The Changing Stories of John Ramsey, Part 1 [SoundCloud]

There’s no such thing as either silence or noise; both co-exist, just at varying levels.  Have you ever noticed that even in the quietest of places, even when all of nature is still, there’s always a gentle buzzing in our heads?

I was thinking about this today as I was listening to various interviews with John Ramsey, which I recognize may sound weird.  What I mean is that for the last several months, Nick and I have explored the concept of silence as it pertains to the JonBenet Ramsey case.  Silence being the inaction, and then collusion, of a multitude of major players.  The flip side of that coin is deliberate deception.  That’s the part that I consider the noise. The constant chatter pointing us in a different direction, preventing us from being lulled into some total sense of peace.  John has arguably been the noisiest of the bunch.  The question is, why?

Some of his deceptions have been more obvious than others like his claim that he and Patsy didn’t talk to the media in the early days after the murder.  Of course we know that’s not true.  But since John blames the media for being part and parcel to the public’s poor perception of their family, he can’t very well admit to how much he’s used them for his own agenda.

What’s even harder to stomach though is the ping pong match between telling the public to hide their babies – there’s a killer on the loose! – and the good ‘ole Christian act of forgiving everybody no matter what, because yes, God seeks the hearts of killers too…

“I’m sorry… for them, for what… they’ve done.  And I hope that they’ve, uh, learned and, from that experience…” 

Do you notice the hemming and hawing in this statement?  Is it possible for even the most sincere Christians to hope that the killer [assuming the killer is an intruder] of their 6 year old child has learned from “the experience?”  Would they even refer to a murder as an “experience?”  So which is it, John?  Is the killer a dangerous animal that needs to be captured?  Or, is it somebody a lot more like us [hint hint], in which case the killer deserves forgiveness?

Here’s a clue…  the most hot under the collar I’ve seen John [which is still fairly mild] was when the CBS show was on the verge of airing their theory.  You know, the one that hit a little too close to home.  John, for the most part has been calm, “not angry,” getting on with life, in his own words, but suddenly in September he’s “mad.”  Does he say he’s mad because JonBenet was killed and a killer is still on the loose?  Not exactly.

The contradictions don’t stop there.  John dramatically told Dr. Phil last month that he’s done talking to the media.  He basically says never again, no more, see ya, leave me alone.  But then, surprise, he shows up on an Australian radio show just a few weeks later.  When asked why, the closest we get to an answer is… he would like to visit Australia some day.  Huh?  Listen for yourself…

3 thoughts on “The Changing Stories of John Ramsey, Part 1 [SoundCloud]

  1. Nick, somewhere in an interview John Ramsey said he wasn’t mad at the killer. Do you have any idea just where that was said. Larry King, Barbara Walters interviews? He changed that story again in Paula Woodwards book, We have your daughter. Just one more inconsistency.


    • Hi Pam, it’s Lisa. John has said that a few times. Most shocking was on January 1st – one day after burying JonBenet – he said this on CNN:

      PATSY: And if anyone knows anything, please, please help us. For the safety of all of the children, we have to find out who did this.
      JOHN: Not because we’re angry, but because we have got to go on.


  2. “The Real Story Here is Not that a CHILD WAS MURDERED” by John Ramsey, Wow from a supposed “dad”. Loving dads first off would refer to “CHILD” by there name, secondly, there only concern about “The Real Story” is who killed Jonbenet! His love is for money, & good rep……not really Burk but that his loins would do no such thing. how are the public so blind, just by his own words he really doesnt want “the real killer” caught. ugh!!!!!


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