CT Brown is at it again – this is a call to all genuine readers of true crime to report abuse on this troll reviewer

I’d hoped C.T Brown had moved on, but alas, two more troll reviews on the same day today, one for TWO FACE and the other for Treachery. C.T Brown also reviewed a third book on the same day. This brings the number of reviews from C.T. Brown targeting my books to 21.


C.T. Brown also has a UK account, and there are more troll reviews there too. Please report this reviewer. Not one of these reviews for my books are verified reads either.

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7 thoughts on “CT Brown is at it again – this is a call to all genuine readers of true crime to report abuse on this troll reviewer

  1. You are giving this guy the attention he is so desperately seeking. There’s always going to be at least one wherever you go in life. Best wishes.


  2. C.T. Brown is obviously a professional troll reviewer who has targeted you, Nick. He/she goes overboard in lavish praise for a couple of not as serious books to “prove” that he/she is a balanced reviewer.

    As you pointed out, this person dislikes all your books, yet continues to read them?? Most likely never read a single sentence in any of them. Just posting as instructed by the real person who doesn’t want people to read your work.


    • C.T. Brown has just left review #21:

      “Probably the strangest book I have ever read. It reads like pages of notes, with scribbles and corrections throughout. Not sure whether the raven analogy is the writer trying to be ‘ clever’, or he’s under the influence of some drug. Very irritating.
      I persevered with it, skimming quickly over the really annoying passages, but these got longer as the book progressed. No real analysis of fact. The arguments outlined appeared to be based on suppositions, and comparisons with other cases. It was a great relief to reach the end. I feel very sorry for the poor mccanns have been through so much, and this book does not help. Its people like Van der Leek who takes the focus off madaleine and her disappearance, and refocuses the attention on proven lies and gossip.”



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