Blueprint and Interior of Watts Home

The Watts home is model type MLS®# 1846125. The same model can be viewed at this link with interactive map and photos. Local realtors describe the model as “the largest floor plan in the neighborbood in the highly desirable Wyndham Hill.”

It offers a main floor bedroom/office complete with beautiful shelves and desk, formal dining, formal living room, family room, gas fireplace & builtin off the large kitchen with upgraded cabinets and island. Appliances are 5 yrs new & include a double oven for holiday baking! From the kitchen/family room area, walk out to your beautiful wrap around trek deck so you can enjoy the mountain views! On the 2nd level you’ll find a large loft and 4 bedrooms, including a spacious five piece Master Suite! Your laundry is also conveniently located upstairs and yes, the high end washer and dryer stay! That is not all…head to the basement for an incredible Man Cave entertainment area, complete with a pool table, wet bar with bar stools, home theater room with 120″ HD screen, stadium seating & dimmer lighting! Just move in & enjoy! HURRY! Fullscreen capture 20180922 003310

Fullscreen capture 20180922 002721

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The schematics below are unfortunately barely large enough to make out, and probably not 100% accurate either. My sister is an architect. I will try to get a rough draft of the ground floor and upstairs from her, assuming she has time available for a side job.

download (2)9674570-9

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  1. Okay, in that floor plan I see the loft is near the master bedroom, not between bedrooms 2&3 as depicted in the Hemingway model. I’m glad you cleared something up for me, nagging at me, and that was did Chris have a man cave? Every man needs a man cave, for my ex it was the garage. He had a weight set there, all of his chemicals (he was an inorganic chemist), his tools, nuts, bolts, screws, machine parts and it was there he could play his music as loud as he wanted. So Chris had a basement! That house really had everything didn’t it? So did the Ramsey “gingerbread” house, although she had it unbelievably cluttered. So cluttered a dead body could be hidden away there for hours.

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    • As I wrote in Two Face, there was more evidence of Shan’ann downstairs than up. So no, just because her phone was upstairs doesn’t mean she was upstairs. Also, the phone was hidden under cushions. If it had been in her bedroom on the bedside table, different story. I think I explained in the book that if she’d gone upstairs, he’d have to carry her body downstairs. She’d also see the girls weren’t in their room, and this would cause her to be on her guard and confront him. If he wanted to dispose of their bodies the next morning, he wouldn’t want Shan’ann to get far into the house, because he’d have more cleaning up to do.


      • If this is,the way that house looks now . It is not as beautifully decorated as what Shan Ann had it. She had so much STYLE and color in that house. And now it looks so drab and dreary. Who ever changed the look of this house did a Terrible job for sure.


  2. Sorry I had to actually go and work for a living for awhile. (I hate that!)
    Nick – I can’t think of someone to ask to go get plans for that specific house. I’m sure none of my friends who live near there would do it! (Small town).
    I did find a better link with to that model of home. It’s called Dillon II. But the interior floor plan just doesn’t look right when compared to videos. It’s possible the Watt’s did some customizing on the floor plan or the plan changed in the last 5 years.
    The link is below and it has an option for an interactive floor plan. This might be of some help.


    • I worked with Chris and Shan’ann in the purchase of their home. They purchased a DR Horton, plan 4115 Lenox. They did not purchase a Richmond home.


  3. Yep, that’s the link Terri. Or one could call the Wyndham Hill number and ask which floor plan their specific home is and then look it up. Their phone number is 303-660-0151. Good luck! I’d do it if I were there, I have no fear.


  4. Yes, that’s true. Probably more plausible she never made it upstairs. He would have more work to do bringing her downstairs. He wouldn’t want to turn on any lights either! So many reasons to attack first, scramble later. Much like the Ramseys, no? Poking around in the dark with a torch.


  5. If you go to the “Hemingway interactive floor plan” you can design what they had yourself. We know they had 5 bedrooms and 4 baths. And a loft. That they also had 3 garages. One of those garages is usually used for a golf cart (the smaller one) but there are no golf ranges there. In any event, with a double car garage the third one can be used for 3 wheelers or boats. So put that in the design. Second floor insert a loft. You can also reverse the whole floor plan on the interactive page. It’s fun.


  6. Now interesting he put pillow CASES and a top sheet in the trash. He didn’t wish to launder them. The master bedroom sheet/bedding was found balled up on the floor of the master, but the officer said he inspected those and found no evidence of foul play. So I’m thinking the pillow cases and top sheet was from the girl’s rooms, and that he likely used a pillow over the face. He’s a real oddball though isn’t he? He didn’t do a good job of covering tracks. In the end, do any of them?


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