Dirty South Customs = Shan’ann’s Dirty Little Secret?

The open question remains: how was Shan’ann Watts able to afford a home [or rather, get a loan to build one] in North Carolina, in 2009 when she was about 25-years-old?

On Websleuths the contention has been made that Shan’ann was co-owner of a car accessory company based in Fayetteville, North Carolina called Dirty South.

In June 2009 Shan’ann [then Shan’ann King] was named one of the co-defendants in a lawsuit against Dirty South and her boss Hisham Bedwan, among others. Bedwan also resembles Chris Watts, even down to the manicured grey hair and goatee, doesn’t he?


It’s unclear at this point if this lawsuit has anything to do with the allegation that 15 charges were filed against Shan’ann Watts at one time, or whether the three charges on Chris Watts are true, and if they are, if there’s any connection.

Rumors are circulating that Shan’ann was having an affair with her boss, and that this is what ended her relationship with the anonymous Mr. King. On his Instagram page, hot girls and hot cars alternate between specials for car parts.

What we do know for sure is the accessory store where Shan’ann worked was less than 10 miles south, literally just down the road from where Chris Watts grew up on Vass Road, on the outskirts of Spring Lake.

Fullscreen capture 20181001 010049

It makes sense if Shan’ann worked in a car parts store, and Chris Watts was an auto mechanic, that their paths would inevitably cross.

Maybe, maybe not, but if that’s how they did meet, it’s not the story she told on Facebook. If it is how they met, one can understand how she might want to keep this aspect of her life under wraps from the fairy tale obsessed Thrive crowd.

48 thoughts on “Dirty South Customs = Shan’ann’s Dirty Little Secret?

  1. …..those 15 charges were against Shannon Watts, not Shan’ann Watts. Also the three against Chris watts was a different Chris watts. A crime journalist would check and double check stories and should surely pick up that it’s not the same person.


  2. Carol I did check, I spent several hours checking, which is how and why I stumbled on this charge:


    It’s not as simple as: if there are no charges there are no charges. There may be charges out there but we’re simply unable to locate them. Shan’ann had at least 3 different names. Watts, King and RZUCEK, and a 4th if she kept her mother’s name for any length of time. It also took until her funeral to confirm the spelling of her name, and her exact name: Shan’ann Cathryn Watts. There is also reason to believe her financial situation at the time she lost her first house could have led to credit card impairment and debt related charges.

    What I tried to explain in this post is that there is early evidence linking her to legal shenanigans in her past, which may or may not mean the early report was accurate. There are many Chris Wattses with criminal charges, and I went through each one by one. Those I found didn’t look like him, and where the names and locations looked right, they were the wrong age etc.

    If you feel the work ethic is lacking in terms of my research Carol, feel free to go somewhere else.

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    • Well said Nick. Your research is always indepth and reliable. It just isn’t worth it to be otherwise in your work. Shanann’s name was/is often misspelt as its so close to the more common Shannon.


    • Oh dear, Frank Rzucek….Indeed he looks a bit of a lad. Possibly, quite a wild family.
      Btw, I have wondered a little about Shanann’s mother. In the video of the girls being asked to go out in the rain from the Rzucek’s front porch, she seems to ‘tease’ Bella about the rain coming for her or something. Then she gives a rough sounding guttural chuckle. Weird. Shanann gently ticks her off with an exasperated sounding ‘Muuummm’……I’m wondering if this sort of ‘teasing’ was normal in this family as I compared it to when Shanann was squirting poor Bella ( Bella again!) with water on their back balcony in Frederick.. Bella tried to get away, and when Chris came to rescue her by opening the glass sliding door, Shanann said something and he backed off, leaving Bella to be tormented..Because I think thats a type of torment, when the child obviously wanted to escape. To me, its bizarre. I’m a mother and I would never do anything like it. I mean, yeah, playing in yard with water pistols, when everyone has a pistol, to squirt back etc, done that , but its different to be trapped and pretty defenceless to a constant stream of water in a small confined space and you can’t squirt water back. To me, thats v v weird. Was Shanann subjected to this sort of stuff herself as a child? More from her mother I would think, than her dad.

