Revisiting the Day Shan’ann Watts told Chris Watts she was pregnant

May 8th was the day Shan’ann broke the news to her husband that she was pregnant. At that stage she’d only been pregnant a week to 10 days. Notice the message captioned to this photo of the dutiful husband getting up early to go to work then mowing the lawn afterwards: #Helovesme.

Fullscreen capture 20180910 175746

Did he really? Because that’s the question at the heart of this case. Did he love her and was the unborn child loved and wanted?

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Although the video was recorded on May 8th [by the looks of his clothing, beard, glasses and shoes], Shan’ann posted it June 11th. Anything unusual – do you think – in waiting a month after recording the video before posting it to social media? Anything unusual in how soon she knew she was pregnant, and how soon the video was recorded?

If he didn’t love her, would he really have wanted this stuff posted on social media?

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It does raise a few potential questions, doesn’t it? How long is the “right” time to announce your pregnancy? The biggest advantage in telling early is getting support early on.

Was he going to give her that support, or was he acting in front the cameras then knowing what he intended to do all along? Was this evidence [in his mind] potentially exonerating him? We know in the Indle King case, there was purposeful acting on camera, appearing caring and considerate, precisely for this purpose of plausible deniability.

If the video was held back, whose decision was it to delay telling everyone?

And if the videos were never posted to social media – not in June or any other time, and Shan’ann never made it to her gynecologist – who would have benefitted from that? Would certain people not have known she was pregnant to begin with if she disappeared prior to the gender reveal party?

The fact that this coverage of her pregnancy was there anyway and she was murdered in spite of it says a lot about his commitment and intentionality. There was an urgency driving him to get rid of her and apparently his children as well, wasn’t there?

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  1. Ho – I was reading about Chris Watt’s texts to Sha’nann and at the bottom of the article the last few blurbs said:

    “The couple were married in Charlotte in 2012. Public records show that they were each arrested multiple times in North Carolina – he three times and her 15 times – but the charges in the arrests are not known.” From The Sun by Jon Lockett 17th August 2018 12:23 p.m. updated 5:41 p.m.

    Is the Sun a gossip rag? Anyway, we should look into it and see if there is any merit to that statement.

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  2. It’s the date he was mowing the lawn. The sentence reads:
    May 8th was the day Shan’ann broke the news to her husband that she was pregnant.
    The whole point of this post is to query when she found out she was pregnant.


  3. There seems to be three things going on here. 1. That she may have already told him she was pregnant, but wanted to stage or choreograph the “surprise” to be posted on social media; and 2. That she waited more than a month to do so. Was she taking the pee test while he was mowing the lawn? Then changed into her “oops we did it again” t shirt? And 3. Was she persuaded not to upload her announcement for more than a month because he had some sinister intent, and she did it anyway. I will say it’s normal not to announce a pregnancy for a while (to friends and family, but not to your husband) until you are further along. I don’t think he acts all that surprised, he’s acting period, for the “camera”.


  4. She says since he started using the Burn patch he was up early at 4 a.m. for work, then came home and mowed the lawn. That he has all of this energy and wants to lose weight. He’s mopping floors and talking to strangers, “#Heisaintrovert.” So we all suspect those patches are the equivalent of snake oil, in otherwords it’s not likely they contain something that would really cause you to speed up, so then was he taking something else. She also adds “now he’s working on his tan” as they were going to San Diego. He’s working all day, mowing the lawn, lifting weights, mopping the whole downstairs floor, and talking to strangers. And he does lose weight – quite a bit of weight in a short amount of time. If those patches could really make that possible, they would likely be regulated by the FDA and speed freaks everywhere would be buying them.


  5. I think he was just outside mowing the lawn. I rewatched the video. She starts the video by showing the camera her T shirt “oops we did it again,” and smiles. The dog goes tic tic tic down the tile hallway sensing hubby is coming in the door – the side door going out to the garage and outside. He approaches, sees her t shirt, stops, smiles, says he likes the t shirt, looks at the pregnancy stick, etc. So I take it back, I don’t think he was acting and that she had told him previously. His comment is something like “guess it’s what happens when you want something.” I’m having my doubts that he was premeditating a triple murder in May. But at that point she only has three months to live. The crucial months, in determining his psyche I would think would be end of May – beginning August.


