63 thoughts on “BREAKING: FRANKLIN WILLIAM RZUCEK charged with misdemeanor child abuse October 31, 2015

  1. Oh my God. First of all you are FIRST on every scoop. That’s amazing. But second of all this is really a horrible twist even if it was 3 years ago. Frankie. He’d better be careful, he’s putting all of his emotions out there on social media. That’s not the place for them.

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  2. This rap sheet, altered ( photoshopped) was posted on twitter several weeks ago and the text implied he was some kind of child abuser! In reality that charge can mean something as minor as sharing a drink with someone underage.

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  3. Whew, wow, finished the book. Glad there will be another! Last paragraph showed the sardonic wit again. Also I didn’t realize what those oil tanks looked like – I was looking at ground photos, thinking they were little garbage-like cans! How the heck did the police get them out of there?? What a clever moron he was, putting them way down in a gigantic tank.


  4. I had the whole day off yesterday off so believe me, I read every link. I really just couldn’t put it down, and I’ll leave a review. I had seen the oil drums from the air and really couldn’t fathom how big they are, and the work he would have had to go to to climb the stairs, etc.(from your link). I think what’s going to happen is he will have a high profile attorney, and use the defense she killed the girls and he was “justifiably” angry. So it will be crucial if they can pinpoint time of death for the girls. Didn’t someone say he used garbage bags? That may have kept them sealed inside the oil drums. Didn’t the police department say they think the girls were in there four days? If they found everyone Thursday then that would be Monday. It also occurred to me if he had done this over the weekend before she returned, a neighbor may have popped over to say hello or see if his girls wanted to play with their child and he would have had to explain why they couldn’t – in the middle of the day. Also a neighbor has a dash cam, which if her car was parked showing his driveway she would surely have commented that she saw him leave without the car seats, etc. And I like your point that he wouldn’t have wanted to make multiple trips. Of course it would be very helpful if there are cameras, surveillance materials, around the oil drums, or if a drone caught him in the act of disposing of the bodies. Well, this story will continue on unless he takes a plea.


  5. This book hit me hard, due to my own experiences in a multi-level marketing corporation. I know what it does to you. And it’s built-in to these “pyramid companies” that the one making money is the one who scrambled up to the tippy top on the backs of others, early on, and of course – the corporation. That’s who’s really making the billions and billions in profits, the corporation. I had a good job, that I quit, to do it – not for “all of the money I could make” but because it was marketed as allowing me to spend time with family (which we didn’t have yet) work from home, be my own boss, and help other women achieve their dreams and vision for their families. There is so much brainwashing even after I quit I still believed I just didn’t work hard enough (no? I was working seven days a week, all day long, and at night until 10 p.m.). I stumbled onto a website two years ago that told it like it is. There are thousands of these companies scamming people on a daily basis. One woman I know, in a different company, was “given” (more like made to make payments on) a white Mercedes. That’s their trademark car at a certain level. I often wondered if things were going so well for her why she got so drunk with others on her sales team one night and crashed it, continued to drive it home and into the garage where the front bumper hung down to the floor and still, she couldn’t see how the stress of having to put on a persona and pretend to be wealthy had contributed to this accident. Crashing your company car is rather a subconscious message, isn’t it?

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  6. Oh yeah – I forgot about that! You brought up an interesting point about the doll on the couch, covered in the “twister” plastic – that it seems like when Sha’nann says “I don’t know what to make of this”, she might have assumed the kids had done it, but that it’s too tidy of a thing a 4 and 5 year old would do. 4 and 5 year olds throw their toys, run over them even, they don’t typically arrange them, cushion under the head, cushion under the feet, and with a sheet covering the head like a dead body? So if Chris arranged the doll , which I think he did now, possibly he was sending a message, and if so, he was premeditating. Just a thought. Two Face is a great title for the book. Just when I think he was this way, and have compassion for him, I watch the porch video again and think no, he’s another way. He’s a cold blooded killer. Wonder what way he will be in court?