      I’m a nurse and I’ve also wondered if Shanann was a bit subject to having Munchausen by Proxy. Which is v hard to diagnose of course. Cece was taking Omeprazole, an unusual drug for a child. It suggests her alimentary tract was prone to inflammation. Constantly. What was she eating? What was she being given to eat? Many parents ( 90% women) who have been diagnosed with this syndrome have dabbled in medical careers and are obsessed with health issues. As well as needing constant attention.

      Shanann wasn’t a full nurse and she didnt finish any nursing studies she began. She ‘dabbled’. Someone said ( a neighbour, Jason?) she seemed to say she had every disease she saw being discussed on tv etc. Hmmm. ( I have lupus too and have managed fine, modern treatments are v good and I keep it quiet. Who wants to know all that in their face non stop? Shanann also took a huge amount of painkillers at times it seems. Like a huge amount. Far more than the daily recommended ) Then both the girls had some sort of surgery in 2018 I think it was and they had it on the same day. But I can’t find out what it was. It all seems a bit odd to me. The babysitter said once that Bella was v upset because her mum ( Shanann) had told her CeCe could die if she ate cocoanut. But there was cocoanut in the bars she gave CeCe on camera!!!! What the hell was going on in that family? Bella appeared to be a deep thinking, intelligent, v thoughtful child, even at such a young age. Intelligent eyes. The poor darling. Apologies for the rave, just my thoughts!

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      • Please help me to understand this. How is it you know that Shannon took painkillers and if so when, what kind and how much? Lastly please tell me how and where you got this information. Thank you kindly.


      • You have all your facts wrong. She took pain pills for neck surgery. Omeprazole was given to Cece bc she was born with a collapsed esophogus. She needed that medicine. For symptoms. And fyi, coconut is NOT in the bar she gave CeCe. Get it right or shut the hell up! People like you start gossip and rumour. Shame on you

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      • Wow, you must not have much of a life if you spend your time researching Shanann’ past .
        What freakin’ difference does it make at this point.. get a life and let this beautiful, caring friend, daughter and sister rest in piece.

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      • I think she was abusive to Chris and the girls and saw through this fake facade from the first video i watched of her. Im coming from the position of having been raised by a mother with some form of munchausen by proxy so her treatment of the girls triggered a lot of really terrible feelings in me. I grew up with people telling me how much they loved my mother and i was all but helpless. No one would believe me if i would say anything.

        I also have a bf with an ex-wife who took every penny he had. I was the evil girlfriend. I have never cheated with a married man out of respect for my sisters but this marriage was all ready wrecked like chris and this monster. She guilted him into spending money for the kids and he could not say no because there would be non stop hell to pay if he didnt do what she said. He was penniless when i met him but he was ashamed to tell me. I paid for his lawyer. He could not get an apt. He couldnt even buy lunch. As you notice chris had no vehicle, took his lunch to work, shannon posted on his fb account, he slept in the basement. She was holding him hostage and with women like this, she definitely would have come out smelling like a rose and gotten the children who it looks like she treated more like property than people to keep up her social media facade FACADE. Frankly, women like her make me want to vomit.

        At this point, im doubting the entire legitimacy of this entire thing. It could be one big psyop. If so, whose children are these anyway? Where did they come from and what has really happened to them? Are they kidnapped and being trafficked for sex? Whats really going on because there is def some really fishy stuff going on with this entire thing as if its one big giant psyop.


      • So you’re a nurse? Who f* cares. Munchausen? I wonder if you got that off watching too many forensic files. Omeprazole is given for indigestion and peptic ulcers. Cece was born witha small esophagus and caused her to regurgitate food. Some dumb nurse you are go back to nursing school.