      • If you are using clothing to say that she took the pregnancy announcement video May 8th because he is wearing same boots and shirt, the shirt he is wearing mowing the grass has black sleeves and the one in the pregnancy video has grey sleeves. It’s also not at all unusual for people who work in industries to have just a few work clothes they interchange, most always have the same steel toed work boots they wear everyday as they are very costly and not comfortable to break in


      • Sorry, meant body of shirt in lawn mowing picture has black “body” and pregnancy announcements video his shirt has a grey “body”


  6. I agree with Pauline. I don’t think the video was taken on the same day as the lawn mowing picture. Doesn’t seem to add up.
    I did notice that he’s wearing a long sleeve shirt in the video and the pics posted of the girls at the same time (June 11) show them wearing tank tops and shorts. It’s hot in Colorado in June.
    She has babies on the mind around that time. On May 8th she posts pictures of her girls and says, “My babies! I wonder what 3 would be like!” In the comments she talks about thinking about having a 3rd child and that she’ll be Thrivin’ if she gets pregnant with a 3rd. Then when asked if she’s trying to tell them something she responds “Nope not pregnant”.
    On May 15th she posts a meme that says…”Sometimes I feel like I have Baby Fever and am ready for another – then I remember babies become toddlers and I think MMM…better not.” She then comments “Love the infant stages”.
    So she either doesn’t know yet or she’s keeping it a secret.
    If she knows, why is she keeping it secret? This theory might be swinging out in left field but the T-shirt she chose bothers me. Oops insinuates a mistake. Was the pregnancy not planned? Was it a mistake? Did she video telling Chris because she was anxious about his reaction? Was Chris even aware that they were trying to get pregnant? His response in the video is “guess it’s what happens when you want something” so I think he knew that it was a possibility but who is he talking about when he says “you want something”? He seems totally off guard and uncomfortable in that video.
    The man has such a flat affect. In his pleading video and in this video he just seems flat. No real excitement, no real emotion.
    I feel that the marriage began complete derailment when he found out she was pregnant. I don’t think Chris had much control or influence in the pregnancy issue and he was not happy about it. So I’m going to guess that she knew sometime in May but he didn’t find out till early June.
    The #1 cause of death in pregnancy is homicide. The risk from dying from homicide is 2 times greater for pregnant women. (Wikipedia). Yikes! That’s just frightening.
    I think that the pregnancy was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” atop a laundry list of other factors.
    I feel there’s a chance that if she hadn’t become pregnant she and her girls might still be alive.


    • The pregnancy reveal video looks staged to me for SM, he might have known before he was asked to come downstairs. She’s even ordered the novelty T shirt in advance. He’s not the greatest actor is he? Also look at the FB conversation when she does announce it. ( A friend asks, so did you know when you posted on May 8th, as you described Terri. She replies “no, hadn’t even started trying.” I think she already knew on May 8th when she said “ I wonder what 3 would be like?I’m thriving through the 3rd pregnancy if we do” which would explain the heavy hinting then. ( Is Thrivin through a lupus pregnancy medically recommended? She posted a doctor said OK. Which doctor? One of the alternative medicine Drs? Is that going to become a new promotion drive?)
      Next, look at the photo she posted of herself “15 weeks, size of an orange”. Does that bump not look bigger than 15 weeks? Also related, don’t lupus sufferers have to pre-plan conception to allow tests to check their lupus is inactive in order to minimise risks? Could IVF be a possibility or a wild card?Her friend Amanda Thayer said it was very much a planned pregnancy, for both but I do wonder if they kept the planning quiet, as some family members may have been critical of the plan to have a third (Financial issues? Medical bills? Two children already sick?) Whose idea was it? Guessing hers. Why did he go along with that? Because that’s what he usually did?
      Consider also that she had posted many times that her dream was to have 4,5 or more children and also that Celeste was born just one month after they filed for bankruptcy. She’d also posted that she loved being pregnant in itself. How many men, who aren’t big earners relish 5+kids? Did he want that. We’ll probably never know but they appear to me to be legitimate questions when trying to work out how this all came about.


