Proof! The ‘Last Photo’ is Fake

Why did it take weeks for the McCanns to share their last photo of Madeleine? Is the photo real?  It’s a question that’s been asked a lot over the last 10 years, prompting all sorts of theories about when and how, and if, it was taken – theories we’ve entertained as well.  And then we found this…

On August 2nd, 2007 [3 months after Madeleine disappeared] investigators showed up at 27 Rua das Flores – the McCanns’ new villa since leaving the Ocean Club’s Apt 5A on July 2nd – to conduct a search with the help of Eddie, a cadaver dog, and Keela, a dog that detects blood.  That search was videotaped.

Take a look at the clip that starts at 6:41.  The investigators are in the McCanns’ bedroom, at this point of the search, looking specifically at Kate’s side of the room.  A number of pictures of Madeleine are hung on the wall and displayed on a bedside table.  Now, look at time stamp 6:50.   What do you see?

In a black frame with a large cross and necklace draped over it, is the ‘last photo’ – well, actually – half of it.  Did Kate crop out her other daughter, Amelie, and husband, Gerry?  Seems kinda cold, but Ok, if this is a Madeleine shrine, it’s possible.  Let’s look closer.  Here’s the photo the McCanns presented to the world as the last photo of their ‘abducted’ daughter…

image004 (1)

I tried to crop this image myself to get the same amount of empty space that’s seen to Madeleine’s right, and quickly realized, it’s impossible.

The only way to completely remove Amelie’s and Gerry’s arms is to crop closer to Madeleine’s right arm, which then cuts off her right leg in the photo.  But, that’s not what we see in Kate’s framed image on the bedside table.

1-Fullscreen capture 20170517 034617 AM

Taking it one step further, focus in on the space between Amelie’s arm and her body – what’s the source of the white/black line?

Looking at an image of the kid’s pool, there’s no border or design along the outer rim that matches what we see in that space.


If this picture is indeed ‘doctored’, and it certainly seems we now have the proof, the next question for the McCanns, of course, is… why?

1-Fullscreen capture 20170517 042818 AM

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#Shakedown Unleashes on Sunday Night, Part 3


Prior to Madeleine going missing in 2007, there were few reports, if any, of violent crime in Praia da Luz [current population, roughly 3500].   In 2013, six years after her disappearance, it was announced that Scotland Yard would take over the McCann investigation.  Low and behold, victims of crime starting coming out of the woodwork.


A ten-year-old British girl was sexually assaulted in Praia da Luz two years before Madeleine McCann disappeared, detectives have revealed.  The attack took place in the “heart of the resort” in 2005, but details of the assault have only just been reported to police [8 years after the attack].

It is understood the victim came forward following an appeal by Scotland Yard last month in which police revealed a string of potentially linked sex assaults on young British girls across the Algarve between 2004 and 2006.

Few details of the assault in Praia da Luz were given, but it is thought the victim – who would now be aged 19 – may have only just revealed what happened to her in 2005.

It is one of five further sex assaults which have been reported to Scotland Yard’s Operation Grange since last month’s appeal, taking the total to nine.

I’ll concede, sometimes victims of sexual assaults don’t come forward right away out of fear.  But in this instance – it appears that everyone in the area who came forward to share their stories only did so once an “appeal” was made.  What are the odds?


Part 3 of our podcast can be heard here…

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“Burke is quite the sailor”

Special thanks to guest-blogger, Cottonstar from Websleuths, for this contribution:

Be prepared in Mind by having disciplined yourself to be obedient to every order, and also by having thought out beforehand any accident or situation that might occur, so that you know the right thing to do at the right moment, and are willing to do it.  Be Prepared in Body by making yourself strong and active and able to do the right thing at the right moment, and do it.”The Scout Motto

Burke was in the Boy Scouts for more than 3 years.  That’s longer than JonBenet was involved in pageants.

What do we know about Burke and the Boys Scouts?  Actually, not a heck of a lot which is odd, right?  For all the bragging Patsy did about the achievements of her offspring, why can’t we find a single picture of Burke in his scouting gear?

What we do have, though, are pics of a flashlight, nylon cord and a tightening stick.  All items found in the Boy Scout Handbook as needed checklist items for successful scouting adventures.

Tightening stick? Yes, I called it a tightening stick because that’s exactly what was found hanging from JonBenet’s neck when her body was discovered. A tightening stick is described on pg.150 of The Boy Scout Handbook, 10th edition, the same copy Burke was rumored to have received on Christmas morning, 1996.

tightening stick.JPG

Use a tightening stick to draw your lashings extra snug.

The “garrote” wasn’t a garrote per se, and wasn’t used how a real garrote would function [the cord was double knotted at the back of JonBenet’s neck] if someone was trying to murder someone in a sexually deviant way.

In the autopsy report, the medical examiner describes the evidence as a “wooden stick”.  The word “garrote” only enters the narrative at the same time JonBenet’s pageant videos make the airwaves, then suddenly, the conversation shifts [thanks in part to Ramsey PR, and Lou Smit] to… It must have been a pedophile – a sadistic, monster!

Let’s address the complexity of the knot tied around the stick.  Knot tying has long been part of the scouting program. A Google search of scouting knots reveal the knot tied on the stick – a prusik knot/hitch – is one of the most basic knots Scouts learn.

From Patsy Ramsey’s annual Christmas newsletter to family and friends in 1995, we learn more about the Ramseys’ level of knot use and expertise:

“This year John [former active-duty Navy], John Andrew [former advanced Eagle Scout], and Melinda took the crew of Miss America (our sailing sloop) to victories in the NOOD races in Chicago and a 4th Place Division Finish of the Chicago-Mackinaw Island Race. Seventy-knot winds in the MAC race really made the finish line look pretty good!”

In the same newsletter, we also learn that:

 “He [Burke] continues with Boy Scouting and the piano. This winter he is the tallest guy on his basketball team. Summer on Charlevoix was spent taking golf and sailing lessons each day. Burke is quite the sailor!”

It seems Burke is also quite the camper. That same summer in 1995, at Camp McSauba in Charlevoix, Burke was awarded Best All-Around Camper. Scouting, sailing, and camping. All three of these activities require a basic, if not extensive, knowledge and use of various knots and hitches. Not only does it seem Burke had a great deal of training and experience with knots, but he had highly-trained instructors in his immediate family.

Something else I’ve recently learned, has shed light on a previously ignored piece of evidence collected from the Ramsey’s basement. There’s an old boatswain mate’s trick used in the Navy and in sailing for learning to tie knots. A wire, such as a copper wire, is formed into a loose exemplar of a particular style of knot, which can later be used as a guide when tying rope.  Boatswain mates are known to carry around these wires for that purpose. It seems, these same type of wires were found at the crime scene in at least two places: the boiler room wire tied in knot (5BAH) and the wine cellar wire near body (7KKY).  Did the intruder, in the pitch dark of the Ramsey basement, forget how to tie the knot he wanted and leave his exemplars behind?

Hi-Tec footprint in basement

KANEWe have been provided, and again, one of the sources of this information is confidential grand jury material I can tell you in the question, but we have been provided information from two sources that your son Burke, prior to the murder of your daughter, owned and wore Hi-Tec boots that had a compass on them, which makes them distinctive. Do you recall — if you don’t recall that they actually were Hi-Tec, do you remember Burke having boots that had a compass on the laces?

JOHNVaguely. I don’t know if they were boots or tennis shoes. My memory is they were tennis shoes, but that is very vague. He had boots that had lights on them and all sorts of different things.