      • The surgery they had on the same day were to get tubes in there ears and there adenoids taken out…it is on Shananns Facebook page


      • Boy, aren’t you “mother of the year.” Nope, just a total bitch trying to make herself feel better because she has feelings of inadequacy, and most likely, a shitty mother too, which is why you have to make other mothers look shitty. Especially the mothers that put their children first. That must suck to only get joy from lying and tearing down other women. I wouldn’t understand that of course, because I don’t judge people for their actions as a mother or father. Unless of course, they kill their child, I don’t mind judging these worthless individuals. You really need to seek some psychological help. To start, why don’t you read the article: Women Who Hate Other Women: The Psychological Root of Snarky….
        This may give you some insights as to why you’ve developed this behavior. In the meantime, maybe you could try and find God or Jesus, because with that attitude, you’re going to have a hell of a life and marriage, or marriages. Most likely many marriages, poor darling…so phony.

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    • @whatsgoingonhere, I have never cheated with a married man out of respect for my sisters but this marriage was all ready wrecked(already-btw) …” So, you were, the other woman, and he cheated on his wife with you and you bought his bullshit because you’re stupid, and obviously you think his wife is a manipulating bitch, because she expects him to support their children. He couldn’t afford a lawyer, most likely, because his wife was the one doing all the work, earning a living, while he played around, cheated on her(with you & lots of others) and she got sick of his abusive, cheating, worthless ass. So she dropped him like a sack of potatoes and you got what you wanted. Seriously, If you think anyone believes the bullshit you’re trying to feed us, that you’re boyfriend is a victim? Then you ARE AN IDIOT. I wish I could be there the day he does it to you, like he did it to his wife. Leaves you’re ass for a bigger meal ticket. The only one that may feel sorry for you, would be that ex wife of his. But then, don’t count on it because with the way you’re talking, it sounds like she has her hands full with her ex husbands selfish, arrogant, and stupid girlfriend that believes everything that drips from the slimebags mouth. In case you’re an even bigger moron than you sound, that would be you.manipulating bitch, because she expects him to support their children. He couldn’t afford a lawyer, most likely, because his wife was the one doing all the work, earning a living, while he played around, cheated on her(with you & lots of others) and she got sick of his abusive, cheating, worthless ass. So she dropped him like a sack of potatoes and you got what you wanted. Seriously, If you think anyone believes the bullshit you’re trying to feed us, that you’re boyfriend is a victim? Then you ARE AN IDIOT. I wish I could be there the day he does it to you, like he did it to his wife. Leaves you’re ass for a bigger meal ticket. The only one that may feel sorry for you, would be that ex wife of his. But then, don’t count on it because with the way you’re talking, it sounds like she has her hands full with her ex husbands selfish, arrogant, and stupid girlfriend that believes everything that drips from the slimebags mouth. In case you’re an even bigger moron than you sound, that would be you.


  3. Nick,

    First I’d like to say that I came across this website after reading about this case and seeing some of Shan’ann’s old videos. I also began reading your book and it has been very interesting! I had watched the Santa video prior to reading your book and just sat there horrified. Cece’s sobbing was extremely bothersome to me as was Bella’s obvious unhappiness. I know that we can’t overanalyze everything and that a child’s behavior can be indicative of many different things (or nothing at all) but I couldn’t help wondering if Cece’s seemingly constant mischief, tantrums, etc. could be a result of her environment or even personality traits she has inherited from her parent(s).

    As I read your book, I couldnt help thinking about different people in my life that seem to rely on their “image” or materialistic things more than others. I noticed that two people in particular grew up in households with a bi-polar mother. They both seem to be consumed with “keeping up” with what everyone else is doing and using other people’s lives as a measuring stick for their own lives if that makes sense. I am not at all suggesting that Shan’ann was bipolar…just thinking about the various reasons that some people seem to “need” the validation etc as you mentioned in the book.

    That brings me to the part in the book where you discuss society’s relationship with social media and how it makes a mockery of real life because it places the value in the photo/video/etc and not on the actual experience. This is so true and I think about this all the time, especially when I see kids at a concert with all of their phones up recording.

