Beth Karas on Oscar Sanitizing the Crime Scene?

One of America’s most renowned legal journalists, Beth Karas, spent time with Nick and I yesterday in an hour long chat about two of the biggest cases in modern history.

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Before diving into Oscar and O.J., Beth shared with us some stories from her early days in New York where she started her legal career.

In this conversation, you’ll hear about some of the differences between South African and American law.  Beth explains how premeditation is typically defined, as well as the different levels of murder here in the states.  Meanwhile, Nick introduces his idea of “post-meditation” as we shift our focus to an examination of the Oscar Pistorius crime scene.

In response to our recent blog post titled An Oscar for the Great Pretender, Beth said:

“Her face being clean does seem to indicate it’s been wiped off.” 

To hear more of Beth’s opinions on #Shakedown’s findings, check out our full conversation on YouTube…


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