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Totally admirable – tour de force
18 August 2018
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51nPvGCFhwLThere are many things I appreciate about this book. Firstly, I’m very grateful to the author for writing this summary. Like many, I was captivated by this tragedy, and struggled to follow the convolutions of the trial process(es). It is to all our benefit that NvdL kept his finger on the pulse. This dedication provided him with the raw material not only to write up cogent summaries at various stages of the unfolding saga, but in this book to offer some stunning insights about what its stark mirrror has reflected. To South African society, to the World, and indeed to all of us. The ‘Fallen Hero’ is an incredibly important archetype in a world obsessed by ‘celebrity’ and encouraged to deny frailty. The author shows a masterful sense of wit, irony and symbolic valence in his use of subtitles involving Mars/Venus/Earth. To those with an appreciation of the world of symbolism, these short insertions speak volumes. Just brilliant.


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Brilliant Analysis By JL on December 7, 2017  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

This shocking incident has two scenarios – either an arbitrary intruder strolled into a plush family home, picked up an axe he discovered in the pantry, went upstairs and butchered to death the father, mother and elder son, left the daughter for dead, and strolled out past plenty of valuables, leaving not a trace of DNA. Or you have the younger son and only survivor who, in what can only have been a mighty rage, slaughtered his family. What happened? Once again best-selling, true-crime writer (and I add investigator supreme), Nick van der Leek, is needed to shed light. Van der Leek’s books are always a must-read, and for anyone interested in the criminal cases he covers, it is in his writing that you’ll find that immense detail, which is what counts. The finer and the hidden points, the nuances, the backstory, the missing logic. Van der Leek is a master of thoroughly thinking through every corner of a killing scene, every corner of a killer’s mind, and coming up with penny-dropping conclusions. He’s done it again, here, in this slick, racy investigation into what possibly could have driven a young man to hack his mother, father and brother to death, and leave his sister for dead. It’s a page-turner that will leave you chilled.


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‘Crimes happen when weak identities give in to impulses’ By Lauren M on October 31, 2017  Format: Kindle Edition

How can one not be fascinated with a case entailing triple, almost quadruple familicide? In the two years since the crime was committed I have been waiting on pins and needles for someone to explain what could possess Henri Van Breda to commit this atrocity against his own flesh and blood. Reading this narrative while the author sits in on the court proceedings in real time gives a wonderful sense of fly on the wall immersion into what really goes on in the courtroom during a case like this. Nick enters Henri’s mind and comes out with a cogent motive as well as a full character analysis of the accused. The statement analysis regarding the 911 call is a must read on its own. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book.

EXTRADITION  1-Fullscreen capture 20170826 123540 AM-002

The authors of Extradition are determined to get to the heart of this murder mystery and unravel the complex maze surrounding it.  They do this by getting right under the skin of the young adults subsumed at its centre.   They hope to reveal the true motives behind the crime, which eluded the Italian courts and led to the failure of the case.  They do this by smashing the mirrors and dispersing the smoke occluding it.  There are newly transcribed police-intercepted conversations between Knox and her parents, which reveal startling new insights into the dynamics of the Knox/Mellas family and their strategy against the charges, arm-in-arm with the PR merchants.

This is some of Nick Van Der Leek’s best writing yet, as he delves into the second instance of court proceedings presided over by Judge Nencini.  It covers the period between Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito being freed by the Hellmann court, and who are out and about in society, and the outcome of the one now being reheard.  It follows the authors’ last book ‘Foxy Knoxy Fights Back’ but is a standalone book in its own right, for those who want the real inside story and not the tidbit scraps of trivia dealt by the woefully short-on substance mass media.

It is a fascinating exploration of the true back story.  It tells of PR grooming, tv interviews, attempts by the defendants to escape and evade justice , and the spinning of a web of deceit and intrigue.   It is this that served to render a US media-led victory over the archaic dusty courts of medieval Florence, with its large crucifixes still hanging on courtroom walls, but yet who adhered to a centuries-old legal process, honed and refined to a level that delivers a fair and fully considered legal verdict. 

Van der Leek examines the media reaction at every stage of the proceedings and their histrionics, as they report on each piece of trivia or new hairstyle of Knox’, whilst ignoring the meat of the evidence presented in court by barristers with twenty years of practice behind them.   It wills ‘Homey’ Amanda to ‘beat the baddies’, as branded by Preston, Douglas & PR giant David Marriott.  It conducts its gung-ho campaign to carry on ‘fighting the good cause’ (of Amanda Knox) no matter what Nencini rules, with the Italians cast as the uncivilised swarthy corrupt ‘Johnny Foreigners’, who still practised superstitious Roman Catholicism.

