Suppression of Burke Ramsey as a Suspect

During a hearing yesterday, March 8th, for Burke’s $150M civil suit against Dr. Werner Spitz, Lin Wood said he doesn’t understand why Spitz would point the finger at Burke when nobody else has been speaking about Burke’s culpability for years.

“I know that since 1998, 1999 [when Wood, on behalf of the Ramseys, sued several parties], not a single member of the mainstream media or the tabloid media have ever accused this boy of killing his sister again.” – Lin Wood, attorney for Burke Ramsey


Based on our research, that’s simply not true…

November 5, 1999, Court TV 

1999: New York Post 

1999: The Star 

1999: New York Post 

2001: Daily Camera

2001: Daily Camera 

2003: Fox News [Burke Ramsey named a defendant]

2010: Daily Mail 

2010: CBS 

2010: CNN 

2012: The Daily Mail 

2012: Huffington Post 

2012: Fox News 

2013: CNN 


In addition, if Kolar’s book, published in 2012 is considered source material for the 2016 CBS show implicating Burke Ramsey, and Wood describes it as such, and Kolar himself appeared on the show which purported a Burke Did It Theory, then all coverage promoting Kolar’s book in the mainstream media including in the Huffington Post is further evidence of coverage in the mainstream media, with either direct or tacit reference to Burke Ramsey’s potential involvement.

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