JonBenet Ramsey: Key Individuals

“Maybe your son is capable of more than you know.” — Doctor in The Accountant

Many of the 120+ names mentioned below occur in The Craven Silence, The Day After Christmas and “Star” series, dedicated to the JonBenet Ramsey case.


  1. JonBenét Ramsey [deceased 1996, age 6]
  2. JonBenét’s  father John Ramsey, former CEO of ACCESS GRAPHICS*, engineer, pilot, naval officer, businessman, author
  3. JonBenét’s mother Patsy Ramsey, former Miss West Virginia [deceased 2006, age 49]
  4. JonBenét’s brother, Burke Ramsey

John Ramsey – Extended Family

  1. JonBenét’s half-sister – Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Pasch Ramsey [deceased 1992, age 22]
  2. JonBenét’s older half-sister – Melinda Ramsey, sometimes resided in Ramsey family home.
  3. JonBenét’s older half-brother – John Andrew, resided in Ramsey family home, when not at college.
  4. JonBenét’s uncle and John Ramsey’s brother – Jeff Ramsey
  5. John Ramsey’s first wife – Lucinda Pasch

 Patsy Ramsey – Extended Family

  1. Patsy’s mother – Nedra Paugh [deceased]
  2. Patsy’s father – Donald Paugh [deceased]
  3. Patsy’s younger sister – Pamela Paugh, former Miss West Virginia


  1. Fleet Russell White, Jr., identified by John Ramsey as possible suspect
  2. Priscilla Brown White, wife of Fleet and identified by John Ramsey as possible suspect
  3. Fleet White III , son of Fleet and Priscilla, friend of Burke and identified by John Ramsey as possible suspect
  4. Daphne White, daughter of Fleet and Priscilla and friend of JonBenét Ramsey
  5. Glen Stine
  6. Susan Stine, wife of Glen and identified as possible suspect
  7. Doug Stine, son of Glen and Susan, friend of Burke and identified as possible suspect
  8. John Fernie, friend of John Ramsey
  9. Barbara Fernie, friend of Patsy Ramsey
  10. Evan Colby, friend of Burke Ramsey, next door neighbor and identified as possible suspect by John Ramsey
  11. Kyle Colby, Evan’s brother, friend of Burke Ramsey and next door neighbor.
  12. Mike Archuleta, John Ramsey’s pilot and friend
  13. Pam Archuleta, [refers to herself as “Pam Barday” in Dateline documentary] Mike’s ex-wife and friend of Patsy
  14. Stewart Walker, friend of the Ramseys
  15. Roxanne Walker, friend of the Ramseys
  16. Bill McReynolds, Santa, identified as possible suspect [deceased]
  17. Janet McReynolds, Santa’s wife and identified as possible suspect
  18. Rev. Rolland [Rol] Hoverstock, Episcopal minister in Boulder, Ramsey’s pastor
  19. Leslie Durgin, Mayor of Boulder
  20. Jay “Pasta” Elowsky, John Ramsey’s business associate, owner of Pasta Jay’s
  21. Judith Phillips, family photographer and long-time friend of Patsy [sold portraits of JonBenét after her death to the media without Patsy’s consent]


  1.  Joe Barnhill, took care of JonBenét’s dogs
  2. Betty Barnhill, wife of Joe [deceased]
  3. Glenn Meyer, boarded with the Barnhills
  4. Luther and Melody Stanton, neighbors and ear witnesses
  5. Diane Brumfitt, neighbor and school counselor
  6. Stephen Miles, neighbor who lived 6 blocks away and identified as possible suspect by John Ramsey
  7. Scott Gibbons, the Ramseys’ neighbor to the north who saw flickering lights in their house during the night on December 25th.