The authors expose how the US-led PR campaign militates to subvert the course of justice across the Atlantic, based on little more than an extension of the gigantic grudge held by a man deported from Italy by Public Prosecutor Mignini, literally just months before the murder, who just happened to have a huge mass readership at his influencing, story-telling, fingertips, to exact revenge on this powerful establishment figure, given to issuing lawsuits against anyone who dared criticise him.  A good analogy of how a vendetta can spiral is the recent Brexit referendum in the UK, which came about merely because of a long-running squabble between two small factions within the ruling conservative party and snowballed out of control into a major political issue, as the public voted an unexpected ‘yes’ to leave the EU.

I have to disclose that I contributed to the chapters on the Nencini court hearings, so I shall leave that section for somebody else to review.

I can honestly say, though, that this is a thumping good read.  Extradition gets right down to stripping off the gristle.    It promises to deliver the bare bones, and it does so, splendidly.

– Christina Giscombe


5 stars Foxy Knoxy book cover

Excellent as every single book has been By Cheryl Burke on September 24, 2017  Format: Kindle Edition

Never disappointed. Always spend days thinking about what I read, what I learned, and how certain thoughts I failed to consider. Pure entertainment and never, ever, been anything but glad I read.

Reason I try to never miss any books by Nick and Lisa. The best. My favorite books hands down.

They have changed the way I look at so much. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from their perspectives. I see things with open eyes, and never assume because that’s what I heard. Valuable lesson.

DESPICABLE:  First Trial and Conviction

5 stars 1-Fullscreen capture 20170622 065623 PM (1)

Excellent read, I thoroughly enjoyed it By C.O. Franssen on August 25, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Excellent read, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am delighted to hear there will be at least one more part. Somehow I can’t get enough of this story: it is so compelling. I seems that Ralph-the-knife Sollecito is now working as a TV crime pundit, it really is too much. The ghastly murder of poor Meredith will never be properly avenged by justice now & the more attention given to the fact that Knox is a killer who got away with it, the better.

UELI:  Deus Ex Machina

5 stars NEW COVER - 20170802 041444 PM

What made the “Swiss Machine” tick? By golfloosh on August 19, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition

Anyone fascinated by the sport of high altitude climbing, like I am, will enjoy this narrative. Ueli Steck was an amazing athlete, who led a life that is hard for most of us to imagine. This narrative seeks to understand more about his motives, drive, and ambitions to take on the increasing risks that he did. The author includes interviews he personally conducted with Steck. Van der Leek does not shy away from the controversies of Steck’s career, either. I had no idea. There is also an in depth analysis of what may have lead Steck to his shocking, lethal fall on Nuptse this spring.

 D O U B T 3: The Madeleine McCann Mystery

5 stars   NEW doubt 3 madeleine mccann

Powerful and though-provoking by Liverbird on 12 June, 2017  Format: Kindle Edition UK

Doubt 3 is the final part of a controversial three-book narrative, bringing the subject of Madeleine’s disappearance to the possible (and plausible) climax of a chain of events during the weeks and months following that mysterious event. It makes for uncomfortable reading in parts, but is not, I feel, gratuitously descriptive. We may never know what happened to this innocent child, but if the hypothesis described in the book is anywhere near to the truth, I would say we have a duty to Madeleine to consider the possibilities just as much as the likelihood (or not) of an abduction.

Once again, the book is ‘interactive’, containing numerous hyperlinks, but it can be read without recourse to these if the reader chooses.

The writers have clearly done extensive research into this painfully sad affair, providing numerous background descriptions and sources of information. The raven continues to be the observer/truthseeker, but it’s not difficult to ignore these passages if they irritate. It’s the first time I’ve read a book (or in this case, books) presented in this way, and the raven didn’t bother me at all, nor did the fact that it has to be read online, as I found the hyperlinks extremely useful.

D O U B T 2: The Madeleine McCann Mystery

5 stars  NEW doubt 2 madeleine mccann

A good read by karen bayliss on 16 May, 2017  Format: Kindle Edition UK | Verified Purchase

Enjoyed this book interesting I have read a lot on this case and have found other books very poor with information. This is very detailed and gives facts about all areas of the case I must admitted that other books on this subject I have never finished this one I finished both books and will be looking out for the next

D O U B T: The Madeleine McCann Mystery

5 stars  best version

Brilliant by Kindle Customer on 17 April, 2017  Format: Kindle Edition UK | Verified Purchase

Once again a top notch read from this fantastic author. All aspects of the case are looked at from every angle and there was quite a bit of information regarding deleted phone records that I hadn’t read anywhere else. The YouTube clips regarding the McCann’s body language are eye openers and I look forward to the next instalment .

D O U B T: The Madeleine McCann Mystery

5 stars

A thoroughly absorbing read by Liz F on 2 May, 2017  Format: Kindle Edition UK

Absolutely loved this book. I’ve followed this case for years and know most details about it but this is the first book I’ve read that puts things in an almost narrative style.

