Was Chris Watts having an affair with another man? UPDATED

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There seems to be a little corroboration to support the Gay Man Mistress scenario. However, one wonders whether the man’s description of Chris Watts’ car and home didn’t simply come from watching the news or snooping on Facebook. Something similar happened with John Mark Karr in the JonBenet Ramsey case. His “inside knowledge” turned out to be not so inside at all – it turned out anyone who’d been paying a lot of attention to the media would have known what he knew. The same could be true here.

Here’s People’s latest tease on the whole idea:

Chris’ alleged ex-lover, whom HLN said had been sought out by their team, said that he and Chris were allegedly in an approximately 10-month relationship after meeting online last June.

They saw each other off and on through the spring, ending things in March or April, the man said.

His story has not yet been independently corroborated by news outlets, including PEOPLE, but his account of an alleged relationship with Chris does contain details about Chris’ life that are not readily available online and in public documents. Identifying information about Chris’ truck and his home matches PEOPLE’s reporting.

A source close the investigation tells PEOPLE that Chris has had relationships with both men and women outside of his marriage.

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If this part is right, then Chris Watts shares the same trait with Scott Peterson. Peterson was cheating on Laci since even before they were married, and then throughout their marriage. Laci appeared either unaware of it, or pretended not to know if she did.

It’s hard to imagine Shanann would have pretended not to know, especially if the affair involved another man. Perhaps she found out, or perhaps she was murdered before she could find out. Perhaps part of who Chris Watts felt he needed to be involved not being married and not being a father.

According to the Daily Mail “the other man” and Watts met after chatting via dating app MeetMe just a short time before Shanann. Celeste and Bella were murdered.

‘He reached out to me and messaged me,’ the man alleged. ‘It was small talk. He told me his age. He had two daughters. 

‘He told me he was looking for a relationship in the long run. I asked why his profile said straight. He said he was not out and not ready to be out as far as sexuality.’

‘We had many conversations,’ the man told Banfield. ‘I asked him to make sure he’s not bisexual cause he had two children. He told me he didn’t know. At that moment he was attracted to me as a male.’

The bombshell allegations even state that the man spent time with Watts’ family.

With the anonymous person speaking to Banfield, telling her Watts lied about his relationship status and reassured the man that he and Shanann ‘didn’t have sex anymore’.

‘Bella made a comment… She asked if she could sleep with him and mommy,’ he said. ‘That’s how I found out he was married. I asked why he lied to me. He told me he knew he wouldn’t have a chance with me if he told me he was married. He told me what I wanted to hear. He knew I had good morals.’

And then here is where it gets dodgy and in my view, less than credible:

According to the interviewee, Watts told him his spouse [Shanann] was ‘verbally and emotionally abusive,’ that ‘he didn’t love her’ and that ‘she didn’t love him’.

At this point it’s very early, it’s just hit the media. Trent Bolte is the man in question.


Bolte [whose twitter feed is protected] describes himself as Nurse, MUA, beauty guru, boy who loves makeup. I like dancing, jenga, cheddarwurst, and inspirational speaking. My passion-EVERYTHING.

He also appears to be an ex-stripper based on his bio hashtag.

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Since Shanann worked in a children’s hospital, it’s possible she met Bolte through her work.

The Twitter profile is located in Casper, Wyoming, which makes the claim feel like a stretch. Casper is about 270 miles from Frederick, Colorado, or 4 hours drive.

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A guy on Reddit was saying the caller interviewed by HLN was very hesitant in his answers, and had to be prodded repeatedly. He says his gut instinct is this is a con.

Another post on Reddit:

He posted on fb about the affair, stating that it’s a witchhunt to find watts mistress

Is it a rumor or is there substance to it? Is it a guy just wanting attention? What does your gaydar say?

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Chris Watts is definitely very well groomed and appeared in shape when interviewed.

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In terms of True Crime Intertextuality, there’s the Shrien Dewani case. Dewani was engaged to a beautiful Indian bride and was murdered on her honeymoon. Although Dewani was implicated he was ultimately acquitted. It later transpired he was a closet bisexual. Read about that here.


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  2. Chris Watts looks like a slimmed down guy in a fat guy’s body. His stats are 5’10” tall 225 pounds. At the time he made the relationship video? Could he have been pudgy most of his life, trying to lose the weight, he finally gets down to his toned body desired weight and finds that he is attractive. But inside he’s still the fat boy he was always teased of being (just a theory).

