Dirty South Customs = Shan’ann’s Dirty Little Secret?

The open question remains: how was Shan’ann Watts able to afford a home [or rather, get a loan to build one] in North Carolina, in 2009 when she was about 25-years-old?

On Websleuths the contention has been made that Shan’ann was co-owner of a car accessory company based in Fayetteville, North Carolina called Dirty South.

In June 2009 Shan’ann [then Shan’ann King] was named one of the co-defendants in a lawsuit against Dirty South and her boss Hisham Bedwan, among others. Bedwan also resembles Chris Watts, even down to the manicured grey hair and goatee, doesn’t he?


It’s unclear at this point if this lawsuit has anything to do with the allegation that 15 charges were filed against Shan’ann Watts at one time, or whether the three charges on Chris Watts are true, and if they are, if there’s any connection.

Rumors are circulating that Shan’ann was having an affair with her boss, and that this is what ended her relationship with the anonymous Mr. King. On his Instagram page, hot girls and hot cars alternate between specials for car parts.

What we do know for sure is the accessory store where Shan’ann worked was less than 10 miles south, literally just down the road from where Chris Watts grew up on Vass Road, on the outskirts of Spring Lake.

Fullscreen capture 20181001 010049

It makes sense if Shan’ann worked in a car parts store, and Chris Watts was an auto mechanic, that their paths would inevitably cross.

Maybe, maybe not, but if that’s how they did meet, it’s not the story she told on Facebook. If it is how they met, one can understand how she might want to keep this aspect of her life under wraps from the fairy tale obsessed Thrive crowd.

6 thoughts on “Dirty South Customs = Shan’ann’s Dirty Little Secret?

  1. …..those 15 charges were against Shannon Watts, not Shan’ann Watts. Also the three against Chris watts was a different Chris watts. A crime journalist would check and double check stories and should surely pick up that it’s not the same person.


  2. Carol I did check, I spent several hours checking, which is how and why I stumbled on this charge:


    It’s not as simple as: if there are no charges there are no charges. There may be charges out there but we’re simply unable to locate them. Shan’ann had at least 3 different names. Watts, King and RZUCEK, and a 4th if she kept her mother’s name for any length of time. It also took until her funeral to confirm the spelling of her name, and her exact name: Shan’ann Cathryn Watts. There is also reason to believe her financial situation at the time she lost her first house could have led to credit card impairment and debt related charges.

    What I tried to explain in this post is that there is early evidence linking her to legal shenanigans in her past, which may or may not mean the early report was accurate. There are many Chris Wattses with criminal charges, and I went through each one by one. Those I found didn’t look like him, and where the names and locations looked right, they were the wrong age etc.

    If you feel the work ethic is lacking in terms of my research Carol, feel free to go somewhere else.


  3. Nick,

    First I’d like to say that I came across this website after reading about this case and seeing some of Shan’ann’s old videos. I also began reading your book and it has been very interesting! I had watched the Santa video prior to reading your book and just sat there horrified. Cece’s sobbing was extremely bothersome to me as was Bella’s obvious unhappiness. I know that we can’t overanalyze everything and that a child’s behavior can be indicative of many different things (or nothing at all) but I couldn’t help wondering if Cece’s seemingly constant mischief, tantrums, etc. could be a result of her environment or even personality traits she has inherited from her parent(s).

    As I read your book, I couldnt help thinking about different people in my life that seem to rely on their “image” or materialistic things more than others. I noticed that two people in particular grew up in households with a bi-polar mother. They both seem to be consumed with “keeping up” with what everyone else is doing and using other people’s lives as a measuring stick for their own lives if that makes sense. I am not at all suggesting that Shan’ann was bipolar…just thinking about the various reasons that some people seem to “need” the validation etc as you mentioned in the book.

    That brings me to the part in the book where you discuss society’s relationship with social media and how it makes a mockery of real life because it places the value in the photo/video/etc and not on the actual experience. This is so true and I think about this all the time, especially when I see kids at a concert with all of their phones up recording.

    Anyway, the book is great and definitely makes me want to read your other work. Thanks again for all the hard work.


    Oh and re the potential prior arrests of Shan’ann…I think I too saw where I thought she had been arrested around 15 times and then compared information and determined it was a Shannon Watts/a different woman. Was I wrong? It has been awhile back…I think I saw this shortly after news of their deaths broke and I saw that they were from NC. I am from NC so I began digging around to find more info on them and when I saw a woman with very similar information had been arrested so many times, it definitely caught my attention. I can’t remember how or why I determined it wasn’t Shan’ann but I would love to figure it out…or if you have the records, etc. I would love to see! (these things drive me crazy when I cant remember where I saw or read different things!)

    One last thing-I did a quick search on Shan’ann’s old address for the home she owned in Belmont NC and found an old listing with photos that definitely include some of her furniture and decor. There was a mirror and art piece that I recognized from her videos in Colorado. Very creepy


  4. Thanks for your kind remarks Meg. Yes the 15 charges were definitely reported. I haven’t been able to confirm it though I have gone through the records. I’m not satisfied yet that this was an error, although it could be. Hasty reporting?

    Please note I’m continuing coverage of the Watts case at crimerocket.com
    I hope when you’re done reading you’ll leave a review. Each one makes a difference 😉


  5. Nick I enjoy your work. Please call me on 0767950871 Im almost done building a new social media platform called CRIMEBOOK. I have an ecommerce page and authors page along with many other features and would like to see what synergies we have regarding your work.


    Roger Halstead


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