Swords, ice, spaceships and Scotland. Humankind has reached the end of the line. Every nation, every lineage, every tribe has come to the end of its line. Can life go on after the end of the world?

Set 200 years into the future, the world is caught in the grip of an ice age. A great Ring of Ice advances upon all living things that remain. While wolves enjoy a resurgence in number, and wild places come back to life, mankind’s die-hard survivors battle to the last.

wolfWhat can arrest our downward spiral, our slipping fortunes? Civilization falls back in time to something resembling a medieval way of life. There is no electricity, not even paper. Only two fortresses of men remain in this grim setting. And the leaders of these two last Houses are brothers. Rivals. Both are well aware that if our species is to survive the relentless attrition of the advancing ice, the winner inherits the Earth. Winner takes all.

Two Wolves battle for the fates of our race on the Western seaboard of the country once known as Scotland (now Alba). One leader, the elf-like Christopher Ulysses, possesses the Lightning Sword, a weapon of unfathomable power, able to harness and weaponise lightning. The other, the bear-like figure of Ogilvie Skye, has an enormous army at his disposal. Tens of thousands of warriors. Who will win?

BLOODLINE is a fiction series written by Nick van der Leek.  

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