Is THIS Casey Anthony’s motive, timestamped, in her own words?

On June 21 2011, the New York Post provided coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, and 25-year-old Casey’s “mostly sullen façade [during] the first weeks of testimony.”

By now everyone who knows this case knows that after her two-year-old daughter Caylee disappeared on June 16th 2008, Casey “went on a bizarre, monthlong partying spree while lying to everyone that Caylee was still alive.”

During that time, almost everything Casey said was a lie. Almost everything. On June 21st, Casey scrawled the following entry into her personal diary.


When the New York Post quoted this excerpt it was condemning as it was, but it was incomplete.

Fullscreen capture 20180901 005301

Here’s the full version again with the parts left out of the article in bold, even though the diary page speaks for itself:

I have no regrets, just a bit worried. I just want for everything to work out okay. I completely trust my own judgement & know that I made the right decision. I just hope that the end justifies the means. I just want to know what the future will hold for me. I guess I will soon see.  This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time. I hope that my happiness will continue to grow.  I’ve made new friends that I really like. I’ve surrounded myself with good people.  I am finally happy. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t change.

In that simple paragraph the word happy or happiness comes up three times. She herself clearly anchors her happiness to “good people” which we now know was a new group of friends she made in early June. She also locates her happiness contemporaneously. We see that according to her she wasn’t only happy that night in June, but had been unhappy for a period of months prior to that weekend.

Although she’s happy, it’s coming out of a period of misery which is why she hopes it will continue to grow. Who or what is the source of that misery? Well, whatever it was that prevented her from having nights like these, experiences like these.


The Post describes the diary entry as being from June 21 2008 and a wider angle of the diary appears to show the number ’03 in the upper left corner. If it was written five years earlier then Casey was around seventeen-years-old and still at school when she wrote it. Caylee wasn’t even more.  In 2009, when the information first surfaced ABC reported:

Hundreds of pages of newly released evidence from prosecutors in the investigation into the murder of Florida toddler Caylee Anthony contribute to a growing body of circumstantial evidence against the child’s mother, but reports on a key detail against Casey Anthony are being vigorously challenged by representatives of the jailed mom.

Anthony’s representatives insisted that a seemingly damning diary entry prosecutors allege she penned was written before the child was even born — not in 2008, as has been reported.

Calls to the prosecutor’s office were not immediately returned.

A representative for Casey Anthony, Marti Mackenzie, told ABC News that the entry was written in 2003, before the Caylee was born.

The Post also cites prosecutors saying they believed the diary was from 2008.

On a blog posted in 2009, two years before this evidence was led at trial, there is some mention that the specific diary Casey used wasn’t on the market until 2004.


We know Caylee disappeared on June 16th, and probably died that day too. Five days later, clearly, Casey felt no regrets, and was hoping “everything would work out okay”.

When we look into the timeline, we see June 20th, the day before Casey wrote in her diary, Casey was at a Hot Body Contest at the Fusian Ultra Lounge with many of her friends, as well as her new boyfriend.

Casey won the Hot Body Contest that night, then spent the rest of the weekend with her boyfriend. This time there were no real babysitters to worry about, no curfew to obey, no rap songs kicking off her phone from Momma cussing her, and calling her home.

This was “happiness at last” for the real Casey.

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7 thoughts on “Is THIS Casey Anthony’s motive, timestamped, in her own words?

  1. The acquittal of Casey was God’s will. No other explaination is possible.
    She was acquitted, and has a right to a fresh start.


  2. What does a fresh start look like when you know you murdered your child, you will never again be trusted by family and the people you knew, your whereabouts are secret, you can’t get a job,and everything you do, see and hear is a reminder of what you did.


    • Casey is doing well in her “limited” world. Her small circle of friends DO trust her.
      The incident with Caylee was out of character for her. She had no prior track record of crime prior
      to her daughter’s death, and none after it.
      True, she lied and stole, but this foray into criminality was associated with the pressures of motherhood
      which she was unprepared to handle. She can find a measure of happiness on a small scale.
      It’s not easy to be hated but if she gets enough love from her friends she can live a quality life.


  3. June 21 she is writing about a momentous decision, one she is not sorry for, for which she has found happiness about. New friends, etc. Using the same ink she could have scrawled “carpe diem” on a page dated ’03 – a blank page for which nothing was written at that time, just so that her journal on June 21 would have two pages of excited entries. Am I making any sense? In otherwords, in 2003 she didn’t write anything on that page – until she murdered Caylee. So we have a page of new beginning initials and carpe diem as well as a June 21 entry. Same pen.


    • Are you the same exact person you were ten years ago? God allowed Casey to walk.
      It was a miracle. She poses no threat to anyone. She exercises self control. She didn’t ten years ago.
      It would be just as bad to hurt Casey now, as it was bad for Casey to harm her daughter ten years ago
      on PURE IMPULSE. Casey was very impulsive and reactionary ten years ago. She was born in the
      Chinese Year Of The Tiger. Tigers are impulsive. She would never do the same things now.
      She does investigative work now, and has a small circle of loyal friends that stick by her no matter what.
      She’ll do fine. Tigers are lucky.


  4. We’ve all done impulsive things, but murder is extreme. She has not acknowledged yet that she killed her daughter. How can you forgive someone who continues to con the public and herself by lying about what happened. The last video I saw of her, was a 2017 interview where she says “my dad had her” and she doesn’t know what happened. I’m currently only 25% into NVDL’s second Treachery book and I’ve learned more about the case than I ever did when it happened. Not meaning to challenge you Lon, you are obviously a very trusting and forgiving soul, but I can’t forgive or forget someone who can’t even admit to doing wrong. How can you trust anything anyone says or does who is so blatantly untrustworthy and a pathological liar. Maybe she’ll do fine, but her daughter will never get the chance to do fine or anything else.


  5. I am hoping to understand who she is from these books, why she felt compelled to lie constantly. I suspect it had a lot to do with her toxic family life – how she was made to feel as a person in her household such that telling the truth wouldn’t have been listened to anyway, so why bother.


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