Shan’ann Watts tells her husband: “I don’t want a video of you…” while recording her children

Each of Shan’ann’s videos is a tiny piece of a puzzle, and yet seemingly as the pieces are assembled, the scale of the puzzle gets bigger and bigger.

In the video below Shan’ann tells Chris Watts “I don’t want a video of you…” Whether she says it in jest or with a wry sense of humor, her husband reacts the way most people would. He’s stung by it.

Is her attitude to him influenced by his wayward sexuality? Is her disdain justified or not justified? Is his?

“Ceecee’s been a crying mess for two weeks…”

Does been on social media excessively impact on the moods and sense of boundaries of young children?

We’ve spent some time analyzing whether Shan’ann was happy in her marriage, and whether Chris Watts was happy, but what about the children? Were the children being raised in a wholesome, caring, sensitive way, in a stable home with a stable mom and dad looking over them?

Was the way the children experienced discipline and freedom well-balanced?

There are plenty of videos showing Chris Watts interacting playfully with the children. Since Shan’ann’s either holding the camera or a product, we don’t see much of her natural interactions with the children.

Now let’s hear your observations…

24 thoughts on “Shan’ann Watts tells her husband: “I don’t want a video of you…” while recording her children

  1. Nick, I did read your comment on my fabulous theory about Nickole’s closeness the her dear friend Shanann. I still think this mess revolves around Nickole- she is of a lot more import than perceptions allow. Want clarity, Nickole is it.
    So, how close were Shanann and Nickole. Was Nickole a busybody with nothing better to do all day?
    Nickole’s concise statement below confirms they were quite close and fighting the good fight *Together*. Her statement is cristal clear proof she was more than an acquaintance or a conventional friend.
    If you mess with Shanann, you mess with Nickole.

    The next obvious question: C. Watts did not know this? Really?

    He planned something epic that did not include Nickole in the picture? Oops!

    @ 1:20
    “I talked to Shanann on a daily basis…

    I Knew that it wasn’t normal for her to not text or call me…

    …Because every time we would go on a trip like this, she would have blow(n) up my phone the next day about us working our business…”

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    • As Pauline says, I go much further than this in TWO FACE. You must remember, Nickole is a work colleague, and so much of their regular interaction is because of work, not friendship. Also, the whole loving one another best friend spiel is typical of MLM you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours. When I researched TWO FACE I made contact with Nickole and…so…you’ll have to read the book 😉


    • It kinda goes to show you how delusional these two were when you see them refer to an over saturated, not profitable, pyramid scheme as “our business”. As if small business owners went out and bought a useless $99 dollar kit and that’s how they became business owners. I don’t either one of them had them knowledge or perseverance to see a real small business through. Business owners have a registered business license, make their own product and/or price points and do a million and one other things to make their livelihood. These two went out and signed up under a billion dollar corporation to “sell products” but little did they know they’re not business owners, they’re customers of Thrive and nothing else.

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    • Karen, you read it here and you found it here, at Nick’s blog. The short dialogue I posted, I wrote down myself from Nickole’s statement in her video, word for word (almost, I did miss one or two words) because it is short and it is a key to understanding what factually happened and why.
      Whatever valuable nuggets I am able to find, I will post them here, with Nick’s permission.

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    • Sometimes frustrating holding some of the cards, but for reasons of narrative tension, we don’t play our hand. Guess criminals often feel like that too!


  2. I saw a video of Chris Watts at a Metallica concert. He appeared to be enjoying himself, pumping his fist in the air, had a Metallica t shirt on, knowing the lyrics, but something was missing. This should have been a guy moment. A Metallica concert – get down in it man, get tossed around by the crowd, express yourself – be there with other guys and fans, but someone was filming. Someone was capturing his joyous moments for an instagram or facebook post. How could he have an authentic moment anywhere? Could anyone?


    • As a photographer, I’ve definitely experienced how that can impinge on a relationship. I’ve had girlfriends that don’t mind, and even enjoy it, but there are some people who don’t like to be photographed all the time [ironically I’m one of them]. Imagine living with someone like that, and it’s all being posted to social media – zero privacy in your own home.

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  3. Sometimes its fun to be recorded doing things you love. Otherwise we wouldn’t have such a plethora of videos of the utmost boring things “other” people find so exciting. Chris must have been constantly humiliated, chastised and made to feel without worth for a long time, but he good naturedly pressed on till he just stopped. And exploded. Catastrophically. The best idea would have been to walk away but he didnt do that.


    • In Two Face II I explain why just walking away wasn’t an option. He was locked-in in many, many areas.

      I also referred to a particular video lasting 15 minutes Shan’ann posted as an excellent example of the family dynamic, where she’s running roughshod over the whole household. Sometimes you mean well, but your effort to get the fairy tale effect becomes everyone else’s nightmare.

      Since he was clearly a passive and introverted figure, and she was becoming more aggressive and expressive [encouraged by MLM], I think it created a monster and by August the monster got out of its cage.


