A Week Later, Stephen Paddock’s Motive Still a Mystery. Really?


64-year-old Stephen C. Paddock flew low under the radar. He avoided interaction with many of the people around him, and his manner was direct and brusque. He was known to stay up all night gambling, but it was as if he was the only reveler at his own party.
They still don’t know why. – CNN.com
no clues

Stephen Paddock never left a suicide note, nor a declaration of intent. His family doesn’t know why he did it.  The police aren’t sure.  The media have no idea.  Does that mean we can’t apply our minds and put the psychological puzzle together?

Of course we can! ….  (more at link)


A pair of cowboy boots is shown in the street outside the concert venue after a mass shooting at a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas


5 thoughts on “A Week Later, Stephen Paddock’s Motive Still a Mystery. Really?

  1. Am a HUGE fan of your work, must say I find this most disappointing as we have little to zero info, (video, pics, etc) on this yet here we are explaining it away without the benefit of any investigative work? We are taking this all on face value?? What happened to #SHAKEDOWN = A thorough test in order to make sure there are no problems or defects? There are SO many unanswered questions here, (“problems or defects”) no?? thx! : )


    • Hi Marian, I don’t see our interrogation of Paddock as different than any other test or examination we’ve done of a killer. There’s actually quite a bit of information about him that’s available, so to say there is “little to zero info” is actually inaccurate and misleading. I would equate that to somebody saying there’s no proof that Oscar and Reeva had a fight. We find it an extremely dangerous proposition that only our government or some type of licensed investigator can provide all the answers. Our work is about seeking the answers and analyzing what we know. If/when new information presents itself, we re-analyze, the same way any investigator would do. But to sit around, keep quiet, and wait for somebody to drop a folder in our lap (which kind of sounds like what you’re suggesting) is something #Shakedown will never do.

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      • Hello! Thanks for the reply, appreciate it : ) … What I mean is we have been shown “little to zero info” (evidence) of what actually happened here. I am NOT a “conspiracy” fan in general, just questioning why we have seen NO VIDEO whatsoever from the Hotel, or any other security camera in Vegas for that matter. Just ONE still clip of Stephen Paddock carrying a bag or 2 would help. This lack of being shown any substantial proof seems a bit hinky to me. Contradicting reports from different police (Sheriff. LVPD, etc) without any EVIDENCE being presented doesn’t help either. My thoughts ( #SHAKEDOWN = A thorough test in order to make sure there are no problems or defects.”) … shouldn’t we give this whole event a proper #SHAKEDOWN ?? I have SO many questions here! That’s what I meant : ) … thanks again!


  2. Sorry that’s exactly the point of this post – the idiocy of sitting around waiting for someone to make a pronouncement of motive with some verifiable clue or fact. You are actually invoking conspiracy by suggesting that video etc is purposefully being withheld. This is a massive murder case, it’s an ongoing investigation! Our issue is that simply knowing how the crime was executed [lots of guns, shot from high up in a hotel] and the identity of the shooter [a full time gambler whose father was a convicted bank robber] is sufficient.

    So the thorough test has been done.

    Check the date of this post and the date of the crime:


    Our gripe is precisely with the attitude that one needs a lot of information in which to make an assessment. Thin slicing often allows us to get to precisely those answers using the essential info we already have. Make sense?


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