Ueli Steck’s Description of Annapurna

“I was completely detached from the other world.  There was nothing else but climbing.  No goal, no future, no past.  I was climbing in the here and now.  One swing of the ice axe after the other; one step after the other.  I only saw my ice axes and how they penetrated the snow and ice.  My view narrowed and I had adopted some sort of tunnel vision.  And here I was; in the middle of this gigantic face with very limited equipment.  I felt light, but also extremely exposed.  I knew that the tiniest mistake would mean certain death.  However, I was not scared of making a mistake.  I was still giving orders and controlling the person climbing the south face of Annapurna.  It did not feel like me.  If this person fell, it would not really concern me.” Ueli Steck 

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UELI: Deus Ex Machina

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