Is SHE Chris Watts’s Mystery Mistress?

A Nichol Kessinger is identified on an endorsed witness list for People v. Christopher Lee Watts Case No.: D0622018CR002003. Her name appears right at the top, immediately after a long list of police officers and FBI agents.

The name of Chris Watts’ unborn son – Niko. The alleged name of his mistress – Nicholl. A coincidence?

Unconfirmed – a comment was made on #Shakedown that she’s the daughter of Chris Watts’ boss.

There is some reason to believe it may be Nichol Kessinger. A few artefacts are still available online, but the original sites are gone.

Fullscreen capture 20180823 085210-001

Fullscreen capture 20180823 090253

There is no social media presence for Nichol Kessinger.

There is a Stephanie Kessinger listed on LinkedIn based in Denver Colorado, listing experience as a Measurement While Drilling Field Engineer for Halliburton from 2014-2016, who may be a relative.

Nichol Kessinger appears to reside in Arvada Colorado, which is 22 miles due south following the I-25 S route – a 34 minute drive.

Fullscreen capture 20180823 085632


On September 5th news of possibly another mistress he met on Tinder talking about Chris Watts in the bedroom, having rape fantasies and being “animalistic”.

For more on Nichol Kessinger read: Inside the Mind of His Mistress.

28 thoughts on “Is SHE Chris Watts’s Mystery Mistress?

  1. Chris Watts is a man with no character. He’s weak. And so he thinks he can re gain a pot of gold by latching on to the boss’s daughter? Is he a fortune hunter as well? Might Shanann have had money when he met her – or at the very least, ambition and motivation – lacking in Chris and lazy Scott Peterson the lazy salesman with busted dreams of being more, so much more!

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  2. Hmmmmm – so, elsewhere on THIS website a NICHOL KESSINGER commented after reviewing 50 gathered facts about the case. She threw out an LOL at the person who drafted that document due to a typo and claimed she was reviewing the 50 ‘facts’ we all know so far.

    Is there any chance this is the Nichol Kessinger whose name is mentioned so much online in association with this case? Hard to imagine. Likely a troll or fake name to stir things up. If that’s actually the Nichol Kessinger on the witness list that really spooks me.

    Everyone please be careful. None of us know her role of any in Chris Watt’s life. She could simply be a co-worker asked to answer questions about Chris Watt’s interaction with others. I have a feeling this is a dangerous case and anything you say online could come back to haunt you in some way or another. Everyone please take care!

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  3. We don’t know if this is ‘the one’ yet, but gals, let this be a lesson. Don’t get involved with a married man!!! EVER!!! Never buy someone’s sob story!!!

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  4. doesn’t that just make your stomach churn? He freaking names their baby after his mistress. He was surely coming unhinged for a while. The coincidences. It’s always the coincidences, right?


    • If true, there’s your sadism writ large. The crime itself is incredibly cruel and sadistic. It shows Chris was very anal about something. I think he was an incredibly weak man.


  5. Don’t forget there are four people brutally murdered, two beautiful little angels and a sweet soul for a mother tragically taken away from this world, and for what? It’s so senseless it makes me sick to my stomach and the way he treated their bodies, like garbage! I hope he rots in hell.


  6. One thing is for certain. He has nothing but time to think about every single thing he’s done. Everything he’s lost, everything he has said. What he planned. How he planned it. Every mistake. Every word he spoke to the press. What he did to those babies, his wife. Nothing but time


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