      • If the video was staged he’s an even worse actor than he appears. If he knew what was going to happen he could have at least pretended to be excited. It’s possible he knew ahead of time and it was staged. He really does look like he’s faking it when he stops in the doorway.
        I don’t think she knew she was pregnant on May 8th but I would venture to guess her response that they hadn’t even started trying yet was most likely a lie unless they started trying the following week. If that’s a lie it’s very telling. She’s hiding this pregnancy from someone. Chris? Her parents? Like you said maybe someone was critical of the plan to have a 3rd child.
        I didn’t know Amanda Thayer said the pregnancy was planned.
        I haven’t read anything about a due date or when they started trying or any kind of details. Have you?
        I would imagine Chris would do what I suspect he’s good at – go along to get along.
        If it’s her dream to have 4 or 5 kids then why does she say it’s Chris who gave her the courage to have a 3rd one? I don’t get that.
        I know absolutely nothing about Lupus, Fibro (for which she says she was diagnosed) or IVF. Not a clue about any of that.
        I truly wish we could have seen Chris’s responses to some of this stuff on Facebook. That would probably answer quite a few of these questions.


    • Except she said on video and told friends that Chris wanted another baby and had given her the courage to do it. So it was apparently a planned pregnancy by both, she said she had gotten rid of all the baby stuff so she was shopping at Baby’s Are Us clearance so it sounded like she believed at the time that she wasn’t having any more children


      • Interesting comments from you Carol. Shan’ann was speaking about when she became pregnant the first time. It does sound like they intended not to have any more children, and then there was either a change of plan or an “accident”, or both.


      • No, wasn’t about her first baby. She said in the video “he gave me the courage to have a third child”…..also told nickole Atkinson at a pedicure that Chris wanted another child but she was unsure. Amanda and Chris Thayer also say in their 30 minute interview after the murders that the baby was planned


      • If the baby was planned – by him – why did everyone end up dead? Sure, you can make the case that Chris wanted a third child, but then what are you actually trying to say about the motive?


      • I don’t know what it says about motive….it’s the really baffling snippet in this whole thing, why want another baby then do this? Makes no sense unless he really believed his presentation that sometimes a child can help repair a marriage, bad thinking as it usually adds to the stress, have seen several friends try that over the years. Makes no sense from the trapped motive or the money motive, is just so odd. Did he find out he liked that life when she was gone for those six weeks, did it give him more time with other partners, male or female that he developed much stronger feelings for someone else? I think there was some major shift between the time he wanted another child to the tragedy. I thought another baby too till multiple friends said it was a planned baby by both, and I believe Chris and amanda Thayer said they both said it was a planned baby. I understand the Scott Peterson motive….this one I don’t, unless there was some major change in circumstances or his thinking


  7. It seems like there had to have been a trigger. Their emotional argument when she returned from her trip. Why would he spring that he was going to leave her as he got ready to go to work, when she had just barely gone to bed 3 hours earlier? Yet could he have summoned the rage as soon as she went to sleep? Seems unlikely. The Daily Beast published an article titled “Everyone liked him.” He was the guy next door, helpful, friendly. Why such a need to pretend constantly – both of them.


    • That’s a really good question and I really, really wish I had an answer or even a decent theory but I don’t.
      My only thought is that she somehow found out about his affair either right before she left for Arizona or while she was in Arizona. Did the mistress give Shan’ann a call or a text?
      It would be so much easier to think that he planned this and he’s just a blundering idiot but the evidence doesn’t lead me there. (Yet).
      Your correct – they seemed to be pretending constantly. Publicly more her than him. Although we can’t see his FB page so I could be wrong about that!


      • Hi Terri. I can’t find the reply button on your comment. Anyway the comment on 4, 5 & more kids is on her dreams wish list on FB or twitter. The comment on her due date is on her FB conversation where she says Feb 1st when asked by a friend on May 8. Amanda explains in her video that it was very much planned. Also on one of her FB videos she says that she was told she couldn’t have kids. I ‘d recommend you looked at standard advice given to lupus women to decide if that sounds right.


  8. I did a pregnancy calculator online. If she was 15 weeks pregnant as reported by everyone on the planet she would have been either 19 or 20 weeks pregnant this week. I have to estimate because I don’t have exact information.
    At 19 weeks pregnant this week her average conception date would be May 15th.
    At 20 weeks pregnant this week her average conception date would be May 7th.
    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong!


    • Go to her FB post and conversation June 11 where she says she is due Feb 1? It may not be true but that’s the source. Her mom was the source of the ” 15 weeks ” at the time of her death but the most specific clue came from Shan’ann herself- Feb 1.