It’s absorbing and leaves you wanting more. I’ve already downloaded Doubt 2 and will also get Doubt 3.

The author is brave enough to address the question ‘If they are involved, HOW did they achieve disposal under such difficult circumstances’. The answers are realistic.

Highly recommended.

King of Freaks

5 stars  King of Freaks cover

Fantastic read.  Only seeing documentaries… by  John Burke on March 24, 2017  Format:  Kindle Edition

Fantastic read. Only seeing documentaries, not enough!! Must read for actual story. Can not wait for book 2!!

sequin star

5 stars  1-fullscreen-capture-20161107-020707-pm

Thorough look at this cold case by nicole church on February 2, 2017  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

I am a huge fan of Nick and Lisa and this is the most in depth look at the Jonbenet Ramsey case I have ever read. They brilliantly use an analogy which compares the sequin star found on the poor little girl to the many bizarre misdirections within the case. I enjoy the sarcasm and humor inserted when needed to break the intensity. I also enjoy the many links to photographs and video clips. Very much looking forward to sequin star part 2 and a huge thanks to the authors for tackling this mammoth case and breaking it down for those who 20 years later want to know what really happened.


5 stars  1-fullscreen-capture-20160927-050306-pm

Read This Now by Lauren on December 30, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

This book answered so many questions I had, and many I never even thought to ask myself. Do you really want to know what happened to Jonbenét? The stuff that makes my mother squirm? No other book will give you a hint of the child psychology and analysis of the ‘megamachine’ as these books have. Nick and Lisa nailed it again, if you’re invested in this case I highly suggest you read this book as well as the ones that preceded it.


5 stars

more like an explosion to my thinking! by William on December 22, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

The authors are hard working. They analyze everything and everything. Much new information to me. Thought provoking, more like an explosion to my thinking.


5 stars  1-fullscreen-capture-20160927-050943-pm

This book was explosive! by Kindle Customer on December 2, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition

This book was explosive! A lot of information I’ve not read anywhere and other information which is extremely revealing! Can’t wait for the last installment!


5 stars  1-fullscreen-capture-20160927-045543-pm

I like this team… by K. Polenberg on November 30, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition

This is what I see: there is real literary prose here. There is autobiographical analogy from van der Leek that stands alone as haunting short story; there is anthropological and psychological foundation in the cited research for the sense they make of the sensational.
I like this team. As I read this book I was reminded of the scene in the film “Infamous” in which Harper Lee and Truman Capote go over their notes and Lee corrects Capote’s recollection of a local’s description of Bonnie Clutter: “If you ever DID see her- not if you ever saw her.” “Good catch” he responds. Capote and Lee were hearing the home-grown vocabulary around the crime scene in the Clutter household. In this series of books we have the benefit of these authors equally sharp ears, and their ability to tell us what they think and why. Wilson and van der Leek share a thought process that is clear, instructive and humorously allergic to nonsense.


5 stars

This is a must read!!!! by Daphne Jackson on November 17, 2016  Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Once I started reading this book, I could not stop. If you’re into JBR case, you will love this journey of discovery.


5 stars  1-fullscreen-capture-20160903-033548-am-001-2

I think the first thing you might notice is just how intelligent they are by melissa manzella on February 9, 2017  Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

A magnificent work here on the third and final installation of the immensely popular series of narratives,The Craven Silence. I’ve read Van der Leek and Wilson’s work now for several years, and appreciate each and every effort, but for those who haven’t, I think the first thing you might notice is just how intelligent they are. This is a boon for obvious reasons, but perhaps the most beneficial asset as regards a quick mind and this case, is the ability to quickly separate at least some of what’s relevant, from what isn’t. This is invaluable in a case fraught with a voluminous amount of clutter, any number of rabbit holes one could foolishly scurry down at any turn, and one that presents with existing opposing theories. This is no easy feat, but tackle the job though they do, they do it brilliantly, and with aplomb. A trademark of their work, is the effort they put into research, and in my personal experience in reading other books on the Jon Benét case, this effort sets them apart from others. This brings me to the second point a new reader will readily notice and appreciate, which is their work ethic and determination. They provide supporting documentation to accompany any and all of their reasoning at each step along the way, dots are connected, and the end result is a theory of this case that finally has legs. Turns out, this case wasn’t nearly as complicated as it initially seemed, but just needed the help of a couple of independent thinkers to apply a healthy degree of discernment, and in some cases, skepticism, to the existing facts of the case, and then present it all in a cohesive manner to the reader. Van der Leek and Wilson have certainly done that. They can also write. This is a gift that truly can’t be underestimated in any genre, but is especially the case in true crime, where good writing is sometimes lacking. With their objectivity, reliance on existing facts and new ones they’ve most certainly established, these two, Van der Leek and Wilson, could have made darn good detectives should they have chosen the profession. As luck would have it, though, they didn’t, and readers everywhere can raise a glass to that.