    Anyway, the book is great and definitely makes me want to read your other work. Thanks again for all the hard work.


    Oh and re the potential prior arrests of Shan’ann…I think I too saw where I thought she had been arrested around 15 times and then compared information and determined it was a Shannon Watts/a different woman. Was I wrong? It has been awhile back…I think I saw this shortly after news of their deaths broke and I saw that they were from NC. I am from NC so I began digging around to find more info on them and when I saw a woman with very similar information had been arrested so many times, it definitely caught my attention. I can’t remember how or why I determined it wasn’t Shan’ann but I would love to figure it out…or if you have the records, etc. I would love to see! (these things drive me crazy when I cant remember where I saw or read different things!)

    One last thing-I did a quick search on Shan’ann’s old address for the home she owned in Belmont NC and found an old listing with photos that definitely include some of her furniture and decor. There was a mirror and art piece that I recognized from her videos in Colorado. Very creepy

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    • They were a strange family Meg. Rzucek family, I mean. I have also noticed bizarre behaviour by Shanann’s mother and Shanann. It seems this type of ‘teasing’ was considered normal in the Rzucek family and I think the mother ( grandmother) was especially prone to it. I’ve written about a few incidents I observed in the videos in a comment above. Squirting water at a trapped Bella on their balcony in Frederick , when Bella was desperately trying to escape and grandmum Sandra teasing Bella about the rain coming for her, when she knew Bella didnt want to go out in it. Grandmother Rzucek was also religiously obsessive. I’m a Catholic too, but lord, grandmother Rzucek ( Sandra) is a bit off the planet about it. Statues even in the front yard. Its vulgar too. Well. I think so. Hahaha…

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      • Posted below 👇🏼 A comment from someone who knew Chris and his family from childhood.
        I’d also like to say, look at the number of friends Shan’ann had looking for her mere hours after she was perceived missing. Her friend that came from Hawaii to Colorado to help care for her and the kids after her neck surgery. She was here for weeks. Weird people don’t maintain friendships like Shan’ann had… It’s mind boggling to me that you believe you know her better than people who actually knew her, just from viewing fb videos. The evidence is in the actions, not the words, dear. It’s outrageous to see people defaming the victim of murder. Actually, it’s sick. Truly sick. You’ll notice there’s not many of you. That’s not because you’re of superior intelligence. Quite the opposite.

        “You have to understand that Chris grew up in a family with a distant father, the whole house was a ball of tension, everything had to be perfect.
        Let that sink in….. He kept his room immaculate. Everything had a place and it HAD TO BE IN THAT PLACE. He had power ranger figures, they had to be set up in a specific and certain way on his bedside table. He had bunkbeds but no bunkmate. Sometime he slept top bunk sometimes he slept bottom. I have no idea why. I DO know, however, that he was obsessed with sex from a very very young age. He was very young, about 9 or 10, when I was 8, I think. I was born in 86. Anyway, he was like one year older than me and we played in his backyard all the time. He had a giant weeping willow tree that was full of ticks. And he would chase me around lashing me with pieces of willow full of ticks laughing his ass off about how they’re biting me and drinking my blood. There are many more sick things I’ve heard him say, deep in my memories, deep down where I kept things for many years. I know not who he’s the bitch of now but this is Karma time….. SIMPLY SUBLIME. I know one thing…. one thing he said to me that always stuck
        “I love the way you cry”


      • Strange family? 😂😂😂😂😂
        STRANGE persons research a murdered woman’s past . Get a life loser. I’ll pray for God to fill you with peace and love for your fellow humans and that you lose the desire to bash the dead. Shame on you !!