      • Interesting. Putting February 1st into the Conception calculator provides this result:

        Possible dates of sexual intercourse that led to the pregnancy: Apr 30, 2018 – May 15, 2018

        Counting 15 weeks forward from April 30 gives you August 13. If she conceived on April 30 she was a week pregnant by the time she told her husband on the lawnmower day, which is very early. I get that you dispute that. Anyway, calculating from April 30 to August 13 is exactly 15 weeks, Monday to Monday.

        But you think her scheduled visit to the doctor at 10 on the morning of her death had nothing to do with her being 15 weeks pregnant that same day? It was kinda like…I’ve been pregnant for a while…coupla weeks…guess I’ll go to the doctor? The Gender Reveal Party was scheduled for the following weekend, so the primary purpose of the doctor’s appointment was to reveal the gender.

        It’s well-known that 15 weeks is about the earliest an ultrasound can be done to reveal the gender. But you think she wasn’t 15 weeks pregnant?

        Nickole Atkinson, her best friend and last person to see her alive in real life also knew she was 15 weeks pregnant on that day.

        If you Google Chris Watts and 15 weeks everyone seems to place the length of her pregnancy at 15 weeks on the day of her death.

        In the Town of Frederick missing person’s alert on August 13/14 they also indicate Shan’ann is 15 weeks pregnant. How come everyone knew she was 15 weeks pregnant? Where did the number 15 come from? Was that just a guess? Kinda a ballpark figure?


      • Human pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last menstrual period because the actual conception date is never known. (Egg lives 24 hours and sperm 5-6 days.) It’s not calculated by counting 15 weeks back. It’s calculated by counting 40 weeks forward from the first day of your last menstrual period based on a 28 day cycle. (For us this is a guess – we don’t know that date or her average cycle).
        Jen provided the information that she says her due date is 02/01/19. This would estimate her date of conception as approximately May 11.
        Calculation could be based on day of conception plus 38 weeks but the actual conception date is never known.
        Sadly she did not make her doctor’s appointment on Monday, 08/13. The primary purpose of the doctor’s visit was not to reveal gender but it may have been to confirm it. Her brother Frankie posts on August 16 that they just found out it was a boy and his name was going to be Niko. So apparently she already knew she was having a boy before the missed appointment. (August 16 is also the day before the autopsy).
        A good ultra sound technician can determine gender as early as 12 weeks.
        At this point I have no reason to doubt that she was 15 weeks pregnant but I qualified my statements because that is a number she could “adjust” if she found it necessary for some unknown reason.
        Since Jen provided me with a due date of 02/01/19 it pretty much verifies she was 15 weeks pregnant.


      • Whoa! Snarky and Unfair.
        Apparently you’re upset with the idea that I called bullshit on your May 8th date and you didn’t think the missed doctor’s appointment all the way through. She wasn’t going to the doctor to find out the gender – she already knew the gender!
        You are way too invested on this theory that Chris planned to kill her on the 13th because of the gender reveal party coming up on Saturday. That still might be true but it’s not probable or verifiable by your theory that she found out she was pregnant on May 8th, told Chris on May 8th and made the video on May 8th and then withheld the information for a month. That dog don’t hunt Nick.
        You stated and I quote “The whole point of this post is to query when she found out she was pregnant”.
        That’s exactly what I did and the last time I looked, Facebook does not include a pregnancy calculator.
        My theory is that she found out the week of June 3rd to the 9th. And I have way more accurate information and evidence to back up my theory than “he was wearing the same boots”. If you can prove she knew she was pregnant on May 8th – let’s hear it. Bring it on – cause it’s not in your book.
        I read Two Face. I’m using all the same materials you are in your book. Affidavit, media, quotes from friends and FACEBOOK. Oh yes you’re using Facebook as a reference continuously in your book. So that’s being pretty unfair to me.
        The one thing I don’t have is your experience in true crime. You’re able to “profile” and that takes experience I don’t have.
        I was hoping to gain from that experience but apparently that’s not what this blog is about.
        If all your looking for is sycophants who’re going to hang on your every word and bob their heads yes than you’re right. I’m not a good fit.
        I suspect you may delete this post. If you have more integrity than ego you’ll let it stand. But if not I wrote it to you and I don’t give two shits if anyone else sees it.
        FYI: I wasn’t going to mention this for fear of being a bit OCD about facts but your May 8th date is total bullshit because the picture of him mowing the lawn was posted on May 7th at 4:29 p.m.