5 stars

Must read by Lauren on November 9, 2016  Format: Kindle Edition

I’ve been hooked since the first Craven Silence. If you are interested in the JonBenét Ramsey investigation or true crime, these books are filled with passionate explorations into the truth of cold blooded murder. I believe these authors have come so much further than those who have preceded them on this case by deriving so many sources, as well as their own genius insights. The Jodi Arias books are a must read as well if you’re interested in abnormal psychology.


5 stars

Wow by susan mcbrierty on 29 October, 2016  Format: Kindle Edition UK | Verified Purchase

Another fantastic read. I read it in 1 day as I couldn’t put it down. The information just kept coming. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone else but if this case is of interest to you then it’s a must read. Can’t wait for the next instalment on this case from Lisa and Nick 🙂


5 stars  1-fullscreen-capture-20160903-033321-am

Burke – done and dusted by RD Turner on November 4, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition

Just finished #2. Nick you have done a magnificent job in looking at many, many things. Burke did the deed and the crazy parents covered it up and by doing so destroyed themselves in the process.


5 stars

Deal me in! by golfloosh on October 20, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition

Part 2 of The Craven Silence does not disappoint. In this installment we join the authors, as they delve deeper into the psyche of a nine year old boy. A boy who may have resented living in the shadow of his pretty and adored younger sister. Were there warning signs that the Ramseys ignored? Was Jonbenet’s death attributable to parental neglect? Fascinating questions, I think you will agree.


5 stars  best2

This book examines the case in fine detail.  Once again by Christine Arkell on October 27, 2016  Format: Kindle Edition UK

Outstanding, this book examines the case in fine detail. Once again, the authors demonstrate their supremacy in this field. Highly recommended.


5 stars

Excellent by polly oddie on September 25, 2016  Format: Kindle Edition UK | Verified Purchase

This case has always interested me and I have read many books on the subject. This book goes through all the evidence and characters with a fine tooth comb. It is by far the best I have read on the subject. I’m looking forward to part two in October.


5 stars

A great read and like all their books they give you… by susan mcbrierty on September 28, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition UK | Verified Purchase

I couldn’t put this down. A great read and like all their books they give you great insight into the story especially what they think what was going on behind the scenes. I was interested the Jonbennet murder 20 years ago and Nick and Lisa have renewed my interest again. Can’t wait for the next instalment. Listening and reading Nick and Lisa on their #shakedown site on Facebook and Twitter is an extra bonus.


5 stars

Do innocent people hire armies of lawyers and PR people… by GH2006 on September 18, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition

“Do innocent people hire armies of lawyers and PR people at the drop of a hat?”

Investigative journalists Nick van der Leek and Lisa Wilson hold their magnifying glass over one of the most controversial murder cases in America -the 1996 murder of Jonbenet Ramsey. It has been 20 years since the six-year-old’s lifeless body was discovered in the basement of her home. Van der Leek and Wilson have studied many difficult-to-solve cases and by carefully reconstructing the sequence of events surrounding the crime, with an open but curious mind, they reveal more food for thought into how and why this case unfolded as it did.

The book begins in the morning that former beauty queen Patsy Ramsey called 911 followed by the infamous ransom note. Much has been written about the latter but the two astute writers focus not merely on the contents of the ransom note but how John and Patsy Ramsey found and reacted it. Taking a different angle, that other crime writers generally skip over, is where these two authors ferret out the facts. From the start, the reader is asked to wonder if the parents stories and actions seem suspicious, spoiler alert – yes!

An analysis and more questions to ponder over the peculiar content of the ransom note left by a ‘foreign faction,’ is also covered in detail which includes experts’ opinions. Segments of interviews with authorities on the case as well as the family members is also included and sheds more light into the mindset and motivations of the people who were closest to the crime.

The gruesome details of Jonbenet’s injuries and how she was found is also explored for clues to who, what, where, and why this precious child was brutally taken from this earth. The book also take a closer look at Jonbenet’s brother, Burke, who recently gave an interview on TV by Dr. Phil. An intriguing look into Burke’s statements and behavior, then and now, provides more information than ever before. No one and nothing is left unscrutinized, not even the police investigators or the town where the homicide occurred.

Also fascinating is how the authors divulge the public relations (PR) campaign initiated and played out by the Ramsey’s almost immediately after their daughter was killed. The same types of PR games are played out in most prominent murder cases and are indeed why these murder cases become international news stories to begin with.

In summary, this book is a must read for anyone interested in the Jonbenet murder case as no other crime writing team delves into the nooks and crannies as carefully or as skillfully as van der Leek and Wilson. They cite numerous interviews, documents and expert opinions providing the reader with a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow narrative of events surrounding the death of Jonbenet Ramsey.