    • Why is it creepy that she kept furniture and art that she already had? That’s not creepy. It’s creepy to see people defaming a deceased women who can’t defend herself. It’s creepy to see people blaming the victim For her own murder, like the psychopath murder. Abusers blame the victims, Every. Single. Time. It’s bizarre to see the public ignore what we known beyond a shadow of a doubt, and pretend they’re confused by words from a psychopath, his family and people he influenced, ONLY! That’s creepy

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      • What is your problem? Nobody has bashed a murder victims, stories are told about them all the time in books, movies, blogs, vlogs, not everyone is acting like emotional goof balls, they want to see how the family dynamics lead to this horrific crime, if you can’t get that why even remark? As far as you posting alleged stories from Chris watts, could be from a crack pot seeking attention, you don’t know everything about neither of them either yet you’re acting like some Shannon historian, allow those who are interested in facts and not emotionally drowning, to see another side, one dimensional views do not help.

        You should be thanking this man for his hard work exploring the truth without biased.

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  4. Thanks for your kind remarks Meg. Yes the 15 charges were definitely reported. I haven’t been able to confirm it though I have gone through the records. I’m not satisfied yet that this was an error, although it could be. Hasty reporting?

    Please note I’m continuing coverage of the Watts case at crimerocket.com
    I hope when you’re done reading you’ll leave a review. Each one makes a difference 😉


  5. Nick I enjoy your work. Please call me on 0767950871 Im almost done building a new social media platform called CRIMEBOOK. I have an ecommerce page and authors page along with many other features and would like to see what synergies we have regarding your work.


    Roger Halstead

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      • So the FB stuff was total fabrication…. God. Why bother?… Well, she could spin a good yarn. Should have tried writing Mills and Boon shockers… She would have done well..


  6. Curious about the terrible automobile accident Shan’ann had before her and Chris got together. Can’t find any information about it. Do you know of any?


    • I’ve looked for it for months, can’t find it. Her family says she had a seizure but that’s not true as her license wasn’t suspended and that’s standard following a seizure (whether it occurred while driving or not). No history of seizure activity, I guess her parents believed what she told them but this whole thing was a farce. I’ve checked North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey Jersey Colorado and nothing turns up. It seems to be made up all in her head. I went through a windshield as a child much younger than she claimed to be and the scar is quite visible. Nothing this woman said seems to be true, all of it a lie.


  7. He doesn’t look like Chris at all. You don’t even know the charges you claim exist, yet you post this idiocy in defense of what? Chris confessing to exactly what the CBI told him happened? That was strategic. They wanted to recover the bodies for evidence. “Did Shan’ann do something, and you’re protecting her”. There is noway Chris could have held his children’s hands above their heads and shoved them down in crude oil unless he murdered them. NO WAY! A normal person couldn’t dispose of their deceased dog the way he did his children, and if you believe they could, perhaps something is wrong with you. That person showed no emotion for his deceased family, until he confessed and knew he was caught. He couldn’t stay in that house, as he said, because he was haunted by his actions. If you listen to the man talking, he tells on himself every step of the way. He’s the dumbest psychopath in history of the planet. In the end he confessed, and if you are sensible, you realize the “deal” was no deal at all. He confessed because he’s guilty.
    So, you posted a charge on Frankie. What did he do? Give an 18 year old alcohol? A 17 year old? Did he buy it and they drank beer? Do you even know? You didnt post enough information for anyone to play judge and jury, yet they are. You prey on the simply minded. It’s a misdemeanor charge! And Shanann, 15 charges? It’s shocking that she was hired by a children’s hospital, being a career criminal and all.. Genuis!

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    • Shannan’s brother was actually arrested in 2015. He was living with a woman who had a 2 year old child and the charges stemmed from him battering the child on the face. Hope that answers your question.

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    • At the end of the day who cares anymore?? And to look people up.who are desd,? Why unless your getting paid for then why why why. ??? They are dead, very dead and Chriss??? No puss puss forever when??? That’s hell anyway..


