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Trump vs Trump November 2000

The Paradox of the Lie


[July 2] Haaretz – Donald Trump Threatening Syria Directly Contradicts His Campaign Promises

[June 29] The Guardian – Why the World Should Pay Attention to Americas Civil War Over Healthcare

[June 28] The Guardian – The World Has Three Years To Stop Dangerous Climate Change

[June 27] CNN – Ivanka Trump Has a lot to Learn

[June 26] Washington Post – Trumps Latest Bizarre Tweet about Russia

[June 23] New York Times – Trump’s Lies

[June 23] CBS – Vladimir Putin Gave Direct Instructions to Help Elect Trump, Report Says

[June 11] The Guardian – Trump is an Idiot but don’t underestimate how good he is at that

[May 14] The Guardian – Follow the Data – Does a Legal Document Link Brexit Campaigns to US Billionaire

[May 4] Politico – The One Weird Court Case Linking Trump, Clinton and a Billionaire Pedophile

[April 12] CNN – Trump and Xi Talk Over Beautiful Chocolate Cake

[January 20] Washington Post – Trump Rattles the Establishment

[January 20] Slate – Trumps Signature is a Horrifying Cry for Help

[January 12] Foreword Reviews – Speaking of High-Functioning Sociopaths

[January 10] Psychology Today – A Unified Theory of Trump


[December 3] The Australian – Just Like Everyone Else Ivanka Trump Wanted Love

[October 24] The Guardian – Cold War 2.0 – How Russia and the West Reheated a Historic Struggle

[October 15] Pew Research Center – Educational Divide in Vote Preferences on Track to be Wider than in Recent Elections

[October 9] Vox – The Rape Allegation Against Bill Clinton, Explained

[October 9] ABC News – Most Memorial Lines of the 3rd Presidential Debate

[October 7] TIME – How a Leaked Tape of Donald Trump Bragging About Groping Women Changed the 2016 Race

[August 14] Psychology Today – 8 Common Narcissistic Lies

[July 26] TIME – Is Donald Trump Worth 3 Billion or 10 Billion

[July 25] Washington Post – Trumps Long History of Clashes with Native Americans

[June] The Atlantic – The Mind of Donald Trump

[May 15] The Guardian – Who Won the Third US Presidential Debate

[January 29] Vice News – Salacious Ammo Even Donald Trump Wont Use in a Fight Against Hillary Clinton

[January 2] New York Times – Lessons from a Brother’s Suffering


[October 26] CNBC – Dad gave me a small loan of $1 Million


[December 20]  Psychology Today – How Mad Was Hitler


[December 20] Standard UK – Havel Lived in Truth Amidst a Society Lying to Itself


New York Mag – Jeffrey Epstein International Moneyman of Mystery


[May 15] Live Science – Why We Lie


[May 17] CNN Larry King Live – May 17.2005 Interview with Donald and Melania


[March] Vanity Fair – The Talented Mr. Epstein


[December 19] NY Daily News – Inside Trumps Bitter Battle


[August 2] The Druge Report – The Night Hillary Clinton Met Juanita Broaddrick


[May 3] NY Daily News – Donald and Marla Announce their Separation


[February 18] Chicago Tribune – With ‘Dynasty’ Dead, Just Tune to the Trumps


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[Nov 14] Jury Finds Justin Ross Harris Guilty of Murder in Son’s Hot Car Death

[Nov 13] 2 Questions Arise in Deliberations

[Nov 13] Jury Back to Work [Day 4]

[Nov 4] Defense Rests

[Nov 4] Ross Harris Will Not Testify

[Nov 1] Minute by Minute of Trial for Nov 1

[Nov 1] Ex-Wife Testifies

[Oct 28] Defense Case Begins

[Oct 28] Prosecution Rests Its Case

[Oct 28] Jurors Look Inside SUV

[Oct 25] Ross Harris Watched Hot Car Video Days Before Son’s Death

[Oct 22] Ross Harris:  Hours after Son’s Death ‘I’m a Great Father’

[Oct 21] Women Who Sexted with Ross Harris Testify at Trial

[Oct 17] Minute by Minute Updates of Trial

[Oct 12] Day 4:  Minute by Minute

[Oct 11] Witnesses Take Stand

[Oct 10] Trial Delayed by Hurricane Matthew

[Oct 5] Dad Charged in Hot Car Case Looks Away as Jury Sees Disturbing Photos of Dead Son 