UNDER SUSPICION: The Meredith Kercher Murder Mystery

5 stars  under-suspicion-cover-p19vph3glr1fgrs4d7n2tk1efd

Superb! by London Girl on October 26, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition

Riveting reading from Nick and Lisa. So much in here I wasn’t aware of, and Nick’s writing style is very lyrical at times, even though he’s writing about gruesome matters. He and Lisa are different to other authors in that they go deep into the psychology of this crime and give insights about human nature that I hadn’t thought about myself. All in all, an absolutely brilliant book, well deserving of 5 stars.

HOT WATER: Phelps vs Le Clos

5 stars  1-Fullscreen capture 20160828 040117 PM

The story behind the story of the Rio Olympics 2016 by Kenicha Hatten on August 29, 2016  Format: Kindle Edition

The Narrative missing from the mainstream coverage of the Rio Olympics 2016. A back ground into the making of Michael Phelps and Chad Le Clos. Phelps vs Le Clos: Idolatry turned to friendship turned to rivalry which led to the biggest showdown at the Rio Olympics 200m Butterfly as illustrated with video streams of the races in 2012 and 2016. Includes a history of swimmers and swimming and swimming techniques. Written by a former state championship swimmer and seasoned narrator.

WHITE HORSE III:  Oscar Pistorius  WH3 Cover

5 stars

A journey into the Shadowlands… by Amazon Customer on August 11, 2016  Format: Kindle Edition

Another insightful view into aspects of the Oscar Pistorius saga… Nick and Lisa are true fearless warriors in that they venture into the shadowlands in the hope of illuminating the hidden ..the saddest of stories …that journey, brings justice for Reeva Steenkamp, who was slain in the prime of her life… Thank you to both of you for bringing this book into being!

 WHITE HORSE II:  Oscar Pistorius  WH2 Cover

5 stars

Surprises Keep Coming by Jane Vaughan on July 21, 2016  Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

This book continues the deconstructing of the crime scene, with additional input from the Mollett brothers, & references to their book. A comparison between Oscar’s version, as told in an ITV documentary, including evidence he gave during the trial. Contradictions as presented from physical evidence and crime scene photos, and evidence given by five neighbour witnesses, which was contradictory to Oscar’s, is analyzed. I am a devoted follower of this series of books, how they beg for justice for Reeva, what appears we must face about the court’s ability to apply Justice, when politics would rather ignore nagging questions & pretend it wasn’t so, the SA media’s wish to keep selling Oscar, (they make more R that way), I’m anxiously awaiting White Horse III.

WHITE HORSE II:  Oscar Pistorius

5 stars

The Mirror of Reality… by Amazon Customer on August 11, 2016  Format: Kindle Edition

“There is nothing worse for the lying soul, than the mirror of reality”…Steve Maraboli

The White Horse trilogy, (written with penetrating insight by Nick and Lisa) explodes into our consciousness revealing the reality of the tangled web of lies that remained after the trial of Oscar Pistorius … This tragedy is truly a mirror,blinding in its fractured and splintered reflections revealing the emptiness behind a mask… Brilliant!

WHITE HORSE II:  Oscar Pistorius

5 stars

The Lone Ranger by Amazon Customer on August 10, 2016  Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Why do I have this fascination about this particular case, I don’t know Oscar, never met Reeva, so why do I take so much pleasure in uncovering the trail of bulls*** that this case has left in its wake, why?

In a country where the powerful prosper from getting away with the indefensible by treating its citizens like idiots it is refreshing that here is a book that doesn’t prescribe in as much as carefully lay out in logical detail how a master bulls***ter and narcissist can operate.

If you believe that the ITV interview was appropriate and authentic then believe me that the word, ” gullible” was removed from the English dictionary…..but don’t take my word for it….read this book

WHITE HORSE:  Oscar Pistorius  Fullscreen capture 20160507 043749 AM

5 stars

Kudos to these two authors on another great narrative! Informative by Melissa Manzella on July 31, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Kudos to these two authors on another great narrative! Informative, well written, and as always, evocative, this newest narrative sees ‘the team’ treat readers to a ringside seat to ”the Oscar show’. We find ourselves in the court room with Nick at the sentencing hearing, where he colorfully narrates the goings on, and of course gives his welcomed insights along the way.

Nicks reporting and commentary begin with Oscar making his grand entrance, and there’s no shortage of drama! He’s described as hugging, yes hugging, his jailers! Nick says this was a carefully crafted moment meant to manipulate the public to view Oscar as an ‘alright guy’ who can’t be ‘all bad’ if his jailers like him! This glimpse reminds of the false narrative of defence and sums for readers and trial watchers what we’ve seen play out repeatedly, and that’s illusion that has replaced truth.

