20 Questions: Think you know the Casey Anthony Case? Test your knowledge with this Pop Quiz

It’s easy to be dismissive about the Casey Anthony case.  It’s a slamdunk, right?  Fact is, Casey was ultimately acquitted on the charge of first-degree premeditated murder of her daughter Caylee.


The prosecution weren’t able to prove how Caylee died, there was uncertainty about when she died, and very little clarity on when the two-year-old’s body was disposed of, or by who. There were no witnesses.

Not since Slaughter, a mammoth investigation involving 8 separate profiles of mass shooters, have I encountered a case with such a complex timeline, crime scene and cast of characters. What makes this case so difficult is the lengths of time involved – the 31 days it took to report the crime, and a much longer period to recover Caylee’s remains.

Despite the confusing murk of time, a true crime aficionado should have a handle on the basics. We should know what we know, right? Well, do we? Do you?

Below is a list I’ve compiled while researching Treachery, a narrative that navigates the first phase of the Casey Anthony case. It focuses entirely on the 31 days between Casey’s disappearance and Cindy’s 911 call. Just focus on 31 days – sounds simple, right?

When there are 3 or more different versions to each day, the case explodes into an extremely intricate, layered mess. Finding the thread of what actually happened on a daily basis during those 31 days is possible, with persistence, especially by relying on Casey’s cell phone data [pings, texts] and social media.

The story is certainly there but it’s buried under mountains of lies and deceits. It’s also important to be aware of the lies and what they’re pointing away from in order to fathom the psychological patterns, and this is where the caseload becomes enormous.

The deluge of misinformation is ultimately a distraction from the missing little girl. At the end of it all, what do we really know and understand about this case?

How many of the 20 questions below can you answer off the top of your head?

  1. Exactly how far from the Anthony’s home were Caylee’s remains eventually found?419C7ACD00000578-0-image-a-15_1498064981670
  2. When were Caylee’s remains discovered?
  3. Roughly how much money did Casey steal from her parents?car
  4. Who recovered Casey’s ’98 Pontiac Sunfire from Johnson’s Wreckers, and at what time?

5. At what time did Cindy call 911?

6. What did George and Cindy both do for several hours after the Sunfire was retrieved?


7. What movie did Casey and her boyfriend Tony plan to watch on the night of June 15th?

8. Where did George do his security shift that night?

9. How did Cindy find out where Casey was staying after not knowing for 31 days?

10. What did Cindy say to Tony when she confronted Casey in his apartment?

11. How much money did Amy have left in her bank account on the night of June 15th?120705022401-casey-anthony-03-horizontal-large-gallery12. Where did cadaver dogs pick up traces of Caylee’s remains [besides the Sunfire]?

13. Did the cadaver dogs pick up cadaver odor at the dump site?

14. How can one make chloroform at home [name two ordinary household products]?caylee_anthony-5743-NaplesDaily052511

15. Was the browser history of the Anthony’s computer deleted?

16. What did Casey say had happened to Caylee on June 15th?

17. What did Cindy say had happened to Caylee?

18. What is “Zanny-the-Nanny” code for?

19. If Casey did murder her daughter, what was her motive?

20. How did Caylee die?


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