[Oct 4] Trial Witnesses Recall Trying to Resuscitate the Limp, Sweat-Soaked Body of Justin Ross Harris’ infant son after hot car death – and how Harris then complained about how warm it was in the police car

[Oct 3] Hot-car Death Dad ‘Chose Worst Imaginable Death’ for Baby

[Sept 27] Justin Ross Harris Trial to Resume Monday (October 3)

[Sept 22] Justin Ross Harris Speaks in Court

[Sept 21] Justin Ross Harris Murder Case Finally Has a Pool of Eligible Jurors

[Sept 16] Justin Ross Harris Trial:  4 Jurors Recall Personal Tragedies

[Sept 15] Jury Pool Grows to 17 in Hot Car Case

[Sept 15] Hot-car Murder Trial:  3 Reasons Potential Jurors Were Cut

[Sept 12] The Justin Ross Harris Case:  What You Need to Know

[June 16] Trial Location Set for Justin Ross Harris In Hot Car Death  

[May 2]  The Justin Ross Harris Case:  What You Need to Know 


BILL COSBY  bill-cosby

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[Aug 15] 2nd Defense Attorney Wants Off Case

[Aug 2] Cosby Lawyer Wants Off Case

[July] Judge Rules Retrial Set for November

[June 26] Cosby Juror Speaks on Camera: ‘Not Enough Evidence’ Led to Mistrial

[June 22] Only 2 Jurors Thought Comedian Was Not Guilty

[June 17] DA Will Seek Retrial in Cosby Case

[June 17] Why L.A. Women Who Accused Bill Cosby of Assault Have Not Seen Their Day In Court

[June 17] Mistrial Declared in Cosby Trial

[June 15] How the Psychological Toll of Isolation Might be Affecting Bill Cosby Jurors

[June 13] Jurors in Cosby Case Needed Clarification on His Charges

[June 13] No Verdict:  Jury in Cosby Trial to Resume Deliberations Wednesday

[June 12] Case Heads to the Jury

[June 12] Day 6: Defense’s Case Lasts All of 6 Minutes

[June 9] Prosecution Rests After Week of Intense Testimony

[June 9] Cosby Trial:  Day 5

[June 8] Day 4: He’s Confronted With His Own Words and Admissions

[June 7] Day 3: Constand’s Mom Takes Stand

[June 6] Cosby’s accuser has her dramatic, detailed day in court

[June 6] ‘I was frozen’: Cosby accuser says she was drugged, groped

[June 5] A tense Pennsylvania courtroom hears opening statements in Bill Cosby’s long-awaited trial

[June 5] In Tears, First Trial Witness Says Cosby Drugged and Assaulted Her

[June 5] Bill Cosby Sex Assault Trial: Everything You Need to Know About the Case Against ‘America’s Dad’

[April 13] Cosby Loses Final Attempt to Question Accuser Before Trial

[April 1] Bill Cosby Rape Trial Starts in June, Will Prosecutors Use His Jokes Against Him?

[March 31] ‘Spanish Fly’ Not a Date-Rape Drug, Cosby’s Lawyers Insist

[March 30] Bill Cosby Doesn’t Want Jury to Hear About Settlement with Accuser

[Feb 1] Judge to Hear Defense Request for Outside Jurors

[Jan 7] The Argument Over Where Bill Cosby’s Trial Should Be Gets Heated Up

[Jan 6] Cosby Faces Another Set-back in Sexual Assault Trial


[Dec 5] Judge Says Cosby’s Deposition on Sex, Drugs, OK for Criminal Case

[Nov 14] Cosby Show Coming Back to TV by Popular Demand

[Nov 13] Cosby’s Blindness Could Just Be An Act

[Nov 11] Cosby Plans to Resume His Career After Being Cleared

[Nov 2] Cosby Trial May Be Held Earlier Than Expected

[Nov 1] Cosby Lawyers Argue Again that 2005 No-Prosecution Deal Should Assure Rape Case Dismissal

[Oct 6] Bill Cosby Seeks to Have Sexual Assault Charges Dropped, Citing Prejudice and Bias

[Sept 28] Cosby Tried to Pay Off Rape Accuser’s Mom – Caught on Tape

[Sept 28] California, Eyeing Bill Cosby, Ends Statute of Limitations for Rape 

[Sept 26] Bill Cosby’s Accusers Willing to Testify at Trial

[Sept 9] Lawyers Claim Racism for First Time  

[Sept 7] Sex Abuse Trial Scheduled for 2017  

[August 7] Two More Women Allege Assaults by Bill Cosby – Total Now 60  

[July 30] Bill Cosby Drops Lawsuit Against Accuser   

[July 18] Bill Cosby is Completely Blind and Homebound  

[July 18] Bill Cosby is Now Allowed to Sue One of His Sexual Assault Accusers, Andrea Constand  