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  3. I’m also from Casper. That part of Colorado for us isn’t a stretch. I drive it at least 4 times a month. Most of the time to catch a flight out of the Denver International Airport because it’s that much cheaper. So don’t discredit that fact. But I will say, I don’t believe this kid.


    • Thanks for the info. I think the point is it’s harder to have an ongoing affair if you have to drive for several hours for each rendezvous. Harder to keep up, and harder to conceal than if, say, he lived around the corner in Boulder or Denver.


  4. April breakup? Must have been before Trent was busted May 16, 2018 – Trent W. Bolte, 28, DWUI, controlled substance possession Casper, WY (Mills Police Dept). And dug this up too…Trent W. Bolte, Aug. 23, 2008, misdemeanor, DWUI * Shady, guy clearly with ongoing issues of his own. Certainly adds question the validity of his claim.

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  5. If it was a long distanced relationship, he had plenty of time to beat himself up, in both directions. I know plenty of people who have done this and they never work.


  6. First of all this is not an isolated case. Women are murdered every day by their husbands. Kids are being murdered every day by their fathers. This happens every day on Planet Earth since the beginning of humanity. This is a case of domestic violence, not an isolated case of a woman who was married to a psychopath in disguise. Calling Chris Watts a “psychopath” will not let us understand why men kill wives every day on Planet Earth. We are missing an opportunity to understand the issue, and to use it as an educational conversation about domestic violence. Domestic violence is a very complex issue. There are no easy answers. For example, I clearly see Chris Watts is extremely passive in this relationship. I see him as the victim of domestic violence until he snapped. I am not excusing him for murdering, I AM NOT. But the family videos show me a marionette – I see not only Shannan disrespecting him, but also other people treating him like a child: telling him what to do, directing him, giving orders… and he passively doing them…not only that, he also smiles like a good boy. The way he plays with his kids is very cute and childlike and it is ok, but it is always in the context of Shannan giving orders to him. That is very obvious. You see a disbalance of power. Even in the videos in which she praises him, she does it in the context of him being exactly what she needs him to be. You see her inflexibility and inability to accept Chris as a person separated from her with his own personality and own will: “Chris exists for me” “Perfect for me” “Designed for me”. Shannan is clearly the boss, and she doesn’t respect Chris Watts. OF COURSE, this is NOT an excuse to murder her and the kids and of course is ok for women being the boss, if that works in the relationship. I also see why he was interested in taking a course in Communication. I see in the videos a man who doesn’t communicate what he wants.
    He only wants to please and help others. He wants to be the perfect husband. He doesn’t establish healthy boundaries. Shannan is uncontrollable (again, you don’t murder a wife for being uncontrollable), but she is bossy, he is passive, she has this rigid expectation of the perfect family, he doesn’t tell her “listen, you are forcing me to fit in your fantasy of the perfect man and perfect family and it sucks”,,. clearly, he doesn’t know how to communicate. No boundaries. No communication. Not a clear personality. What he does is PLEASE OTHERS, and to ESCAPE. (Plus there is the extra component of the patches with biohacking nootropics that may have indused him into a temporary “manic” state). But it is very obvious that his coping mechanism for handdling stress and frustration is escaping in relationships outside the matrimony- something that is very UNIVERSAl – I didn’t say correct, I said universal. I am a woman. And I defend women. But I just told my son, if you feel miserable in a relationship and you know your partner is uncontrollable and the separation is going to be a mess, just hire a lawyer and let the lawyer do everything for you. CERO CONTACT with the partner during the process, until it is safe to re-connect. And I told my daughter, that respect goes both ways- no man in this PLanet came to your life to please your fantacies. Of course, I also told her, if you see something off…run without announcing it.


    • I agree that the psychopath term isn’t helpful. Saying this is not an isolated case and thus normalizing it, isn’t correct. It’s very seldom that husbands living in the suburbs commit mass murder of their own families. It’s also unusual that he would speak for so long and so candidly to the media afterwards. And the social media aspect of the family is also unusual, not only in general, but in terms of high-profile true crime specifically.


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  8. Since I am very familiar with this subject, after viewing the life of Chris Whatts ( as much as we know )
    Chris Watts is on the autism spectrum. He exhibits the response(s) of autism on the radar. It was obvious to us.


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