Justice Eventualis, Oscar’s Sentence Extended [Documents]

“The dead cannot cry out for justice.  It is a duty of the living to do so for them.” – Lois McMaster Bujold

Receiving credit for time already served, the respondent, Oscar Pistorius, receives a sentence of 13 years and 5 months [replacing his previous sentence of 6 years].




4 thoughts on “Justice Eventualis, Oscar’s Sentence Extended [Documents]

  1. He knew she was behind the door,He reeinacted everything after 3am.He shot her around 230am quietly opened the door on his stumps.Then at 3am reeiacted everything out scream and was pretending to be hitting down the door.


  2. He was on his prothesis when he was pretending to be bashing down the door.He hit the steel bin,the tiles,wooden frame with the ad full of blood.The Neighbours were wrong.He went on British and said how could he have reached the mark so high up on the door if he was on his prothesis.He is correctHe could ever have reached it.He wedged the panels out quietly to get to her,on his stumps.Thats were those marks came from on the door.Then he moved her around.Then had time for a version.Then at 3am on his prothesis hit the door and made that mark high up.It was two different events at two different times.First event on his stumps quietly wedged the panels out second event around 3am reeinacted it out screamed and on his prostheses was pretending to be bashing down the door.The Neighbours were wrong.Dr Stipp said her eyes had dilated whiteness had formed over her corneas and her jaw was stiff.Proves aswell she had not just been shot.That takes around 1hour to happen.The State ignored what Stipp saw because Stipp said he heard a woman scream.So that would have contradicted what Stipp saw a body that had been dead for sometime.It was proven the bat had blood on it aswell as the bat was used to hit something after it came into contact with blood.i can go on for ever it’s so simple to work out


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