    • Shan’ann’s comment about that doll on the couch??? “I don’t know what to make of this?” Really? Sorry, but had my husband sent me a photo like that to me, I would have made damn sure i would have left the house that DAY…with my daughters and made damn sure I got a restraining order from a judge as well. Of course, you really don’t think that when you are living with someone that you are married to that they would do the things CW did, most people who separate/divorce go their separate ways with little issues of course, but you just don’t think your DH is going to kill you and your children however, she should have (and anyone who is reading this that has strange feelings about their lives with a husband or partner NEED to act on the strange feelings and get the hell out of Dodge) left as soon as CW left for work, cancelled her Thrive trip and went home to her parents. CW’s parents are just as weird as he is….and of course it is pretty evident that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree in that family.


    • She could also be lying, like she always did.
      Peanut/tree nut allergies, fertility treatments…. Cindy Watts left razor blades all over the house….
      She is the Queen of Drama


      • Building her own house, with severe lupus, fibromyalgia… By working in a Store and babysitting?
        That is laughable
        Then her own infidelity with husband #1.
        Lying about money and then declared bankruptcy… TWICE


  7. Good Morning. I’ll be brief. Terri, you have a lot to contribute here, please continue to do so. Even if we move on to another case. I think it could have gone either way as well – that he killed the girls first, then laid in wait for her when she returned home; or that he was building up to murderous thoughts and there was a trigger that night, a blow up of an argument – he even mentions they had an emotional argument, when he didn’t have to offer that. She may have said “we’re leaving YOU” and then after all he had done, all he had turned into and become, it was all for nothing – and he’d have to shoulder the financial storm himself, and shell out even more. But also let’s not forget her flight was delayed 3 hours. If things had gone according to “schedule” and he premeditated all of it, he would have had at least 6-5 hours for clean and coverup. As is, he had barely 3 hours. And, it is as if she just walked into the house, put her suitcase down, threw off her shoes, padded into the kitchen in the dark, and he was waiting, maybe with something more than his bare hands, maybe with a cord or tie of some sort.

    There is also another “Arnold Faks” video around what Chris may plea, and whether there is a possibility that he will get away with this. I can send it later. Good book Nick, and stay here Terri!


    • I don’t think it’s premeditated because her mom already told her co worker at the barber shop that CW & SW were already talking about separating.


  8. August 16 at 12:08 AM
    Frankie writes :
    Edit. “We just found out she was pregnant with a baby boy and his name was going to be nico”

    Does “we” mean all of Shanann’s family in NC?


  9. Noone is diagnosing anything – making an observation. I feel for her –the person who has learned how to survive this way are tortured folks.

    the Borderline and Histrionic Personality Disordered:

    Features of BPD:

    A pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation.
    Announcing to the world endlessly how great CW is on her video, followed quickly by a some put down. He is the greatest ever/He is so stupid. This goes on endlessly.

    shows self-dramatization, theatricality, and exaggerated expression of emotion

    considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are-

    the relentless verbalization about how close and intense many of her online relationships actually are (are you really close to your car salesman?). The reality is most of the people she is interacting with online all the time (considered to be serious relationships) appear to THRIVE folks. In terms of deep meaningful intimate relationships probably not so.

    markedly and persistently unstable self-image or sense of self.
    .She speaks constantly about (before Thrive) how she felt so bad about her self, did not feel confident, successful but now with some Thrive she is valid person who loves herself so much.

    Impulsivity -(e.g., spending, sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating)

    style of speech that is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail

    Affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood (e.g., intense episodic dysphoria, irritability or anxiety usually lasting a few hours

    Watch listen to her solo videos – she describes a long history of mood issues, dark times. feel anxious often, doubting self. feeling unaccomplished etc etc

    Chronic feelings of emptiness.
    -Described in posts all the time. I used to be X, back then I, it used to be X. A long lifelong history – via self report – of feeling unsatisfied, rejected , unloveable.

    uncomfortable in situations in which he or she is not the center of attention -no elaboration needed

    displays rapidly shifting and shallow expression of emotions
    – I love you too (whoever is online) all the time. X your the greatest , again – can describe CW as the greatest and in 10 seconds shift to calling him an idiot. These are not one time instances – the are patterns.

    physical appearance to draw attention to self

    The core feature for the BPD is fear of being abandoned – it is real for them and mortifying. In one night, in all likelihood she learned : that he WAS really leaving- that he was in love with someone else and that he had been enjoying sex with men for some time -that is a lot to take in – especially for the fragile. MOO