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      • How Facebook works is they give the time based on your local time. So while your date of May 7th is correct for you, where you are in the world, it’s also correct for me several time zones away.
        If you look at the screengrab, that’s what the date shows. It’s only going to be 100% accurate if you’re in Mountain Time Zone. Are you? And for the North Carolina posts Eastern Daylight Time.
        I have mentioned somewhere the date discrepancy 7/8 May but to be too OCD about it makes it unnecessarily confusing. What makes this tricky is that readers or others following on Facebook are international, and they can go onto Shan’ann’s page themselves, so at this stage, I’m not going to anchor myself to Shan’ann’s actual real time posts because what matters is the general ballpark when something was said. In other words, the dates matter going back to May, June and July, the time not so much.
        In her pregnancy videos these were posted weeks after they were taken, so being accurate about the time they were posted is pointless. The date is relevant, as I’ve tried to explain here.
        What happened on August 12 and 13 is a different story. There the times and dates matter a great deal, but there’s virtually no question about times or dates during this period anyway. Interestingly, Shan’ann’s Facebook activity in August is minimal, including the last days of her life.

        Now that we’re on this subject, I’ll tell you what I find objectionable about you. It’s this arrogant know-it-all attitude but then on the flip side you have no theory of what actually happened. This blog is about gaining information and having discussions, but you can only do that by being curious and humble.
        I’m not looking for sycophants on this site, but I am trying to collect, compile and promote new information, dig up valuable insights and new research. I have a problem with blowhards who’ve spent a fraction of the time I have studying these cases yet are adamant about how right they are – like you. You’re not right, you’re misinformed or you’re putting things together in a way that doesn’t work. All you’re really doing is contaminating my efforts to clarify or make sense of what’s going on. Like a wrecking ball.
        So here’s a warning: you either debate respectfully and constructively or you’ll be banned. If you’re not sure what that means, you’ll be banned.


      • Wow. I really feel the need to defend myself but I can’t see the point in spending a lot of time doing so.
        So I’ll keep this simple. I was NOT a blowhard until I disagreed with you and you became an arrogant ass.
        A little about me… this is the very first blog in which I’ve participated. If I acted inappropriately I apologize to the other bloggers.
        I am in the Mountain Time Zone and I swim at the Carbon Valley Rec Center in Frederick, CO frequently.
        Unfortunately I have to admit that my family/friends will verify that I am a “wrecking ball” when I feel passionate about something. But they will also verify that I do my homework. I don’t come to conclusions randomly. I follow the evidence.
        I come from a family of law enforcement. Father – Federal Agent. Mother – Colorado Bureau of Investigation.
        I feel passionately that accuracy equals credibility.
        I truly do have a theory about this crime. It does not exactly match yours.

        I don’t need to participate any further.

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  9. Back to the Daily Beast article, she posted a picture of Chris mowing the lawn May 7 (article said) with the caption #Helovesme. When did she actually make the pregnancy announcement video? May 8? Then he wasn’t mowing the lawn that day. And actually he could have been mowing the lawn at any time, the article just said she posted the picture May 7. She was 15 weeks pregnant at date of death, right? So yes, if you count back Terri she would have conceived May 7. You don’t take a pregnancy test May 8 and get any kind of results that soon, so something is off, right? Soooo – I think she did her pregnancy reveal video on June 11. And posted it the same day.


    • I agree. She could not have known she was pregnant on May 8th. As long as the 15 weeks at her date of death is accurate. So therefore she did not make the video on May 8th nor did she tell Chris she was pregnant on May 8th. It’s not possible if she was 15 weeks pregnant.
      I agree that the pregnancy video and telling Chris happened somewhere at the beginning of June.


      • One more pregnancy comment out of me, I’m not as good with math and calculations are you all are, but a pregnancy stick is recommended for use a day after your missed period. Some sticks will show results a little sooner. She has a stick with her in the video, Chris takes a look at the stick and comments on it as well. So she would not have seen any kind of a result until four weeks and a day after conception. Now she may very well have taken the test before the day she shows Chris – she did get an “oops” T shirt in preparation for her reveal, but take that test too early and you could have a false positive reading. Finito.