We learn straight away that Oscar won’t be testifying as he’s just ‘too ill’, but discover quickly that he’d taken the time to conduct a television interview just days prior. He allows his defence witness to provide him with what’s really at this point, the equivalent of a ‘school excuse’ for his absence, as it’s just that laughable. This wasn’t unexpected. He’s never owned up, and he never will. This ‘seeing through’ people is one aspect of the authors talent that’s always been an intrigue. They have good discernment that enables them to not only spot a sham when they see one, but to also adequately unpack individual personalitie to give the reader a clearer and much fuller picture of these characters.

Despite Oscar having a full family of supporters in attendance, we learn here that Oscar has a case of ‘the shorts’ when it comes to any family member who can testify for him! Instead, he has a chef from Iceland, (what???) and he has a preacher, lol. Seems the family each had their respective baggage, and none relished risking a cross by a PITBULL. Ooops! Arnold Pistorius had some rhino horn problems, Aimee had a purse situation, and Carl had wiped a phone. So, they sat idly by, keeping the seats warm.

Speaking of Carl, author Lisa does a superb job in taking a closer look at Carl. She allows for a more objective view to come into focus, which casts Carl in both a somewhat sympathetic light, but one of culpability also. She notes the burden his role must have been as both protector and cheerleader to a disabled brother. She outlines her take on Carl probably pushing Oscar too much, but also shares her thoughts that Carl might not have had enough of his own space to properly develop his own identity. I think she’s on to something there, and I’d never once thought to consider that.

Barry Steenkamp testifies, and now he’s one who truly deserves our sympathy. Nick describes his testimony as gut wrenching and tells us he too became a bit emotional while hearing it. Nick describes the job Barry did on the stand as superb. Oscar followed Barry’s testimony the next day with a stupid display in court walking on his stumps. No one thought too much of it A recurring theme of the authors has been the subject of authenticity. They’ve described the value of possessing it, the tragedy of not having had, and speak of the need for all of us to strive to live authentic lives, and to be authentic people. Nick describes Barry as that kind of guy, authentic. He says he believes him to be the real deal. ‘The authors both state their hope that he and June can move toward healing.

Nick uses some great quotes sprinkled throughout these narratives and I’d like to take the liberty of placing one of those here now. I feel it at least touches upon the magnitude of what Oscar has done, and is which Barry wished so badly to convey.

“It’s a hell of a thing, killing [someone]. You take away everything he’s got and everything he’s ever gonna have.” – Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven

WHITE HORSE:  Oscar Pistorius

5 stars

Wow what a fantastic read I just couldn’t put it down By susan mcbrierty on June 8, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase | Amazon UK

Wow what a fantastic read I just couldn’t put it down. From the very start you go on Nicks journey to the court house and then feel your with him inside. As always Nick & Lisa give you information that’s just not out there and an insight into the real Oscar. With every book they write the real story emerges and most importantly Reeva gets a voice. A must read for all those who want to know the truth and like Nick &Lisa want true justice for the real victim in all this the beautiful inside and out Reeva Steenkamp.

WHITE HORSE:  Oscar Pistorius


WHO SHOULD READ THIS By Sunshine B. on July 14, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Those who follwed the trial faithfully like I did, should read not only White Horse, but the whole series.
Why, since u followed the trial every day and read every article ever written & almost every book about the trial? BECAUSE
1. the writer reveals facts I missed during the trial.
2. Every book is thought provoking to such an extend that you actually have to put it down & consider and absorb what you just read.
3. He ask questions that should have been asked.
4. He makes you reflect about society and how much we have contributed to this murder & Reeva’s fate.
5. Unlike most journalists who seems to want to be politically correct or those who’s articles are sensored to such an extend it almost reads like a plea bargain for Oscar, Nick van der Leek holds nothing back. His passion for seeking the truth reflects in every book he’s written about the trial.

And in White Horse u feel his frustration about the fact that justice seems out of reach for the Steenkamps.

Those who seek to make some sense out of what could have led up 2 the murder & what made the killer tick. What was Oscar trying to hide so desperately that he murdered Reeva for it.
Oscar fans with high blood pressure.
Those who didnt follow the trial religiously or those who only read the head lines.
Those who still sits on the sideline.
MOST IMPORTANTLY those who still refers to Reeva as Oscar’s girlfriend.
Start with Reeva: In her own words, the 1st in the series.
And finally:
Keep an open mind when you start to read and decide for yourself..not what the judge decided was fact.

JUICE III:  The State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson  juice iii cover

5 stars

Five Stars By lesley warren on July 16, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Great insight into the mind of a killer and how society excuses the rich and the famous

JUICE III:  The State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson

5 stars

Great book! By s. wood on July 2, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition

I learned some things I hadn’t considered before, about history repeating itself, and how we can stop it from happening. A lot of people could benefit from reading the final pages of this book, especially!