Ramsey Case Prosecution

  1. Alex Hunter, Boulder District Attorney
  2. Andrew “Lou” Smit, Retired detective [deceased 2010]
  3. Pete Hofstrom, Assistant District Attorney and alleged Ramsey associate
  4. Michael Kane, Deputy Boulder District Attorney
  5. Bill Wise, First Assistant District Attorney
  6. James Kolar, Investigator for Boulder District Attorney’s office [2005-2006], wrote a book about the case and appeared in CBS documentary

 Boulder Law Enforcement

  1. Rick French, Boulder Police Officer and the first policeman to arrive at the scene at approximately 06:00
  2. Karl Veitch, Boulder Police Officer and the first policeman to arrive at the scene with French at approximately 06:00
  3. Paul Reichenbach, patrol sergeant who searched Burke’s room [arrived at 06:45**]
  4. Barry Weiss, police photographer [arrived at 06:45]
  5. Sue Barcklow, police officer [arrived at 06:45]
  6. John Eller, commander of the Boulder police detective division
  7. Tom Trujillo, Detective sergeant
  8. Steve Thomas, Former Boulder Police Department Detective and author
  9. Linda Arndt, Former Detective and one of first officers at the scene
  10. Fred Patterson, arrived at the scene at the same time as Arndt
  11. Mark Beckner, Boulder Police Chief
  12. Tom Koby, Retired Boulder Police Chief
  13. Tom Wickman, Boulder Police Detective
  14. Bob Whitson, a retired detective sergeant at the Boulder Police [author]
  15. Jane Harmer, Boulder Police Detective
  16. Melissa Hickman, Detective dropped from Ramsey case in April 1997
  17. Thomas Haney, Boulder Police Detective, conducted June 1998 interrogation of Patsy Ramsey
  18. Trip DeMuth, former Boulder prosecutor, conducted June 1998 interrogation of Patsy Ramsey. Left his career at Boulder D.A. in September 2000 to work for Mike Bynum

Ramsey Lawyers & Representatives

  1. Mike Bynum***, Ramsey defense “architect”, Boulder County deputy district attorney in the mid-1970s
  2. John Stavely, an associate in the law firm of Michael Bynum
  3. Patrick J. Burke, Denver-based attorney
  4. Hugh Patrick Furman, University of Colorado law professor
  5. James K. Jenkins, lawyer hired by John Ramsey for his ex-wife Lucinda Pasch
  6. Harold Haddon
  7. Grady Bryan Morgan
  8. John P. Craver, representing John Ramsey in Stephen Miles vs John Ramsey, National Enquirer – Civil Action
  9. William R. Gray, representing John Ramsey in Stephen Miles vs John Ramsey, National Enquirer – Civil Action
  10. Patrick S. Korten, a Washington media consultant, once the top spokesman for the United States Department of Justice, fired in March 1997
  11. Rachelle Zimmer, Ramsey spokeswoman following Korten’s discharge in 1997
  12. Lin Wood , threatened to sue CBS on 21 September for their allegations against Burke Ramsey in The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey

 Lockheed – possible persons of interest

  1.  Jeff Merrick, Former Ramsey friend and employee at Access Graphics.  The first individual identified as possible suspect by John Ramsey.  John also raised suspicions about Jeff’s wife, Kathy.
  2. Mike Glynn, Ramsey friend, former employee at Access Graphics and named a suspect by John.  Had vacationed with the Ramseys and spent time at their home.
  3. Jim Marino, Ramsey friend, former employee at Access Graphics and also named a suspect by John. Had socialized frequently with John in the 70s and 80s.
  4. Tom Carson, Chief Financial Officer at Access Graphics, involved in Nedra’s dismissal from the company.  Questioned by police after Don Paugh raised suspicions.