[July 11] Cosby Splits with Lead Attorney  

[July 1] Cosby Wants Andrea Constand to Refund Settlement  

[June 20] PA Supreme Court Rejects Bill Cosby’s Request for a Review of Sexual Assault Case   

[June 4] More Details Emerge in the Only Criminal Case Against Bill Cosby  

[May 25] Bill Cosby to Stand Trial for Assault Charges, Judge Rules


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2016  022212daycaretrial

[August 23] Hemy Neuman Found Guilty in Murder Retrial; Sentence to Life in Prison  

[August 17] Defense Rests in Hemy Neuman Re-Trial  

[August 17] Hemy Neuman Told Psychiatrist He Had Other Ways to Kill Sneiderman  

[August 17] Psychiatrist:  Hemy Neuman was ‘Malingering Mental Illness’  

[August 15] Psychologist Testifies Hemy Neuman Contemplated Suicide Before Murder  

[August 10] Jurors Watch Hemy Neuman Interrogation  

[August 10] Detectives Explain What Led Them to Hemy Neuman in Murder Case  

[August 9] [Victim’s] Widow [Andrea Sneiderman] Won’t Testify in Hemy Neuman Retrial; Jurors View Crime Scene Photos  

[August 8] Testimony Details Relationship Between Neuman, Sneiderman on First Day of Trial  

[August 8] Demons and Angels Highlight Hemy Neuman Retrial Opening Statements  

[August 8] Hemy Neuman Retrial Begins with Juror Dismissal, Opening Statements   

[August 1] Jury Selection Set for Hemy Neuman Retrial  

[March 11] Court Rejects Andrea Sneiderman’s Appeal  


[June 15] Hemy Neuman Conviction Overturned; Re-trial Forthcoming  


[June 16] Andrea Sneiderman Released From Prison  


[August 20] Andrea Sneiderman Sentenced to Five Years  


[March 15] Dunwoody Sentencing:  Hemy Neuman Gets Life in Prison, No Parole  


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[April 30] Ueli Steck Dies in Fall Near Everest


[June 11] The Last Frontier:  The Climbers Conquering Mount Everest Without Oxygen 

[June 26] Briton Leslie Binns Abandons Everest Peak to Save Fellow Climber  

[May 25] Mount Everest Climber: “Summit Felt Like Worst Hangover of my Life” 

[May 23] Three Dead, Two Missing, and Hundreds Summit on Everest

[May 22, 2016] Dutch and Australian Climbers Die After Reaching Everest Summit  

[May 21] Everest Triumph and Tragedy as Australian Teen Summits but Compatriot Dies   

[May 20] 7-Eleven Worker Becomes First Woman to Climb Everest Seven Times   

[May 19] Wounded Veteran Charlie Linville Summits Mount Everest    

[April 25] Katie Rose on Top of the World   


[September 25] Everest Actor Used Real Recordings to ‘Touch the Truth’ 


[June 11] Media Circus


[1996] A Time to Live, A Time to Die, Tragedy on the Southeast Ridge of Mount Everest

 MISCELLANEOUS News Stories from 2016

[August 26] Ryan Lochte Charged by Brazilian Authorities  #lochtegate

[August 26] Ryan Lochte Joins ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 23  #lochtegate

[August 26] Check Out Michael Phelps’ 2.5 Million Dollar Arizona Mansion

[August 24] Michael Phelps to Co-Host Episode of America’s Got Talent

[August 24] What Really Happened In Rio  #lochtegate

[August 22] USA Today Sports Investigation Raises Question About Rio Police, Lochte Incident  #lochtegate

[August 21] Ryan Lochte on Rio Incident:  ‘I Over-Exaggerated That Story’  #lochtegate

[August 21] The World Found Out About Ryan Lochte’s Story By Accident  #lochtegate

[August 18] Ryan Lochte and Olympics Teammate Jimmy Feigen Indicted by Rio de Janeiro Police for False Police Report About Armed Robbery  #lochtegate

[August 18] Rio Police Say Two U.S. Swimmers Admit Ryan Lochte’s Account of Gunpoint Robbery Was False  #lochtegate

[August 18] Police Say Security Guard, Not Robber, Pointed Gun at Ryan Lochte  #lochtegate

