#Shakedown Unleashes on Sunday Night, Part 2


“From the start, the police investigation had significant failings!”

We hear this all the time in true crime, especially when a criminal and their team are particularly skilled at PR.  The police bungled the case.  Because clearly when a crime has been committed, the truly evil are the ones investigating the crime, right?  Here’s something to nibble on… why the hell couldn’t Kate or Gerry call the police themselves if they felt so abandoned in the first two hours that passed [despite 60+ people being on the scene]?

The Portugal police aren’t the only ones who take a beating from Sadler.  Pat Brown’s made out to look like a bit of a lunatic.   Meanwhile, bespectacled ex-British cop, Colin Sutton – who delivers the breathtaking news that somebody might know something is apparently revered.

The joke of the matter is Sutton is supposedly there on the show to give hope.  There’s a new lead, although he doesn’t give an inkling of what it is.  But then he, and others from team McCann, deflate that balloon by essentially saying don’t even bother looking, you’d have better luck finding a leprechaun in the most-hide-a-bodyable town of Praia da Luz.

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