Prior to the murders, was Chris Watts a good father?

Chris Watts appeared to be an attentive dad. We see him reading to his kids, horsing around with them, cutting their hair, blowing hot food to cool it down, even taking cake in the face while Shan’ann and and his mother-in-law looked on with a camera.

He also dressed up as Santa and took direction from Shan’ann in playing that role for them. So at face value, he seems to have a much closer bond with the children than with Shan’ann.

If he murdered his children, why did he?

18 thoughts on “Prior to the murders, was Chris Watts a good father?

  1. He was just doing as he was told. He was the obedient, dutiful, ever smiling family man everyone admired. But he hated being controlled, and the ‘family man’ label wasn’t nearly as sexy as ‘single hot guy’, so he rebelled with a secret life. But he didn’t think things through. Events overtook him.


  2. I don’t think it was as much an issue of not wanting to be controlled, but the manner in which he was being controlled. Shan’ann loved the taste of the MLM Kool-Aid. Imagine if you’re married to someone and you’re a MLM atheist. And someone is twisting your arm to keep the faith each day and every day, to pay homage to their MLM god? It’s not just a question of going along with it either, you have to step up, smile, and act for the camera. Would you?


  3. Would I? No. But why did he. In my MLM company one of the first things they attempted to do was get the husbands on board. With promises of early retirement – a perpetual happyland for the rest of their lives if they support their wives (and fund their endless purchasing of products) and not pry too much into whether their wives were actually making any money or not. And when recruiting the wives I had to have the husbands there listening to the spiel because I knew it was the money he was earning that would foot the bill for it so I had to get him on board. When he would ask can his wife make money from it I would tell him about all of the tax deductions they could take on their joint return and the more inventory she had the faster she could make money. Technically I wasn’t lying either, because I drank the kool aid myself and believed it – until I didn’t.

    For all intents and purposes, he looks to be a kind, loving and playful father in the above videos. I’m still pondering why (did he) kill the girls. Something else too – the girls, mostly CeCe, is always wound up, crying, shrieking, bouncing off the furniture, Bella less so but frequently cranky. Do LeVel products contain alot of caffeine? Or sugar? I know the kids aren’t wearing patches, but Sha’nann is always making snacks and treats for them, brownies, etc.


    • What about discipline issues? Are the children aware of their boundaries, or unaware because Shan’ann’s ongoing efforts at home on social media makes for a messy and distracted role model?


  4. The video where she is making snacks in the kitchen (and filming it of course) Bella has what looks like a plastic spoon and spatula in her hands, or it’s some kind of child’s kitchen toys. What began as a fun experience “for the whole family” (as Bella may have thought)- making the LeVel snacks – is quite the opposite. Bella wants to get involved but Sha’nann is pushing her away until Chris steps in and takes her out of Sha’nann’s way. So it really isn’t good old fashioned family fun, it’s a sales pitch for LeVel. And the focus must be on the products and how to turn them into a snack, not family involvement.


    • Some people have a really hard time with inauthenticity. Others can fake it til they make it. But what if you were married to someone who was on the job nearly 24/7 putting forth an image that probably seemed impossible to achieve? Trying to support her “job” while being cut down on the daily in a super public forum? And just in my own opinion, family annihilators are nearly always a parent that has serious control issues. They would rather nuke the whole situation than to appear as anything but the careful image they have crafted of themselves.


  5. If its all about image, then she is doing her job. But at the same time emasculating her partner to the point he rages up and annihilates everything. When we demand and demand and the expectation is do as I say or else, then of course there is a limit to how much anyone can take. Outwardly he is co operative and amiable. But who knows what lurks in the hearts of men?


  6. The thing we have to remember is that Shan’anns live video is only a tiny piece of each day. It looks to me like he was a good dad. He watched out for them. They weren’t afraid of him (except as Santa). We only get to see what was filmed.

    Why did he kill them? The ship was sinking and Shan’ann was going to take them with her when she left. They were expensive and all 3 were going to leave him. Take them out and make it look like they were abducted. He gets sympathy, sells the house, keeps his job and friends and collects life insurance. He keeps his secrets and life goes on.

    Shan’ann came home, said we are leaving you and he got so mad he strangled them all and hid them. Crime of passion?


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