[August 18] Police:  Ryan Lochte Made Up Robbery After Gas Station Altercation  #lochtegate

[August 18] Report:  Ryan Lochte and His Rowdy Swimming Pals Defiantly Peed All Over The Gas Station  #lochtegate

[August 18] Ryan Lochte Defends Rio Robbery Account to Matt Lauer:  ‘We Wouldn’t Make This Story Up.’  #lochtegate

[August 17] Two U.S. Olympic Swimmers Prevented From Leaving Brazil by Authorities  #lochtegate

[August 17] Rio Police Cannot Find Any Evidence That Ryan Lochte Was Robbed at Gunpoint:  Report  #lochtegate

[August 14] U.S. Swimmer Ryan Lochte Robbed at Gunpoint in Brazil  #lochtegate

[July 15] Turkish President Erdogan Declares Coup Attempt Over  #Turkey

[July 15] Turkey Coup:  What We Know Now  #Turkey

[July 15] Nice Attack:  Truck Driver Named as France Mourns 84 Killed in Bastille Day Atrocity   #Nice

[July 15] Truck Driver was Tunisia Native:  84 Dead, 202 Injured  #Nice

[June 29] Chilling 911 Call Captures Moments Before Daughters’ Shootings  #ChristySheats

[June 29] Istanbul Ataturk Airport Attack:  41 Dead and More Than 230 Hurt  #TurkeyAttack

[June 29] The Moment Turkey Attacker Sets off Airport Bomb  #TurkeyAttack

[June 28] Christian Mom Killed Daughters to Punish Husband for not Apologizing for Argument, Family Friend Says  #ChristySheats

[June 28] Texas Mom Who Killed Daughters Called ‘Family Meeting’ Before Shootout  #ChristySheats

[June 28] Best Defense Against House Robbers in South Africa

[June 21] Horrifying New Details Emerge from the Michael Jackson Investigation

[June 21] Orlando Gunman Visited Club on Night of Attack, Left and Returned  #OrlandoShooting

[June 20] Transcript of 911 Call from Orlando Gunman  #OrlandoShooting

[June 15] Hemy Neuman Prepares for Retrial

[June 13] Omar Mateen:  Angry, Violent, ‘Bigot’ who Pledged Allegiance to ISIS  #OrlandoShooting

[June 13]  What has the Orlando Gunman’s Father Said?  #OrlandoShooting

[June 13]  Orlando Gunman was ‘Cool and Calm’ after Massacre, Police Say  #OrlandoShooting

[June 12] Orlando Shooting:  50 Killed, Shooter Pledge ISIS Allegiance  #OrlandoShooting

[June 6] Man Convicted in ‘Grim Sleeper’ Serial Killings Sentenced to Death  #grimsleeper

[June 6] Gorilla Killing:  3 Year Old Boy’s Mother Won’t be Charged  #harambe

[June 6] ‘A Steep Price to Pay for 20 Minutes of Action’:  Dad Defends Stanford Sex-Offender

[June 4] Trump on Black Supporter:  ‘Look at my African American over here’  #Trump

[June 3] Muhammad Ali, ‘The Greatest of All Time’, Dead at 74  #Ali

[June 3] Japanese Boy Found Alive in Mountains Having Been Left in Forest By Parents

[June 2] Father Attack’s Daughter’s Killer in Court

[June 2] UCLA Shooting:  Gunman’s Wife Found Dead in Minnesota

[June 1] Man Who Beat His Infant Son to Death is Himself Beaten to Death in Prison

[June 1] Two Dead in Shooting at UCLA in possible murder-suicide, campus on lockdown #UCLA

[June 1] Liam Fee Murder Trial:  Brave Young Boys Uncovered ‘Web of Lies’ Spun by Tragic Toddler’s Killers

[June 1] Gorilla Killing:  Police Investigate Boy’s Family #harambe

[May 31] Torture, Mutilation, Blood Draining Alleged in West Hollywood Murder

[May 30] Mother of Toddler in Cincinnati Gorilla Incident Defends Herself #harambe

[May 27] Mass Rape Video on Social Media Shocks Brazil 

[May 18] Killer Women with Piers Morgan: Convicted Amanda Lewis Denies Drowning Daughter in Chilling Interview 

[April 18] Teenager is Accused of Live-streaming a Friend’s Rape on Periscope

[April 19] Teenage Girl Who Broadcast Friend Being Raped Live on Periscope “Got Caught Up in the Likes”