woman in an orgy of violence.


  13. He is a murderer n should get life..his story has so many holes its ridiculous to believe..obviously when he fired the first shot she would have screamed, cause she’s not dumb and the first shot could not have been fatal, and then there is d mystery of those black bags and tape..did the prosecution question y he had those? Ive seen enough csi movies to know that means that the murderer was planning to dispose of the body and dump it somewhere but at that point he probably paniced n he changed his mind so lied about d black bags and tape having been to sop up her blood or some shit!! That alone should prove he is guilty af! He needs to fry for what he has done and take responsibility! Those years he got was still too lenient! He should get 25 years solid!


  14. Money talks & he deserves life… thank you for this article. As mentioned I believe everyone should post it and put it out on social media to prevent it happening to another innocent victim! Good on the family for showing the truth in the horrific & disturbing photos. I’m sure it was one of the hardest decisions for them to make! Domestic abuse mentally (not only physically) needs to be addressed & recognised by Courts worldwide immediately. It’s a narcissist’s paradise that has been hidden for too long & too many lives have been taken by this unpublicised & extremely dangerous mentality. But unless you have been involved with the issue you understandably would not know it even exists.


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