An example of “He Has No Game”

In this clip Shan’ann abruptly leaves the kitchen, leaving Chris Watts stuck for a few seconds in the front of camera. He clearly doesn’t want to be there. Notice also how he refers to Shan’ann only as his “wife”, and when she returns, he’ s sort of unceremoniously bumped out of picture.

There’s virtually no interaction here between husband and wife, is there.

Shan’ann, in contrast to Chris Watts, is a on-the-ball, but she’s so on-the-ball she has her husband dressed up in the Thrive uniform and reduced to a prop. If you don’t want to be prop, and you keep being foisted into these mini-productions, that’s got to cause resentment – both ways.

5 thoughts on “An example of “He Has No Game”

  1. Here’s another example of what life is really like when not on camera. Girls on constant time out, Chris comes home and she’s in a foul mood, etc. She really should have gotten a real job, put the girls in half a day pre school,etc.


  2. The thing is Nick, she seems bummed out everywhere. What may look like “fatigue” to some, looks to me like a depressive personality type. Think about it. She was an unhappy lady when she met Chris. She was an unhappy lady in her first marriage. She even says “I was brought down for so many years.” Now if he can prove she was depressed, he needs to. He’s going to be walking a fine line. He can’t say he had an unhappy marriage, that would show motive. But he has to show how her behavior made her a threat to her children. That’s what he has to show. And he has hurtles, many hurtles – removing the bodies and disposing of them the way that he did, and changing his story 3 times. But he better get up out of that prison bed and start working with is attorneys and soon.


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