Sister Cathy Cesnik

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Inside Baltimore (multiple articles)

Websleuths forum

Archdiocese of Baltimore – List of Clergy Accused of Child Sexual Abuse


[July 3] Petition Hopes to Shed More Light on Sister Cathy Cesnik’s Death

[July 2] Netflix’s The Keepers Sparks Petition for Archdiocese to Release Files

[June 30] ‘Jane Roe’ Speaks:  Teresa Lancaster on The Keepers, Father Joseph Maskell’s Abuse, and Her Search for Justice

[June 28] Jean Wehner, ‘Jane Doe’ Featured in ‘The Keepers,’ Discusses Her Now-Public Story

[June 21] Before Teacher’s Murder, This ‘Keepers’ Witness was Already Living a Nightmare

[June 12] Before ‘The Keepers,’ My Mother was One of Father Maskell’s Victims

[May 30] 1994 Video Shows Open Pit Where Maskell Hid Documents

[May 30] WMAR Interviewed Gynecologist Features in ‘The Keepers’ in 1994

[May 30] Reward Still Offered in Sister Cathy’s Murder

[May 19] Baltimore Sun: Timeline 

[May 17] Director of ‘The Keepers’ talks with ABC2 News

[May 4] Priest’s Body Exhumed

[May] WMAR: Bishop Malooly Responds to Netflix’s ‘The Keepers’


[Sept 15] Who Killed Sister Cathy? by Tom Nugent


[January 5] Who Killed Sister Cathy? One of Maryland’s Coldest Murder Cases Heats Up


[June 19] With New Lead, Police Reopen Old Murder Case


[January 8] The Arbutus Times: Missing Nun’s Body Found in Lansdowne

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