JUICE II:  The State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson  Cover

5 stars

Good read By constant reader on June 16, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition

Very informative, a few typos but otherwise very, very good.

JUICE:  The State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson

5 stars  Fullscreen capture 20160226 015411 AM

These two just call them like they see them  By Melissa Manzella on June 4, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

An absolutely spellbinding account of the crime that shocked a nation and the resulting ‘Trial of the Century’, this narrative delivers everything you thought you knew but didn’t! Authors Lisa Wilson and Nick van der Leek writing here again with unbridled honesty, have delivered yet another richly layered tale that leaves the reader captivated and wanting to know more.

Beginning with a hard (and fascinating) look at both Nicole and OJ, the influences that shaped them and the forces that drove them, the authors move through the entire cast of characters, exposing on their way quite a tangle of incestuous relationships, some rivaling the juiciest of soap operas! Seems everyone was on the take, everyone either exploiting or protecting another, depending on the circumstance. The hedonistic lifestyles were abundant and documented, including the drug use and plenty of cheating spouses.

Defense attorneys, sponsors, family members, and even Nicole herself fail to escape some scrutiny here, but this objectivity is exactly what acquaints the reader with the truth and allows one to see what’s really gone down. With regards to particularly the attorneys and the Hertz corporation, the term ‘sleaze’ takes on a whole new meaning with this book! It’s hard to say if these murders might have been prevented had all the pandering and enabling of OJ not occurred, but after reading the book I believe the question does legitimately exist.

I particularly appreciated the fact that Fred Goldman and his daughter were given the attention they deserved here and that they sadly lacked in trial coverage. They’re depicted sympathetically here, a realistic take, as both were truly stand up characters. I watched the entire trial, followed the coverage, but had no earthly idea of all the shenanigans that existed nor how connected all these characters were!

The research these authors do is one aspect that I believe sets them apart from others, they’ve sure brought it here, and it’s sure helped make this narrative great. I’m honestly amazed that they could keep all this straight, but kudos to them for doing it! Congrats Lisa and Nick on another great one. Can’t wait now to read JUICE II !

JUICE:  The State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson

5 stars

Really good!  By Lelem8080 on April 1, 2016.  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Very in depth and descriptive.  I learned lots of info and loved the highlighted links! You can tell the authors researched this topic to give readers new info that I had not known until I read this.  Great book.

JUICE:  The State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson

5 stars

The Juice is Loose!  By Joe Roberts on March 19, 2016.  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Chock full of details about the sordid life of OJ Simpson, the brutal double murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman and the fantastical trial that followed.  This narrative provided new details for me that I had never heard before.  Two decades later, the Trial of the Century is still as captivating as it was back then.  I’m looking forward to Juice II and reading more about this case.  Well done Nick and Lisa!

K I I:  The Deadliest Day  K I I cover

5 stars

Mountaineering History  By KDavis on April 23, 2016  Format: Kindle Edition

A very interesting read about the nature of people that seek such beauty and thrills of such places most of the world only sees via pictures, the timeline of tragedies and triumphs. I’ve always enjoyed reading a book such as KII: The Deadliest Day as it provides the details that a headline or soundbite never does.

NEVEREST III: New Insights: Beidleman vs GroomNEV III COVER

5 stars

Interesting read…  By Janet L. Petersen on June 15, 2016  Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I bought this book…I just read everything I can find about Everest. What I found was a no-holds-barred review of what went wrong (and right) with the trip up the mountain in 1996 from the standpoint of two of the climbing guides, one from each team. Also interspersed are references to the Alien movie “Prometheus ” which the author uses to represent the guides and climbers involved. It helps to have seen the movie.

The author doesn’t give much slack to anyone as he points out bad decisions, bad communication, self-involved behavior and blatant screw-ups which all combined to yield the final result of unacceptable loss of life.

The books is an interesting read and poses many “what ifs”. I don’t think that you have to agree with the author to enjoy reading this account. I’m looking forward to the next book!

NEVEREST II: New Insights: Inside Rob Hall’s Adventure Consultants Expedition Nev II


The plot thickens By M. Solomons on June 28, 2016  Format:  Kindle Edition

I’ve read quite a few books on the ’96 Everest disaster and found this book enjoyable to read. The author asks, studies, and answers many of the most important questions that still remain unresolved 20 years later. Only a few people know the answers to these questions and most of them are now dead. I don’t agree with all his opinions, but one thing is for sure — Anatoli Boukreev is no villain. The guy was a hero. It was a pity he didn’t get more credit at the time for his actions.

