An example of “He Has No Game”

In this clip Shan’ann abruptly leaves the kitchen, leaving Chris Watts stuck for a few seconds in the front of camera. He clearly doesn’t want to be there. Notice also how he refers to Shan’ann only as his “wife”, and when she returns, he’ s sort of unceremoniously bumped out of picture.

There’s virtually no interaction here between husband and wife, is there.

Shan’ann, in contrast to Chris Watts, is a on-the-ball, but she’s so on-the-ball she has her husband dressed up in the Thrive uniform and reduced to a prop. If you don’t want to be prop, and you keep being foisted into these mini-productions, that’s got to cause resentment – both ways.

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  1. Here’s another example of what life is really like when not on camera. Girls on constant time out, Chris comes home and she’s in a foul mood, etc. She really should have gotten a real job, put the girls in half a day pre school,etc.


    • I agree. By all accounts she was quite lazy. There wasn’t that much in the home that the process to keep it clean was an all day affair. They didn’t even have window treatments, just the cheap blinds that the builders put in homes, they cost about 10-15 USD a pack. They had hardly any furniture and what they did have was cheap, the hope was bare except for the gaggle of junk in the basement in cheap bins. What did she do all day? “Work her business?” I saw that on a tax form she claimed her direct sales commission as $111 a month, it costs $150-300 minmum per month to stay active as a promoter. Thats the very bottom of the pyramid, and she may have had a large team but most was her upline (people that recruited her). She had maybe 3 people at most below her and that’s a stretch. If she had ten people watch her FB live BS that was an amazing crowd, most days it was 5 or less. There was no business to run, she was Thrives customer like the other reps. So really what was she possibly doing? I don’t get it. She could’ve easily worked but instead she kept spending all their money and cutting up magazines to make vision boards because if she thought hard enough, her magical thinking would work and they’d be debt free. Only thing is life doesn’t work that way.

      She seemed to live in her own reality, and it was so far removed from actual reality that I wonder if she was okay mentally. She seems to behave like a child and have a childlike grasp of business and finance, it’s all so bizarre.


  2. The thing is Nick, she seems bummed out everywhere. What may look like “fatigue” to some, looks to me like a depressive personality type. Think about it. She was an unhappy lady when she met Chris. She was an unhappy lady in her first marriage. She even says “I was brought down for so many years.” Now if he can prove she was depressed, he needs to. He’s going to be walking a fine line. He can’t say he had an unhappy marriage, that would show motive. But he has to show how her behavior made her a threat to her children. That’s what he has to show. And he has hurtles, many hurtles – removing the bodies and disposing of them the way that he did, and changing his story 3 times. But he better get up out of that prison bed and start working with is attorneys and soon.


    • But he killed the children. How would her “depression” help him? Lots of friends who would say she’s a go getter, positive, energetic. Even he said it when describing CeCe as being like Shan’ann.
      She could have flown into a Medea like rage upon discovering his affair but as the ME said the children were smothered, not strangled.


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  4. Talk about making crap up. Chris was not able to stand up to his dad when he was being interviewed by the FBI. He told his dad the kids were smothered, his dad repeats the word smothered, then says you mean chocked. Chris COMPLETELY GOES ALONG WITH THE CHOCKING EXCUSE, EVEN SHOWING WITH HIS HANDS HOW THEY WERE CHOCKED. Autopsy shows the kids were SMOTHERED. CHRIS HAD NO BALLS WHATSOEVER. He has been a COWARD and a passive man LOOKING for a wife that WOULD MAKE DECISION SO HE DIDN’T HAVE TO. He is a VERY SHATTERED human being, but it is NOT Shanann’s fault that Chris is a wuss. The is Chris’ fault and choice.


    • I believe you mean choked, not chocked.

      He certainly was a sheepish man, until he wasn’t. What was the alternative? Stand up to her so that after working all day he came home to his adult wife and 2 kids throwing a tantrum? She acted very immature and she seemed to not understand the grave financial situation she helped put them in. They couldn’t just keep claiming bankruptcy even though she thought they could again, it was only 5 years since the last bankruptcy. This is a woman that thought having a kid could fix a bad relationship when that’s the number one stressor even in a healthy relationship. She could’ve worked even part time, but instead she threw away money and kept hoping that her 7th pyramid scheme would turn out different from the other ones she quit (31, younique, oragami owl, lularoe just to name a few). She just didn’t want to go back to an actual job. Lularoe cost her 7k to startup and brought in nothing. She wasn’t successful at anything in life because when it didn’t go her way she threw a fit, quit, and blamed other people. Instead of admitting defeat she continued draining the family finances, they had made less than a 50k dent in their mortgage in 6 years and were about to be foreclosed on. They were being SUED by the HOA and she still put those kids in daycare at 2k a month. That right there would’ve cleared their debt and avoided the lawsuit with the HOA! She said she handled the finances because she was better at it, it didn’t appear that way because nobody was getting paid. She had not even an elementary grasp of how to balance a checkbook. She was most likely leading him to think the major things were being taken care of, but they weren’t. Yet she always had money for multiple boxes of her crappy pyramid scheme “magic” health and weight loss prefers to be delivered weekly.

      All these things culminated in what transpired that day.

      It also shows you that she likes the easy route. Diet and exercise? Nah, she’ll just slap on a patch and eat those bars, only those bars are 300-400 calories a shot and she ate atleast 3 a day, ontop of whatever else. She didn’t understand why they weren’t making her magically lose weight. Save up and budget to achieve financial stability? Nah, she’ll just hop on board the next pyramid scheme and make another vision board, that’ll eliminate debt. She was constantly taking the easy road and would refuse to open her eyes and do the work to correct the problems in her life. Bad marriage? Send him self help books! It’s ask him not her (she even texted this to her friend). Shanann was perfect and doing everything right, it was everyone else’s fault her life was turning out the way it was. In her head anyway.


  5. Some utterly disgusting spiteful comments on here about Shanann. Morons (who clearly fancy Chris the killer) listen up this narcissistic psycho killed her and two innocent children and shoved them in oil tanks for Christ sake so he could have filthy sex with the very ugly trans looking Kessinger. Got that now you sick psychos who support Chris!


  6. Man you come right out of a comic book the victims were the children period. She was a naricisstic lazy dumbass who belittled her husband and blamed everybody except herself for massive failures in life then got pregnant again to trap him even further her snapped but she was the evil one


    • Joesph, I don’t know how a third kid could “trap” someone even more. He wanted a third pregnancy, in the hopes it would be a boy. He’d had a great relationship with his dad growing up and probably wanted to replicate that, a very common thing. You gotta remember that Chris pursued her big time. She wasn’t interested in him, but he shaped his behavior in order to change her mind. He figured out what was important to her and acted accordingly. They were together for two years before they married, so he would’ve known what she was like and, apparently, that’s what he wanted.


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