      • Well please don’t leave Terri. You have to admit that when NVDL puts out a theory it causes all of us to think, refute, do our own research, etc. and that’s what you did, with a calculator no less! Good for you – I used to get all of that confused until with the second pregnancy my doctor gave me one of those little pregnancy calculators – back then it was a little paper spinning wheel with numbers. Also there were no such things as pee tests. If you missed a period you went to a lab to have blood work drawn. There was also no facebook or internet (in 1980) so you let your friends and family know over the phone! Anyway please stick with this, and I hope we all continue on here.


  10. I’m reading the sample and will purchase the book. And as I read I think possibly all of us wonder to ourselves how would we commit a crime and orchestrate a coverup. And so I realize as I have read so many Shakedown books that each perpetrator of murder does it and covers for it, in THEIR own way, and a reflection of their personality. So though I see “flaws” in the perpetrator’s story and coverup I have to remind myself that that is how THEY do it, not how I would do it. One might be able to plan the method in advance and where to dispose of the bodies but not how their stories will be perceived. We can practice looking sad, or looking perplexed, even offer our own “helpful” versions of what might have happened (or in the case of the Ramsey’s leave a note to explain and direct, choreograph,stage and manipulate the scenario, with business-like precision and a bit of pageantry thrown in – paper, pen, and glitter) but in the end it all falls apart doesn’t it – because the one variable we can’t foresee is the REACTION and the level of inquisitiveness and perception of those who would seek to get answers. And just how doggedly determined they will be to get those answers. And of course, dogs don’t lie.

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  11. I started to feel compassion for Chris Watts after watching the “pie in the face” video, which was disturbing on many levels. Perplexing emotions. As more facts come out as to motive I’ll likely lose all compassion for him, but that he was unable to express his displeasure and discomfort to anyone (perhaps only to the lover and not in a constructive way as she was not out for the good of his family) makes me sad for all humankind who feel they cannot be who they really are, or say what they want to say and instead use electronic devices to project a fantasy unreal world until it’s no longer sustainable and ends in tragedy.


      • I saw the whack-a-daddy video and was appalled, particularly because I believe Shsnann employed Celeste as a proxie to deliver Shanann’s whacks of derision to Chris’s head. On the other end of the spectrum, I believe Shanaan rehearsed Bella to deliver the manipulative and obsequious “my daddy is a hero” song. Some pretty screwed-up family dynamics here and a lot of inspiration for pent-up rage on Chris’s part.


  12. Sorry to keep blathering on, I get very excited when I read these books as the personal insights come fast and furious so I do hope everyone who has been commenting here reads the book. It’s going very deep, so be prepared to look into your own relationships and dynamics and explore how you love and who you love and whether or not you show your love and what happens when you don’t.


  13. @ Terri – now you have a theory? This is what you wrote 1 day ago:

    SEPTEMBER 12, 2018 AT 12:28 AM
    That’s a really good question and I really, really wish I had an answer or even a decent theory but I don’t.


    • I was out planting grass and came back in to add to my last post. I was thinking about what I wrote and I was hesitant that people would misunderstand my stating that my family was in law enforcement. I would like to make clear that I only made that statement as a reflection of myself as I was raised by 2 cynical individuals who pursued evidence like a bloodhound running a scent.

      Most of my theory was stated in my post on Sept. 9 at 9:28 pm. under “Could thrive supplements…
      I read your book Two Face. I think if you aren’t “spot on” in your descriptions of the family dynamics then you’re damn close.
      I can’t answer the question of what caused the big fight on Aug 13 but the evidence leads me to believe there was one. I don’t have that answer and I don’t have a provable theory for that question. My theory is that something very dark was building in that relationship (as you described in your book) and there was a terrible fight that ended in murder. The physical evidence does not lead me to believe he was laying in wait and killed her when she walked through the door. I think he killed those little girls but I think he did it after he killed her and that’s when he ran out of time. Did either or both see him murder their mother?
      If I can’t answer the question of what caused the fight then maybe that doesn’t even qualify as a “theory”. I don’t know what else to call it.

