Chris Watts grew up somewhere on this road on the outskirts of Spring Lake, North Carolina

All of this…

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is a real far cry from this…

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This is Chris Watts as a youngster..

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And Chris Watts today.

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15 thoughts on “Chris Watts grew up somewhere on this road on the outskirts of Spring Lake, North Carolina

  1. I think there is a definite difference in Chris from when Shannan and he first met (in photos) to right before the murders. There is a change in his eyes and mouth and demeanor in general. I find it interesting that he even wanted children IF he is a narcissist, although, if he wanted sons as “mini-me’s” I guess that would make sense to try and have offspring. He probably was not happy the children turned out to be girls. I remember my own narcissistic husband when the “it’s a girl” was announced in the delivery room…He could be heard on tape saying “oh…a girl? all right.” (with obvious disappointment in his voice). Chris, in photos holding his daughter, has his body visibly leaning away from the child and he does not look happy in his eyes at all!


      • He could have just done what my ex ultimately did, and raise the girls to be tomboys. Every one of my children were taught to hate anything “girly” so ex would have a fit if I tried to let my girls wear makeup, play with girl dolls and frilly princessy things. To this day, my 4 daughters are very much into more masculine types of clothing and mindsets. Maybe it’s good that they can do things guys can but I would have loved to raise them as females not tomboys. That’s the narc for ya though…23 years with the man!


    • also, his hand in the one pic of him with his arms around CC and Bella, is in a satanic symbol. Has anyone noticed this?


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  3. He was an excellent student and he was underpaid at his current job . She didn’t go to college and worked in Car Rim Shop . His name was on a home loan.. He was a provider, MLM wasn’t ..What kind of point are you trying to make over here ?


    • The point is that he came from very humble beginnings, so he wouldn’t have wanted to give up what he’d worked so long and hard to achieve in Colorado.
      Not 100% sure you’re right about her not going to college. She was qualified as a nurse and had student debt. I believe she studied longer than he did.
      Agree that the MLM probably wasn’t bringing home the bacon. As for the house, she owned a house early on, he didn’t. So with whose money did they buy the house on Saratoga Trail?

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  5. I felt that there was far too much information in this book that had absolutely nothing to do with Shan’ann or Chris, I skipped past these pages, they were absolutely boring. I think that you should have waited to write any books on this story, why were you in such a rush?


  6. You have said in the book that Chris started working at Anadarko in February 2018 and that’s not true, he had worked there far longer than 6 months which is when he committed the murders and lost his job, I’m sure than he started there in 2016 or 2017, I’m not sure which year but he had definitely worked there longer than 6 months.


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