  8. Joanne, Jay Shank, Janie etc… you’re so ill informed it’d be funny if it wasn’t pathetic. I grew up in a white collar, educated household but my parents would often tell me about “uneducated illiterate bible thumpers” like yourself. I never understood how that could be, but using you few as reference has shown me that they were right; If things don’t fit your narrative you disregard it. If you think Shan’Ann was a mentally sound and stable individual, I fear for not only your intelligence, but you discretion as well. Mentally stable people with educations don’t scheme and scam, screw people out of money (only to get caught less than a month after), move or change their name multiple times within a year. Shan’Ann thought she was a princess, but behaved like absolute low class trash, from the emotional manipulation to the incessant bragging over mundane things, to the scheming and conning. These are not traits of mentally healthy people.


    • Just wondering, what is the point exactly of digging for dirt and slandering the character of a murder victim and the mother of two toddlers who got violently murdered? Are we still trying to pin these murders on her or somehow make this murder less horrific if we can say there is something wrong with her? Or is this somehow going to make these murders OK in everyone’s minds if we can think Shannan was not a perfect person? ( her children were also murdered not just her!, cause maybe you’re trying to say she deserved it?). I don’t actually care what she lied about or any other details people are coming up with about her life or her family’s (she didn’t murder her husband and children!). It does not change the fact that someone snuffed out the life of their wife and children in cold blood, after cheating on them for months, with no regard at all that they were their own family who thought they were safe with him. That makes Chris unconscionable monster, not his victims. I cannot think of any reason we should care about what is not perfect with her. You should be trying to figure out what is wrong with the person who took their lives and how they can sleep at night. Or is he supposed to be pleased with himself now cause she was not an angel?


      • Thanks for you question. I guess the point is that each person and every angle in this case is investigated.


    • Wow, you think very highly of yourself. lol Did your white collar, educated parents teach you that too? You may just strain your eyes looking down your nose so much. 😉


  9. I wonder if there are any divorce documents out there from Shanann’s first marriage.
    I can’t seem to find any but I am not sure if it’s something only findadable if I was in the USA (Im in the UK).
    Something sounds odd in that Shanann’s first house was only in her name and there are accusations of money laundering from Dirty South Auto’s (but again no proof).
    So how did Shanann afford the first house when working in retail / nursing care ?
    Someone needs to dig back into Shanann’s past in order to understand what happened in the future (I don’t mean to discredit Shanann but to get a better understanding).


    • Im beginning to wonder if any if it is real because her instagram account looks fake, comments seem to be post-humous my heart goes out to these angels kind of stuff, the autopsy report was so ridiculous i almost laughed, there are no pictures of bodies or crime scene, the American horror story intro came on at the beginning of a security tape triggering chris to say shannon was 15 wks pregnant, her pregnant photos are fake. Are these even these children’s parents? Or are they kidnapped and used in this sick psyop?


  10. Shan’ann did not deserve to be murdered. Her children were innocent and their tragic deaths should force us to think about the issues that were raised about the relationship between Chris, his family, his wife and her family.

    I am here because the world is full of flying monkeys and revisionists. We might be looking at this situation backwards. Chris was probably gaslighted into killing his wife and children in order to appease someone and this would have only happened to a codependent person. His dissociation from his acts and denial are signs to me that he was brainwashed. He can’t acknowledge what he did because he was acting as a proxy.

    I was revisiting this case and believe very much that Chris Watts was caught in a double bind. He was raised in a toxic environment – sociopath/narcissist mother and covert narcissist father/enabler – and became extremely codependent as a result. I believe that people who are raised in this kind of environment are extremely tolerant of toxic behaviours and personalities. Their brains become calibrated to constant gaslighting, belittling and bullying. They become addicted to the trauma. They cannot tolerate people who are not toxic. Even Chris’ mistress, Nichol, was toxic in the sense that she preferred being in a relationship with a married man.

    In my opinion, Chris’ mother, Cindy, suspected her daughter-in-law, Shan’ann, of faking the illnesses of her daughters and put those peanuts in front of them (during that ill-fated visit) to prove her point. Cindy’s actions resembled those of a sociopath. If she thought her grandchildren were in danger, there were other ways to intervene.

