Hold up, is that a SCRATCH on Chris Watts’ neck?

Fullscreen capture 20180818 111856-001

After posting the blog on lie spotting, MandyHVZ on REDDIT commented on a mark on Chris Watts’ neck. Check it out.

In some of the interviews Chris Watt gave, he’s faced away from the camera, like this one from CBS, where he says: “I don’t feel this is even real right now. It’s Earth-shattering. like a nightmare where I just can’t wake up from.”

The word “earth-shattering” is a colorful term. Watts volunteers this, but it’s a semantic Freudian slip because he’s buried his wife, and that required the shattering or breaking of Earth. These residues are in this mind as he’s being asked to share his thoughts and feelings. Some are slipping through.

The reality is there were several cameras, and thus several camera angles. The Denver7 Channel had the all-important side-view. It’s from Denver7 that the screengrabs below were taken.

Fullscreen capture 20180818 112747Fullscreen capture 20180818 114416Fullscreen capture 20180818 114416-001Fullscreen capture 20180818 121154Fullscreen capture 20180818 121154-001Fullscreen capture 20180818 111856-001Fullscreen capture 20180818 114416-001Fullscreen capture 20180818 121154Fullscreen capture 20180818 121154-001Fullscreen capture 20180819 130840Fullscreen capture 20180819 130847Fullscreen capture 20180819 130936Fullscreen capture 20180819 130955Fullscreen capture 20180819 131036

Although the autopsy results for Shanann are still pending, we know Watts strangled both his daughters. It’s likely Watts did the same to their mother in a so-called “silent death”. During a death by strangulation/suffocation, two things happen:

  1. The killer is exposed to the death throes and thrashing of the victim of an extended period. It might be half a minute or longer.
  2. The killer is in close proximity to his victim, almost head to head. This means he’s also within arm’s range of the victim, and her natural response is to lash out in a mirror image to what he is doing. If she can’t remove his grip around her neck, she attacks his neck in a desperate attempt to fight for her life.

Right at the end of the interview, Watts purses his lips and raises his left hand to his chin, blocking the view of the scar. Just reflexive touching, or was he conscious of the scar right through the interview and right at the end, could no longer resist the urge to block it from view?

Fullscreen capture 20180819 131040

Sidenote: This reddish blemish reminds me of the same faded fresh scar on Amanda Knox’s throat, visible to all outside the scene of the crime but seen by none.


Also a lot of similar patterns in Knox’s situation and responses and Watts [see below]. Original Daily Mail article here.