Grand Jury

  1. James Plese, Foreman, Age 60.  Licensed Pyrotechnician, employee of the Public Service Co. of Colorado.  Father of two daughters, one was studying to be an attorney.
  2. Loretta P. Resnikoff, Assistant Jury Forewoman, Age 40.  An Accountant with two children.  The daughter of a Navy man.
  3. Elizabeth M. Annecharico, Age 56.  Retired.  A frequent listener of public radio and viewer of news-magazine programs.
  4. Barbara A. McGrath-Arnold, Age 57.  A realtor.
  5. Michelle C. Czopek, Age 40.  A nutritionist with two children. She listened to NPR and was a fan of mysteries.
  6. Frances E. Diekman, Age 60.  Mother of three and grandmother of three. She was a previous employee of the county’s probation office.
  7. Josephine M. Hampton, Age 63.  Also a mother of three, with three grandchildren.   She was quoted telling Pete Hofstrom “her career in management had taught her how to keep a secret.”
  8. Martin W. Kordas Jr., Age 65.  A native of Connecticut, living in Lafayette, CO, since 1990.  He was a war veteran who served in the Navy.
  9. Susan F. LeFever, Age 45.  A California native who moved to Boulder in 1990.  She worked for a nonprofit organization and had prior experience as a juror.
  10. Martin K. Pierce, Age 38.  A former utility company service technician.  He was quoted saying it would “…stick in his mind” if he put someone on trial who didn’t deserve to be there.
  11. Tracey L. Vallad, Age 39.  A part time night student and single mom to two teenagers.
  12. Jonathan N. Webb, Age 32.  A previous resident of Indianapolis, Webb moved to Colorado in 1995.  He has a graduate degree from Georgia Tech, and was attending the University of Colorado for chemical engineering.

Alternate Grand Jurors

  1. Janice McCallister, Age 52. Dismissed February 24, 1999.
  2. Polly Palmer, Age 52.  Dismissed February 24, 1999.
  3. Marcia Richardson, Age 50.  Dismissed February 24, 1999.
  4. Teresa Vanfossen, Age 40.  Dismissed February 24, 1999.
  5. Morton Wegman-French, Consultant to high-tech firms. Dismissed February 24, 1999.


  1. Warren Schmelzer, engineer who accused John Ramsey’s friend Jay Elowsky of attacking him in a parking lot
  2. Ira Haimann, engineer who was with Schmelzer when Elowsky threatened them with a baseball bat
  3. Tom Hand, architect in charge of remodeling Ramsey residenceDavid S. Sanderton, a Boulder-based criminal defense and civil rights attorney, Republican candidate for Boulder County District Attorney
  4. Francesco Beuf, JonBenét’s pediatrician
  5. Ellis Armistad, Team Ramsey investigator
  6. Brian Scott, gardener
  7. Jay Pettipeace, House painter
  8. Diane Hallis, former employee at Access Graphics [witnessed John Ramsey’s behavior in the office after JonBenét’s death]
  9. Mervin Pugh, wife of Linda Hoffman Pugh, Ramsey handyman, alcoholic, and identified as possible suspect
  10. Linda Hoffman Pugh, Ramsey housekeeper, Mervin’s wife, and identified by Patsy as possible suspect
  11. Linda Wilcox, Ramsey housekeeper
  12. Shirley Brady, Ramsey nanny
  13. Susan Savage, Ramsey nanny
  14. Kristine Griffin, JonBenét’s babysitter
  15. Pamela Griffin, JonBenét’s costume designer
  16. Randy Simons, JonBenét’s photographer
  17. Paula Woodward, Emmy-award winning author featured in A&E documentary
  18. Jim Clemente, investigator in CBS documentary
  19. Laura Richards, investigator in CBS documentary
  20. Beth Karas, former New York prosecutor, appeared in Investigation Discovery documentary
  21. Diane Dimond, television journalist and reporter, appeared in Investigation Discovery documentary, covered JonBenét Ramsey case from start to finish
  22. John Mark Karr, confessed to the crime in August 2006 [False confession]
  23. Charlie Brennan, Daily Camera reporter, filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press for the release of Grand Jury Indictments, and won
  24. Carol McKinley, journalist sued with Fox News by the Ramseys
  25. Judge Robert Lowenbach, authorized the partial release of Grand Jury indictment documents on October 23, 2013
  26. Joe Kenda, former Colorado Springs Police Department homicide detective. Featured on the television show, Homicide Hunter.

*A computer services company and a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin

**Some accounts have Reichenbach arriving at the Ramsey residence at 06:10 on December 26th, 1996.

***Besides being a lawyer and friend of John Ramsey, Bynum together with a group of investors purchased the Boulder home where JonBenét was killed.