BREAKING: John Ramsey Secretly Files Civil Suit Against CBS

Have you noticed the silence from team Ramsey lately?  It’s definitely in contrast to the flurry of threats and lawsuits filed last winter.   First there was the $150 million lawsuit against Dr. Werner Spitz who made it clear, after investigating the case for a number of years, he was of the opinion that Burke Ramsey was responsible for his sister’s death.  Next was the whopping $750 million slander suit against CBS, and others, involved in the making of the September 2016 documentary.

With the exception of some brief local Michigan coverage that showed Burke in court with his lawyer Lin Wood, there hasn’t been much else reported on the status of the suits.  One can always log on to the court site (The Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan) for updates, but it’s interesting that the usually boisterous Wood hasn’t said much as of late.

Even more interesting is the civil suit that John Ramsey filed (also against CBS) on September 14th, almost a year after the others!  He’s represented by attorney John A. Lesko.  Thanks goes to Cottonstar for keeping a keen eye on this case, and bringing it to our attention.

Just like us, you’re probably wondering what’s the difference between John’s suit and the others?  The biggest difference is absolutely no PR.  Not only that, the court documents outlining John’s complaint are nowhere to be found online.  Why so hush-hush?

If you’re not filing to send a message, which has always been the Ramseys’ modus operandi – well, that, and making a few bucks – then what’s the purpose?

It certainly leads one to wonder if Burke’s other suits are failing in court.  Perhaps the Ramseys are facing financial loss and this is John’s way of saving the sinking ship.

The first status conference is set for December 15.

In the meantime, stay tuned for our analysis of the complaint.

View the documents…

John Ramsey vs CBS, Complaint, 9.14.17

John Ramsey vs CBS, Exhibits




5 thoughts on “BREAKING: John Ramsey Secretly Files Civil Suit Against CBS

  1. They certainly started all the fuss regarding Burke’s innocence. Even throwing Dr Phil in the mix. Honestly, until reading the books I never considered Burke as a possibility. Then seeing him defend himself, well he did himself no favors.
    Can’t wait for updates. Amazing how you can go “poof”. Until your remembered, lol.


  2. I’m puzzled how John can be so broke. They sued everyone and their brother over the years and won a lot of them with settlements. So where did all the money go? Certainly NOT to the jonbenet foundation!!!


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