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      • I appreciate your comment about the family dynamics because that’s one of the trickiest areas. In my coverage of the Ramseys and Anthonys I had to do mental gymnastics to figure out what was really going on with the dynamics. That’s where the true treasure lies in this case. It’s the seat of the why. Please review, as I see a lot of people are saying a book out now couldn’t possibly show or reveal any more than what’s already out there. I think there’s a lot that we still haven’t thought about in this case, and don’t know to think about. One aspect is whether Shan’ann purposefully fell pregnant to “trap” or keep Chris in the marriage. If that’s the case then the whole pregnancy and those videos casts everything in a completely different light. It also casts Shan’ann herself in a different light.


  14. OK, I have watched Shan’ann’s pregnancy surprise “Oops We Did It Again” video a few times now. I immediately saw something quite disturbing. Go back and watch the part when he begins to enter the room.

    Look at his deadpan, quiet rage, sociopathic look on his face, even his walk comes across as angry. As soon as he sees Shan’ann, more importantly, as soon as he realizes she’s taking video of him, there’s a sudden change that takes place on Chris’ face. That change is the “MASK” he quickly puts on for Shan’ann and/or video audience to see. It’s very fast, you blink and you’ll miss it, but still there nonetheless.

    In short, Chris Watts is a (COVERT) narcissistic psychopath/sociopath, most severe on Cluster B spectrum. He is a black hole – dark matter, personified internal chaos. There were red flags from the beginning. I think moving away from their mutual support system in North Carolina to Colorado was his attempt to isolate and control Shan’ann and serves as a motive to pursue his double life where no one knew their mutual families.

    I think those 6 weeks when Shan’ann and their girls were away visiting family in North Carolina gave Chris a taste of freedom. Living a double life, constantly acting was wearing on him. Shan’ann even posted something about Chris living like a bachelor while we are away – Tbone steaks, shrimp, going to the gym, etc.

    I think when they got home from North Carolina, he began to internally resent Shan’ann, Bella & Celeste as mere roadblocks, not the beautiful, precious beings they were, to finally fulfilling his hedonistic lifestyle – doing what I want when I want, etc. I shutter to my bone what Shan’ann and those precious girls saw behind Chris’ MASK that early morning. It was pure, primal, psycho rage. It’s actually called narcissistic rage.

    Another tell-tale sign Chris is a narco-path is when he “PROJECTED” his crime onto Shan’ann, who is wholly innocent, whom loved Bella & Celeste with her whole heart. Gas lighting, projection, triangulation, slander (e.g., telling his male lover that his wife was emotionally abusive).

    I’ll close with this warning. In the movie Natural Born Killers, an Indian Chief who is spiritually perceptive was telling a younger man in his tribal language a story of a woman who pitted a dying snake. She took it home, nursed it back to health, and one day the snake bit her. As she was dying, she asked the snake, “Why did you do this to me?” And the snake replied, “Look Bitch, you knew I was a snake.”

    What makes Chris Watts, Scott Peterson and Casey Anthony’s of the world so dangerous is the covert double lives they lead. People need to be aware of the red flags of the Cluster B’s. These people are everywhere by the way. They are priests/pastors, bosses/co-workers, teachers, doctors, mothers/fathers, in-laws. Some kill in a narc rage like Chris, and some break you so much you can suffer mental health problems (from the effects of GAS LIGHTING) and even suicide.

    The only recourse you have is learn the red flags and quietly go no contact. Don’t out them, you just go no contact. It can save your life and well-being.

    Here’s the actual clip from Natural Born Killers.


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  18. You have to remember that Shanann lied about alot of things. Her friends Questions her about being pregnant and says she had fibbed to them, about not being Pregnant and being pregnant.
    Do you think Chris had any idea at all, about Shananns posts daily. How she complains about everything and everyone. How she belittles him, treats the girls?
    I just wonder.


  19. I think she told Chris it was a boy before she even knew by the Doctor. No name given of the doctor. Same with all her illnesses. Friends say when a commercial came on , health issues she would say she had that. Lupus, your not to be in the sun, she always in the sun? Pregnancy has to be monitored. Too many things that she says just don’t add up.


  20. Quick mention about the pregnancy test. You can buy tests now that CAN give you accurate readings as early as two weeks before you miss a period. They are all marketed as early as your first missed menstrual cycle. The readings all depend upon the sensitivity of the test. If a person was just dying to know as early as possible, that person could easily Google and find out which tests other women have had success using very early.

    I know I had accurate results weeks early with three of my children. The line was faint, but it was there.


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