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    • I am sooooo happy someone else sees it…..because I see it clear as day, and I do have my doubts about the official narrative! Picture this: Shanann learns Chris is for real about the divorce. She’s pregnant= Hormonal. She has learned that they are getting a divorce= Emotional. She is in financial ruin/bankruptcy, with a baby on the way. AND now getting a divorce= She loses it. Can I imagine, or do I think it’s possible she ran upstairs threatening to harm the girls, thinking it’ll manipulate Chris into staying with her? Knowing the kids mean so much to him? Can I see where Chris doesn’t take her seriously? He doesn’t think she’d really harm the kids? And do, doesn’t get upstairs in time? Absolutely! Do I think it’s possible Chris panicked, thinking no ones ever going to believe him about her killing the kids? And so he disposed of the bodies? Anybody would be in survival mode at this point. Your hormones take over. Your not in your right mind. Your panicked. I think this is absolutely a possibility! Their are so many inconsistencies in this case, and things that do not add up (Nicole calling police at 9am reporting Shanann missing when her drs appointment wasn’t until 10am🤔, Some woman calling the kids school at 8:30am (not shananns mother) asking if the kids were dropped off at school? Nobody knew anything was amiss at 8am. So who and why did they call the school?) among many other things (Shananns text asking Chris if he’d stat with her if they didn’t have kids)? I mean, come on!!! At this point, Shanann has more of a motive for killing the girls than Chris! Chris told Shanann he wanted a divorce, so this debunks the polices theory on motive for Chris……..so if your suspect has no motive, you’ve got the wrong guy! The lawyers and the DA fear-Monterey Chris into taking the plea deal by using the threat of the death penalty, and repeatedly telling Chris “They knew he killed them all” and that “the evidence shows you killed them all”……….so what would any rational person think? They’d think they didn’t have a prayer at trial, and would get the death penalty, even if they were innocent of killing the girls! I personally believe Thrive (Le-Vel) has a hand in this case, ensuring it was wrapped up quickly, and that someone other than Shanann took responsibility for the kids murders- imagine how Thrive would be exposed as fake and all lies had it come out that Shanann really killed her girls? She was the poster child for Thrive. She went on,one daily and testified that it changed her life and made her soooooo happy. Everything was rainbows and unicorns! Why and how could she snap and kill her kids if she was so happy and doing so well on Thrive? If she was “Thriving” so well? It would expose Thrive for the scam that it is. Just my 2 cents.


      • He agreed to the pregnancy, before Shanann became pregnant. He said he thought it might help how he felt.. Which is a v stupid reason to agree to another child….it always fails…But she likely did have a BPD. Plus another type of BD also.. People here saying that its twisted to see a PD are likely without any health background. specially in psychiatry. I have..


      • Shanann did not murder her children.. She may indeed have a BPD and one other…but that doesnt mean she killed her kids. PD’s are more common than you think.

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      • It would not affect Thrive/Le-vel one iota if an employee was a murderer….Its nothing to do with them. At all. Neither would they interfere to protect an employee accused of murder. Untold businesses have had employees accused/convicted of v serious crimes including murder and it hasn’t reflected badly on them at all. Why would it? It doesn’t say that Thrive powders and patches turn people into murderers. You’re not reasoning well at all. Whats the matter with you? Some of how Shanann interacts with her children is bizarre, there’s even suggestion of excessively ‘teasing’ them. I wouldn’t do that to my children, but she didn’t murder her 2 girls…..


      • Shanann did not have more reason to murder her girls than CW!!!!! She had no reason..She wouldnt murder her girls just because CW wanted out. For all her faults, she’s no Susan Smith. Are you a mother?? Whats wrong with you?? Watts wouldn’t have concealed it if SW had killed the children. He would have rung the police. Even if he had attacked her over it. He suddenly got a taste of true freedom when the 3 of them spent 6 weeks in NC. He became a bachelor again with few responsibilties.. and he loved it. He had a gf he seemed besotted with and he didnt want to go back to a married life he was v unhappy with. Its likely he would be in a better financial position without all 3 of the victims. The girls were at an age where they require almost constant care and supervision. Thats a real intrusion on a hot new affair. He was reminded how freeing it is to wake up and only have to think about what HE wanted to do that day. Like when he was single. Before he met Shanann. Your comment is v simple minded. Sorry, but it is….