      • I don’t think Shan’ann meant well. She’s a control freak who insisted on vicariously experiencing her own life and her family’s through her camera. It’s as if their lives had no validity unless they were memorialized through video and marketed to the Thrive-thumpers. While Chris literally murdered them (I’m assuming Chris killed the children), Shan’ann dehumanized all of them, including herself.

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    • C Watts was good looking and looked it on camera, don’t think for one second he didn’t know this. And if he didn’t want to be filmed he wouldn’t have allowed it. Shan’ann, the worshipping wife, couldn’t and wouldn’t have forced it. In one post she excluded him from filming and he’s ” humiliated…chastised…for a long time”? Then she films him at a concert and he’s denied “authentic moments”. Whatever mistakes or character flaws Shan’ann had are you really trying ameliorate Chris’s actions?


  4. Of course just to present her inner workings here as best I can, she had a disease, a life-threatening disease – maybe similar at least in context, to what Patsy Ramsey had experienced with stage 4 cancer. When you are given a second chance at life and an opportunity to either have or be with your children you want them – AND YOURSELF – memorialized, photographed and recorded, dressed up and made to dance for all of eternity. And so you overdo it. When my mom died she had at least 45 photograph albums plus another 25 or so of my own (duplicates) plus reels and reels of camcorder footage that was converted to ten VHS tapes. ” Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you” (Simon and Garfunkle).

    I think it could be that for Patsy Ramsey she had even trivialized her husband down to “money-maker”, keep this false pretend house and occupants in the style to which they had become accustomed, even if it is a false world for which you are holding on for dear life and forgetting that it’s your and their very lives that matter, not all of the pretend situations around and stuff around them. So this is a sad tale, the Ramsey tale and the Watts tale.


    • No evidence of any life-threatening disease at autopsy. She didn’t have any of the medical challenges she claimed based on her autopsy. At one point she claimed to have saved Chris’s life from cancer. She had a fixation on medical conditions for herself and I think her kids as well.


  5. Dear Sir.
    Love your Columns.
    Since the Plea Deal, which I find strange, why kill them Plea. I know he was worried about the Death Penalty. And he didn’t want to sign.
    Don’t you think with Her EVIDENCE in her Videos….he just might have had a Chance.
    I’ve read alot and watched and my Belief his, she drove him to bring killed.
    Your thoughts.


  6. I saw a photo of the sheet Shan’ann was wrapped in presented by investigators as evidence. The caption mentioned that the sheet was bloody. How would a strangling produce so much blood? Read the autopsy report: Shan’ann was found in the dirt pit with her baby boy outside her body covered with dirt. This means she gave birth while she was being murdered or shortly thereafter. Coffin birth (Laci
    Peterson). Watts therefore saw his baby son, the boy he wanted, possibly still alive when he wrapped both of them in that sheet and threw them in the pit.

    Consider this, visualize it, when winding up to post a rant about Shan’ann as a “controlling nag.” Watts lied to Shan’ann and Nichol (she’s up next to be vilified). Watch him lie facilely to the investigators during the interrogation. Watch him lie to his own father. Watch him lie to the world. There is no reason whatsoever to mitigate what he did by vilifying Shan’ann.

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    • Actually coffin birth happens during the decomposition process, due to gasses building up in the corpse. So he would have not have seen her give birth at all. And I do not believe there was blood on the sheet. Dirt, not blood. There was blood on her shirt, but that was due to the coffin birth which occurred in the grave.
      Laci Peterson did not have a coffin birth. Her fetus was discharged from her body due to the water and decomposition eroding her abdomen and uterus. A coffin birth is the baby being expelled through the vagina, due to the pressure of gasses pushing on the uterus.

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  7. I thought is was not only weird but BONKERS that her friend Nicole (for this issue was actually a good thing) had just dropped her off and just bc she can’t contact her a few hours later, drives to her house and questions Chris. If my friend did that to my hubs he would tell her to F OFF. Why it’s seemed so strange to me is a puzzle but I think Shannan allowed the world into her relationship even to the point Nicole thought it was ok to do that.
    You’re right, there’s no videos of her playing wirh her kids. It’s all him. She was obsessed with him to the point of over complimenting. Ugh and that video of CeeCee singing that hero song. It doesn’t tug at me like, “oh how cute a kid singing to her dad”, it disgusted me like- omg another mom forcing her kid to sing a song to appear to have a perfect life. You can tell the kid was trying to remember and even seemed nervous.
    I think when Chris killed the kids- he didn’t see them as his kids. I think he saw them as part of Shannan and killed them to kill off what he hated- which was this wife who constantly smothered him


  8. Nichol was so worried because she planned to drive Shanann to her doctors appointment that morning. (She got home so early in the morning due to the plane delay but still had the doctor appointment scheduled,) Shanann was so regimented and protective, even of the unborn baby, Nicole new Shanann would not blow off the appointment, nor do so without notifying her. (Since Nicole was going out of her way to drive her.) speculation, of course.


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