BREAKING: FRANKLIN WILLIAM RZUCEK charged with misdemeanor child abuse October 31, 2015

Shan’ann’s younger brother, who has emerged during the last four weeks as a prominent spokesman for his sister, nieces and unborn nephew, was charged on two counts in Moore County, North Carolina for:

  1. Contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.
  2. Misdemeanor child abuse

2015 was the same year the Watts family filed for bankruptcy [in June].

Fullscreen capture 20180911 072703

Still no confirmation on media reports about public records cited indicating Chris and Shan’ann were each arrested mutiples times while living in North Carolina.

Fullscreen capture 20180911 081920

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15 thoughts on “BREAKING: FRANKLIN WILLIAM RZUCEK charged with misdemeanor child abuse October 31, 2015

  1. Oh my God. First of all you are FIRST on every scoop. That’s amazing. But second of all this is really a horrible twist even if it was 3 years ago. Frankie. He’d better be careful, he’s putting all of his emotions out there on social media. That’s not the place for them.


  2. This rap sheet, altered ( photoshopped) was posted on twitter several weeks ago and the text implied he was some kind of child abuser! In reality that charge can mean something as minor as sharing a drink with someone underage.

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  3. Whew, wow, finished the book. Glad there will be another! Last paragraph showed the sardonic wit again. Also I didn’t realize what those oil tanks looked like – I was looking at ground photos, thinking they were little garbage-like cans! How the heck did the police get them out of there?? What a clever moron he was, putting them way down in a gigantic tank.


  4. I had the whole day off yesterday off so believe me, I read every link. I really just couldn’t put it down, and I’ll leave a review. I had seen the oil drums from the air and really couldn’t fathom how big they are, and the work he would have had to go to to climb the stairs, etc.(from your link). I think what’s going to happen is he will have a high profile attorney, and use the defense she killed the girls and he was “justifiably” angry. So it will be crucial if they can pinpoint time of death for the girls. Didn’t someone say he used garbage bags? That may have kept them sealed inside the oil drums. Didn’t the police department say they think the girls were in there four days? If they found everyone Thursday then that would be Monday. It also occurred to me if he had done this over the weekend before she returned, a neighbor may have popped over to say hello or see if his girls wanted to play with their child and he would have had to explain why they couldn’t – in the middle of the day. Also a neighbor has a dash cam, which if her car was parked showing his driveway she would surely have commented that she saw him leave without the car seats, etc. And I like your point that he wouldn’t have wanted to make multiple trips. Of course it would be very helpful if there are cameras, surveillance materials, around the oil drums, or if a drone caught him in the act of disposing of the bodies. Well, this story will continue on unless he takes a plea.


  5. This book hit me hard, due to my own experiences in a multi-level marketing corporation. I know what it does to you. And it’s built-in to these “pyramid companies” that the one making money is the one who scrambled up to the tippy top on the backs of others, early on, and of course – the corporation. That’s who’s really making the billions and billions in profits, the corporation. I had a good job, that I quit, to do it – not for “all of the money I could make” but because it was marketed as allowing me to spend time with family (which we didn’t have yet) work from home, be my own boss, and help other women achieve their dreams and vision for their families. There is so much brainwashing even after I quit I still believed I just didn’t work hard enough (no? I was working seven days a week, all day long, and at night until 10 p.m.). I stumbled onto a website two years ago that told it like it is. There are thousands of these companies scamming people on a daily basis. One woman I know, in a different company, was “given” (more like made to make payments on) a white Mercedes. That’s their trademark car at a certain level. I often wondered if things were going so well for her why she got so drunk with others on her sales team one night and crashed it, continued to drive it home and into the garage where the front bumper hung down to the floor and still, she couldn’t see how the stress of having to put on a persona and pretend to be wealthy had contributed to this accident. Crashing your company car is rather a subconscious message, isn’t it?


  6. Oh yeah – I forgot about that! You brought up an interesting point about the doll on the couch, covered in the “twister” plastic – that it seems like when Sha’nann says “I don’t know what to make of this”, she might have assumed the kids had done it, but that it’s too tidy of a thing a 4 and 5 year old would do. 4 and 5 year olds throw their toys, run over them even, they don’t typically arrange them, cushion under the head, cushion under the feet, and with a sheet covering the head like a dead body? So if Chris arranged the doll , which I think he did now, possibly he was sending a message, and if so, he was premeditating. Just a thought. Two Face is a great title for the book. Just when I think he was this way, and have compassion for him, I watch the porch video again and think no, he’s another way. He’s a cold blooded killer. Wonder what way he will be in court?


  7. Good Morning. I’ll be brief. Terri, you have a lot to contribute here, please continue to do so. Even if we move on to another case. I think it could have gone either way as well – that he killed the girls first, then laid in wait for her when she returned home; or that he was building up to murderous thoughts and there was a trigger that night, a blow up of an argument – he even mentions they had an emotional argument, when he didn’t have to offer that. She may have said “we’re leaving YOU” and then after all he had done, all he had turned into and become, it was all for nothing – and he’d have to shoulder the financial storm himself, and shell out even more. But also let’s not forget her flight was delayed 3 hours. If things had gone according to “schedule” and he premeditated all of it, he would have had at least 6-5 hours for clean and coverup. As is, he had barely 3 hours. And, it is as if she just walked into the house, put her suitcase down, threw off her shoes, padded into the kitchen in the dark, and he was waiting, maybe with something more than his bare hands, maybe with a cord or tie of some sort.

    There is also another “Arnold Faks” video around what Chris may plea, and whether there is a possibility that he will get away with this. I can send it later. Good book Nick, and stay here Terri!


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