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      • If you tried to sound more ignorant you couldn’t. Wow. You are the biggest joke known to mankind. Hands down. You must’ve had a horrible childhood. I truly feel sorry for you. Help is out there.


      • Very possible….in some of her texts to a friend’s she is aghast that Chris loves the girls and not her….she’s saying she doesn’t want the baby…he’s absolutely leaving her….her WHOLE fake world is crumbling… Her ABSOLUTE CONTROL over him was gone .. the only way to get a reaction ……the girls…..


  10. You should try and see if there was a history of superficial suicide attempts back in NC. Might add credence to his version of events – she lost it finding out she was losing her rock .


  11. More info:

    Borderline Rage: What I Wish People Knew About BPD and Anger[/size]

    [size=30]The psychological literature is clear in documenting a strong connection between BPD and violence (10-15). Among the generally recognized emotions that motivate homicide are jealousy, fear, hate, anger/rage, rejection, depression/hopelessness and embarrassment (see Buss [16] for a description of emotions that motivate murder). The research also overwhelmingly recognizes that an individual with BPD has severe deficits in emotional processing and regulation, as well as deficits in controlling his/her emotional responses (17-19). The extent to which BPD may serve to predispose an individual to homicide is underscored by the work of Marsha Linehan. In her book, Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder (18), Linehan conceptualized that individuals with BPD often experience severe dysregulation in multiple areas of their lives, including emotions, interper-

    [size=30] we have found that the cognitive, emotional and behavioral dysfunctions inherent in BPD have served to predispose those individuals to a catathymic crisis (18). Because individuals with BPD are hypersensitive to rejection, experience trust issues and have fears of abandonment, they are more likely to overreact to perceived rejection, threats to the ego, or psychological insult (9, 17-20). Difficulties in regulating their emotions predispose individuals with BPD to experience an intensification of their internal psychic/emotional tension. Individuals with BPD are also likely to employ various defense mechanisms in order to relieve their internal conflict, such as blaming the victim for their own internal struggle (2-6). As the catathymic crisis continues, individuals with BPD will likely experience emotional instability surrounding their conflicting thoughts about whether or not to carry out this violent resolution.3 Individuals with BPD can experience severe cognitive dysfunction in the form of paranoid ideation, delusions, and dissociation, all of which make them more susceptible to acting out violently (20). This dysfunction sets the stage for poor decisions, resulting in impulsive and self-destructive behaviors, including thoughts and acts of suicide and/or homicide.


  12. Just sharing the info I have collected.

    Food for thought:

    borderline personality disorder (BPD) to struggle with financial issues. The challenges you face may be made worse by a chronic lack of money. Creditors may even be calling, which can feel like verification of your worst thoughts about yourself.

    Impulsive behaviors like excessive spending: One of the diagnostic criteria for BPD is impulsive behavior that is potentially self-damaging. Many people with BPD spend money excessively, triggering emotional reactions and worsening symptoms.

    She described a really rough relationship with a boyfriend and her first marriage failed quickly. BPD problems. Try and find out more about the reason for the divorce. JMO

    Do some research on Fantasy Bonding and the BPD – interesting stuff.
    About the Fantasy Bond

    I have pondered if she found out about affair right before she left for a month and a half – that being the reason.

    I have wondered if the ( if true and is his child) pregnancy was a frantic desperate attempt to keep her rock. Her bestest/greatest/most fantastic homosapien ever encountered in her existence on the planet was a desperate attempt to trap him into staying.

    His comment during the (if true) pregnancy reveal was something like I guess you get what you want or something like that I found very revealing.

    Borderline women, and men who love them.

    BLACKMAILED INTO FATHERHOOD; Borderline women, and men who love them.

    Another interesting read :

    Being Married to a Person With Borderline Personality Disorder

    The plea deal is very strange. Rare, but included permission to destroy evidence. Generally speaking – don’t most folks in LE want the facts and truth?

    Very fishy stuff. I think he pled out so he would be less supervised and will kill himself.


    • Wow…..you just described Shanann to a T! I too, often wondered if their was either 1) no pregnancy or 2) it wasn’t his.
      That could be one of the reasons they requested to destroy evidence at the hearing; so they could lay to rest the fetus that was expelled. Just trying to think of a logical explanation. But I agree it’s fishy, did you read my (rather long) comment above on my theory? She was hormonal(pregnant), emotional(divorce), and upset (cheating) …….and if she did have BPD, it would have been the perfect storm! I imagine the hormones from being pregnant would exacerbate the BPD.


