On Writing for Kindle

Seventeen years have passed since Stephen King released his seminal tome on writing books – print books for print publishing. What’s changed in publishing since then? Is King’s print-based manifesto obsolete?


“No, but it’s in serious need of an update.  Not only has writing changed, the mechanisms of publishing and reading have changed – are changing – too. Writers need to get with the right program if they want to become full-time authors.”

Who better to guide you through the realities of making a living writing for Kindle full-time, than a photojournalist who successfully made this transition? Nick van der Leek, an ex-magazine journalist, writes bestselling true crime books for Amazon: full-time.  And they’re self-published.


“I’m here to say it’s possible, and it’s not rocket science, just knowing how and working hard.”


Van der Leek offers would-be authors insights to make the hard road to writing full-time less hard, by working smarter, faster and more effectively.

Another Memoir of the Craft is based on practical lessons learned writing and publishing articles and books, and on refining these lessons in presentations made to creative writing graduates.

The result is an empowering guidebook for getting the motivated writer to poll position on Amazon. On Writing for Kindle will strap you to Van der Leek’s narrative rocket, get you onto the track, dialed in and ready to race.

On Writing for Kindle is available on Amazon

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