At What Point Was Chris Watts DONE With THRIVE? [DISCUSS]

Looking at his declining participation in her social media, when could Chris Watts have decided the Thrive thing wouldn’t save them from imminent financial ruin, but rather, was making their finances worse, perhaps actually ruining their lives?

What evidence do we have from the background of Shan’ann’s social media, that Chris Watts was no longer drinking the Kool-Aid? When did it start?

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The timing of his crisis of faith in Le-Vel probably had something to do with:

  1. When he got a job at Anadarko.
  2. When he started his affair with his co-worker.
  3. When the extent of their worsening financial decrepitude became clear.
  4. When the Watts family were featured in Strive magazine [and if what the article purported was true or not].
  5. Shan’ann falling pregnant in late April/early May 2018.
  6. The six-week separation prior to the murders.
  7. The 15 week milestone of Shan’ann’s pregnancy.

We also know that he went on a trip with Shan’ann and other MLM cult members to San Diego, so presumably if he went along he was still buying into it in late June. Or didn’t he have any choice? What are YOUR thoughts based on your observations of Shan’ann’s Facebook and Instagram posts?


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  1. I would think his thoughts about being done with Thrive and his family may have started during the 6 week separation. If you are pounded daily with videos and the sound of rustling packages being opened, for which you are shelling out money from your 9 hour long day of hard work suddenly having all that stop, for 6 weeks (5 really, he had to join them on the 6th week) would have given him some peace and quiet, a chance to look over his finances – what was going out versus coming in – and although she made kool aid for him to drink while she was gone so to speak, he chose not to drink it. I think it was at that point, he was able to reflect and understand that it wasn’t working, and also know that she wasn’t going to stop. That is why you see a disengaged Chris when he does join her, sitting behind her on his phone and she is as usual, recording Bella and the fellow vacationer said he seemed really just disengaged from his family. He had 5 weeks to hatch a plan, he just needed a time, a place, a weekend, when she would be away from the children. That opportunity was August 11, 12, 13.


    • Makes sense Pauline. Could also be that in the same 6 week period he got to thinking about the possibility of losing their house, and that he liked being there and liked being there on his own.

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    • He started that job though in 2015, she didn’t start selling thrive until 2016. He started selling thrive also after he was employed by anadarko


    • Well, Shanann was pregnant so she hopefully wouldn’t be taking all that medication. I think the 5 weeks apart is when he decided he was done. They had to go to court soon for a $1,500 home owners bill. He had time to enjoy his freedom while they were all gone. They were going to have to sell the house no matter what. His burdens felt so heavy and now with another baby coming, there was no chance of making it. If she left him, he couldn’t get the life insurance or sell her car. He’d be stuck paying child support and hospital bills. He had to take her out then. If she left, he couldn’t do it. He needed to have his family missing – just like Scott Peterson. If she stayed, he couldn’t stand it.


  2. I agree: the six-week break likely provided Chris with some time to consider his circumstances (financial, marital, emotional), spend more time on his extra-marital relationship(s?), enjoy the house on his terms, and, most importantly, be the “MAN of the house” versus Shan’ann’s domestic errand boy.

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  3. Well now that’s interesting Piktor. The hair dresser says it was definite, they were going to separate. That was the “plan.” Sounds like a fait accompli. So could it be when she returned home that fateful night, or any time in between the 6 week vacation and August 13 breaking up was not a part of the plan or the plans changed? maybe when he tells his neighbor they might have to sell the house he was under the assumption they were going to separate. Then – she threw a wrench into it.


    • Pauline, separation wasn’t a hasty demand, by an out-of-the-blue, spur of the moment angry party.
      Something that early morning set in motion a ruinous savage rage.
      We’ve never seen either Shanann or Chris snap at each other in any video. The videos we see are sales jobs to make money. This ain’t no Big Brother 24/7 production.
      What happens when camera and sound are turned off?
      Was him leaving home at 5:48 AM part of his day’s programmed schedule or was Chris improvising until he was arrested? Looks like he was improvising.
      There are two possible scenarios: 1) He decided to murder three people without delay because it was to his advantage and then solving obstacles along the way- improvising and lying as was necessary.
      2) Or it could be true, as he stated, that that morning something was said, then someone was offended, then someone retaliated, back and forth, reaching extremes, to the point of murder.

      Did Shanann know about Chris’s gay acquaintance, his other instances of infidelity- then throwing them in his face, announcing the thoroughly noir scandal he would be put through in divorce court.
      A picture so dark, so threatening, so unlike his carefully-built upstanding facade.
      Now he knows, without doubt: his life will be ruined by his resourceful, angry and thoroughly aware wife. His shameful dirty bisexual double life would be exposed. No doubt.

      So he snaps.


      • Piktor, I need a day by day timeline now – from January to August 13 2018. In May she announces her pregnancy to Chris. But when she is on her 6 week hiatus she tells the hair dresser they are separating? She couldn’t have really believed they were going to separate. He’s trapped now anyway, a baby on the way, he’s not going to be going anywhere.

        Likely they did discuss separating before she went away for 6 weeks. But I think she would have held on for all her worth. He may have brought it up again the morning of Aug. 13 but then again there may have been little to no conversation at all if he was waiting in the shadows of the house to finish the job. And also if the girls were killed before she came home that morning a discussion would have been meaningless, as well as throwing the affairs up into his face. He had already planned on getting rid of everyone. Still in all, no videos made weeks before her death.


  4. Also her diagnosed illness: fibromyalgia. Doctor prescribed medications for that are anti-depressants – Cymbalta, Savella, anti-seizure meds – Lyrica as well as nerve pain meds and muscle relaxants better known as opioids. Fibromyalgia was a popular diagnosis for vague nerve pain in late ’80’s early ’90’s for which vidodin and hydrocodone were usually prescribed creating dependency issues. This may be why we are seeing mild depression symptoms (or why I’m seeing it and one other person here sees it).

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