      • This is just ludicrous. She wasn’t having an affair, buying gift cards, taking her lover out to dinner. She was a doting, involved mother, who would have done anything for her kids. She was also very independent. Chris knew that if he divorced her, he’d be stuck paying alimony and child support for three kids. He had so much motive, there’s so much video incriminating him, it’s disgusting. His mother is a psycho. I cannot believe people actually think he’s innocent.

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      • So, you have met her have you? When? How often? Know her well do you? Tell us all about it. You must to be able to say… ‘You have described her to a T’ only because you know her v well in person. Have you ever been pregnant btw? I think maybe not, but of course I don’t know. You know all about pregnancy hormones and the affects on the body they have it seems. They are different from pre menstrual hormones dear. You just can’t resist ‘blaming the woman’ ENTIRELY for the whole horrific heinous mess can you? How v typical. So often, women just love to crucify other women. Women do it more often to women than men do. There’s no sisterhood, we women all know that don’t we? But I don’t know if many men know how fake the ‘sisterhood’ crap really is. Whats that about people with BPD blaming their victims mentioned in Michael’s diatribe? You appear to be blaming the victim (s)!!……

        But hasn’t CW tried this also? Blaming SW? One of his victims who he brutally strangled? You know the person who smothered his beautiful daughters and then shoved them into a large oil tank? Do you really think SW could have killed both girls in the short time frame CW described? He would have rung the police AND paramedics if that happened as it meant he wouldnt have pre meditated the whole fiendish horror dear. According to his BS, he saw her trying to strangle Bella or something and rushed to stop her. Wouldnt he then ring the paramedics in the hope the girls could still be revived? Shanann didn’t have big strong hands like he did. Big strong strangling hands. He wouldnt have shoved his daughters through a 8″ opening in a big oil tank. He would have given them much more respect than THAT. God knows how he did that,…twisted their limbs like a doll or something? Like the ‘practise’ doll he left on the lounge. Bet he used that to see if his girls bodies would fit through an 8″ opening. He would have rung paramedics etc even if he had attacked SW for the supposed killings. Plus, he would have been v wound up, hysterical even.

        Instead, this fiend did a v bad job of disposing of his wife and children. Was he stupid? Or just so psychopathic he thought he could outsmart everyone because its everyone else who’s stupid. Not him. Thats how psychopaths/sociopaths think usually. He used a method of murdering which left v little trace. No blood, so signs of struggles. At least that was clever. He had built up his muscles for months beforehand. The sheet he wrapped SW in was sticking up out of the earth as she was hardly buried at all. Thats how they found the exact spot. It was obvious it was the sheet off the main bed as it matched the fitted one found in the garbage in the house. Same pattern. He left her phone and wallet lying around. She who never left the house without either. The girls meds were in the house. SW didnt take those either, especially not CECE’s Epipen. Which should always be kept close to her. The bedclothes from the bed were over the floor in main bedroom. Super neat and organized SW wouldnt leave her bed like that.

        You sound like one of those women who write to male murderers in prison saying they know he’s innocent etc. Or was driven to it by extenuating circumstances. Especially if he’s killed another woman. Or 2. I have a friend who knew some silly woman who did that and when the murderer finally got released she took him in and he, yep, he eventually murdered her. SW may have been a true pain in the arse to have a r/ship with, to live with, but he knew her well enough before he married her for gods sake. He knew her for 2 years before marriage! He KNEW what she was like. But she had a v big house …a mansion actually in Belmont NC.

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    • A woman does not leave for 6 weeks if she finds out her husband is having an affair. She stays and confronts/fights for him. Or kicks him out. Leaving a man with his ‘affair’ to continue full blast while a woman visits relatives for a month and a half is a v stupid thing to do if you want to try keep him!! God. Trip was planned months and months earlier. To spend summer with her parents. ..The affair only began when Shanann left. Not before. CW also has a PD……But what type?? Why are you so sure she has BPD? Its only a maybe. There are many more PD she could have. You have absolutely no evidence that Shanann murdered her kids or ANYONE ever for that matter, but you accuse her of being v seriously violent. Where is the evidence for her violence and homicidal thoughts?? Or even suicidal thoughts?? Do we have a report from some shrink floating around?