NEVEREST: New Insights: Inside Scott Fischer’s Mountain Madness ExpeditionFullscreen capture 20160521 042529 PM


Mount Everest as a crime scene?  
By Cathy on May 3, 2016.  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Well, after reading just about everything there is on this 1996 disaster, I’ve got to say this book minces no words.  There is nothing vague about it.  It peels back the personal biases, interests, excuses, forgetfulness, and snow blindness of the players who were there; this is a detailed and thorough analysis of what happened–and perhaps WHY–on May 10, 1996.  I was hesitant to buy
and read because I wondered, “What possibly more can be said?”  However, this book was packed with new information, critical insights, and I consider it one of the best books on the subject I have ever read.  The author painstakingly (and some would say harshly) puts the disaster, others’ accounts, and the climbers’ actions under a high powered microscope, and, once exposed, the picture isn’t pretty.  Credit (and blame) where credit (and blame) are due.  
(By the way, NEVEREST II is also quite good.)  Highly recommend.


5 stars

This book has ROCKED MY WORLD  By DebC on February 25, 2016.  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

This book, has ROCKED MY WORLD, in terms of what I had innocently taken to be gospel from Krakauer’s , Into Thin Air. I had page after page experiences of eye openers in Neverest. I didn’t mind the typos, and swearing………….you know, the free speech thing! I had to rethink everything I read and came to believe from reading Into Thin Air. I was pleased that Anatoli was given a reprieve in this book, and after having read Climb, it especially made me happy to see him vindicated. I believe Nick did a great job at dissecting individuals, personalities, cultures, systems, incentives, just to name a few. I found myself feeling a bit ashamed that I so innocently placed Into Thin Air in my gospel category for so long. I feel much more aware and on a middle ground with the 1996 Everest Disaster. Read, you won’t be sorry! I plan on reading the book Nick has written about Rob Hall’s organization.

AUDACITY:  Jodi Arias: 18 Days on the Stand

5 stars  Audacity Cover

Honest and compelling look in to Travis’s life…the lies and their addiction to each other  By Louanne Tosch on April 12, 2015.  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

I could not stop reading!! Compelling. A look at these two individuals and the lies they told themselves and each other is fascinating, this goes way beyond the trial and the text, gmail, and phone messages. I finished this book and then immediately read Mendacity! The Mendacity read is my favorite, and gives an honest and compelling look in to Travis’s life, as well a look at my own life, and the author shares his “crazy” relationship he endured. After reading I understand why he (Travis) could not leave Jodi and vice versa. I like the way these authors take turns writing about these individuals and the different aspects of their lives (lies). They also ask that you take a look at yourself and your own mendacity…can you?? Both of these books are worth the read. I look forward to their next book….Authenticity. I followed this trial from the beginning and tomorrow (April 13, 2015) the World will learn what type of sentence Judge Stephens will hand Jodi. After tomorrow will this be the last time we hear from Jodi Arias??? Thank you Nick and Lisa.

VANITY: Jodi Arias

4-stars  Vanity cover

Controversial but Worthwhile  By Townsend Shoulders on November 13, 2015.  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Vanity is controversial because it contrasts Alexander’s public persona with his private life. Other reviewers have described this as character assassination. This isn’t true, although they do take a hard, close look at his life. The authors examine his behavior and illustrate how self-destructive and self-deceptive Alexander was.

Telling the truth about Travis Alexander’s self-destructive behavior in no way suggests or implies that he “deserved” what happened to him. He made mistakes in his life and the book suggests we can learn from them by facing them honestly. Neither author suggests that Jodi Arias is justified in what she did. In fact, both Wilson and van der Leek go to great lengths to point out just how unstable and sociopathic she is.

True crime as a genre has great potential to teach us more about human behavior and the human condition. Most true crime books cover the cases and the backgrounds of the people involved. Wilson and van der Leek go beyond that to not only examine but also comment on the Arias case to show how it affects us as individuals and as a society.

When I first started reading about this case, I decided I wanted to learn more about Travis Alexander. Thanks to this series of e-books by Lisa Wilson and Nick van der Leek, I’ve probably learned more than I ever wanted to know. It’s been worth it, though.

OBSCURITY:  Jodi Arias

5 stars   obscurity

My fav of the shakedown series  By Michelle on September 1, 2015.  Format:  Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

This was my favorite book from the series. It is very true that obscurity will be a living death for this convicted murderer. The more I read about the intrinsic relationship between Arias and Alexander, the more convoluted I think it was. Lisa Wilson and Nick van der Leek are incredible telling stories and connecting them to other events. It is true that the narrative contains a few “f” bombs, but they come exactly as you would think them in your own mind. They are on cue. Moreover, I am getting so used to their way of doing things that I wish a lot of other true crime writers would include links and connections to further add information of the people they write about. I had the pleasure of communicating directly to Ms. Wilson how much I enjoyed the book. She was as friendly and professional as I expected. I will continue to support these two awesome writers.