    I say that Shan’ann is a sociopath herself because of how she’s been treated after her death. Look at all of the flying monkeys poring over her social media accounts, watching her videos and arriving at the conclusion that she was the patron saint of parenthood. Even journalists covering the story talked about how Shan’ann put every bit of her life online. She was obsessed with looking wealthy, and spent money she couldn’t afford on stuff. Apologists say it was for surgeries and medications – fine – but if she has Munchausen and Munchausen by proxy, these amounts make sense. She was image obsessed and went out of her way to cultivate a saccharine image for the public to consume. Sounds like she was obsessed with being admired and praised. Yes, she was murdered. It was a needless and cruel thing to do to a mother. But it doesn’t mean she wasn’t a sociopath. If we can separate our feelings about the way she died from who she was as a person, we could help other children else escape a similar demise.


    • Sociopath? Shannan? lol OK, Most of the people that live on their social media accounts trying to create a perfect picture of their lives are doing exactly what she was, so that would make more than half the population sociopaths too, except they all are not trying to sell a product online like she was. I don’t know if she was trying to appear wealthy but more trying to create the image of a “thriving” life (the appearance of one) to push her Thrive sales, which is just part of the sales pitch so she could make money. Same reason she used Chris’ FB account too to post about her life and Thrive, to reach more people, therefore hopefully more customers. That does not make her a sociopath, she was trying to make money from home. I don’t see anything more sinister than that. As far as Cindy is concerned, she didn’t like her from the day she met her, that was way before she had her children with the food allergies, before she knew of anything health related to her most likely. Her first words to Shannan’s mother regarding Chris and Shannan were to the effect of, “I don’t get it, I don’t see that she is in love with him” (in love with Chris) but what she was probably really trying to say deep down is, I don’t like her!. Her and her daughter asked to be responsible for sending out letters inviting guests to Chris and Shannan’s wedding and they failed to do that, purposely (people Shannan had invited did not turn up and claimed to have never got those invitations). Cindy and Chris’ sister were also entrusted to organising the catering to the wedding and disregarded that Shannan was gluten intolerant so Shanann couldn’t eat any of the food at her own wedding other than the food that her own mother brought. Chris’ whole family did not go to the wedding. Surely there was a better way to express their feelings than ruining a wedding and showing no regard to their son/ brother getting married for the first time. The incident with the peanuts just sounds like Cindy found their health issues an inconvenience, just like she showed her attitude for the catering of the wedding and anything else they trusted her with. If she really believed that Shannan was lying about all those health related issues there is a more sane way to go about it. If she was wrong she could have killed someone but that was not something she cared about. it’s enough bad talk about Shannan. I don’t care personally if she was not a perfect. Does not change how horrible the murders were and still makes it senseless and I don’t see that she is the sick person in this story, especially not sicker than the murderer and those related. Shannan had hell to deal with with Chris’ family while alive, least we can do is leave her at peace now she’s dead. Maybe if Chris had more love and support for that marriage with Shannan from his family in the first place things may not have gone this far with him disposing of them like dirt. I bet it bothered him that his family did not seem to care for them to the point that he got sick of it and stopped caring himself cause he could not stand up to them. If you’re all trying to find a good reason for all this, look more into that. I doubt their actions would have been any different if he had tried to marry NK and God knows how that would have ended if they hated her too.


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    • The family needs to stay off social media and stop looking for more pain. They can’t stop people from talking.
      Every time they ask for it all to stop it just adds fuel to the fire. When this tragedy happened they brought attention to them selves and raised all sorts of funds and now they want privacy, can’t have it both ways.
      Let go and let God!


  12. The family needs to stay off social media and stop looking for more pain. They can’t stop people from talking.
    Every time they ask for it all to stop it just adds fuel to the fire. When this tragedy happened they brought attention to them selves and raised all sorts of funds and now they want privacy, can’t have it both ways.
    Let go and let God!


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