      I don’t much like her from what her videos show and she could be strange sometimes in how she treated her kids ( I have written how she could ‘tease’ the children, especially Bella, trapping her on a balcony while she squirted the child with water , with Bella desperate to escape. When CW came to open the door to get Bella, SW said something to him and he did as told and left Bella to her fate, trapped in a small space being squirted with water by her mother. Almost a torment. I’m a mum and I would never even think of doing such a thing ) but saying shes violent because you assume she has BPD, is too much. Is there police records of her being arrested for assaulting people?? Maybe there is as it appears she has been arrested a number of times but until we see proof, I’m afraid this is too much. Slanderous/libellous stuff. Shes more likely to be OCD than anything. She was quite obsessive in all she did. An OCD sufferer is a real pain to live with, its true. She was especially obsessive about health issues. OCD doesnt mean someone is going to be violent. CW was/is the violent one. Who’s got BPD again?? Who knows if he has it, there’s not enough info, but there’s something seriously amiss with his psyche. Having said that, BPD is hard to diagnose and treat. Haven’t you heard the saying ‘You have to watch the quiet ones’??


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  14. I really think you should take this post down. This poor soul lost his only sister, 2 nieces and a nephew in one night which is more than any of us will probably ever experience. The fact that you have this posted regardless of if it’s public knowledge is just plain hateful. As if Frankie hasn’t gone through enough, this is the first website that comes up when you google his name. I was trying to find a PayPal a friend told me about that had been set up for him and this is the first result. I just don’t understand the relevance of publicly posting about a misdemeanor from 3 years ago that could have been for ANYTHING when his family was brutally murdered. Like it has absolutely nothing to do with Chris Watts killing his family. I’m not sure what the intention was here but it certainly is not good the way I see it. Just seems like this is meant to drag someone down who is already down. I hope I’m wrong though

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  15. Wow so Shannon’s brother has a history of violence TO A CHILD. DISGUSTING. in watching shannon’s treatment of chris (awful), treatment of girls (awful). shannon was a total narcissist, bad mother bad wife. she was delusional about their finances yet she controlled the money. she wanted to present herself as ‘wealthy’ which was farthest from the truth. chris was passive with mental health issues, shannon fed him batches that are now showing to be extremely toxic to people suffering from bi polar, anxiety, depression. lawyers can read into that and appeal his case.
    it’s clear both sides of the family were extremely toxic. both mothers OFF THE CHARTS ARROGANT AND TOXIC. This situation was extremely UGLY, WAITING TO HAPPEN. I FEEL BOTH SIDES ARE JUST TRAILER, WHITE TRASH WITHOUT EDUCATION. white trash marries white trash. no win.
    i am bothered by the brother beating a child.

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    • You don’t know what the misdemeanor was for nor what happened. I’m 32 and I grew up in the south. Down here when I was a kid, we were disciplined with belts, sticks, spatulas whatever. In this day and age, my mom and pretty much every parent I knew growing up would be in prison for life for child abuse. You can lightly slap a child today and be done for. Sure there could be more to the story. But child abuse isn’t always cut and dry. And I’m not white but I certainly wouldn’t call people who are white trash. If Shanann was such an awful person, why did Chris marry her? Why did he not file for divorce like the rest of us would? Stop putting blame on a dead pregnant woman


      • I grew up in the South and I nor anyone I knew was disciplined with belts, sticks, spatulas, whatever. Obviously, you came from a dysfunctional, abusive home. We got grounded. We got possessions taken away. I couldn’t use the phone for two weeks. Don’t speak for all of us here in the South. Some of us had very good parents. Oh, and I’m white. Maybe a difference in the cultures? One time back in the 1990s, my 3 yr old and I were leaving the grocery. We lived in a diverse neighborhood. When walking to the car, my little one asked me why black women were so mean to their children. I didn’t understand and asked him. He said every time went to the grocery, he saw black mommys yelling and hitting their children. He was not used to that from me and so he noticed it. I think your experience is cultural.


  16. First of all that book is lies and fabrications and Cadle is getting sued and there won’t be a next book because she lied again and said she got the ok from Jaime Watts which is not true!


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