12 thoughts on “Chris Watts: More Photos of the Fairy Tale

  1. Here’s what bugs me about Watts. Did he just consider himself a passive passerby in his own marriage and life? When their money situation headed into a decline did he take out pencil and paper and create a budget for them, let her know they couldn’t afford a $400K house, couldn’t buy furniture from Macy’s, and more importantly, use contraception to prevent bringing another baby into the world? Or did he sit passively by, bidding his time, stewing, pretending all was well. He gave a talk about relationships, did he not listen to anything he said, read anything he wrote? I’m guessing he was happy with her in the beginning. I understand the dynamic between introverts and extroverts – introverts can be alone, extroverts cannot but one likes the other because they have what you want. I think about the time he started to lift weights and lose weight he started to take charge of his own body and his self worth but I’m mad as hell at his covert means to an end without ever saying anything or taking charge.


  2. Today I spent some time reviewing some videos of Shannan facebook.
    My Lord……….
    What did she try to prove?
    With all my respect to her and her family, Chris was a puppet to her. She had the control of her family life.
    I am not justifying the way she died, but I think Chris Watts kept inside for long time while married, negative feelings due to the way was treated by his wife.
    Unfortunately, they did not visit a Psycologist for advice. They could had saved their marriage and family, avoiding this fatal end for both families.
    We must learn from this experience….


    • Are you blind??? Shannan was trying to save her marriage by getting self-help books, trying everything to communicate with Chris, etc, yet he shunned communication with her and then, unsurprisingly, began a torrid affair with a sleazy co-worker. He resented Shannan for being married with kids and not being able to live as a single man anymore. Don’t blame the victims – they were annihilated by a resentful, introverted, narcissistic psychopath / sociopath who viewed them as a burden to him and as disposable as garbage.

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    • Rule number one of social media, nothing is ever as it seems! It’s very ignorant to assume you know everything about someone’s life based on their social media, and then to say her husband must of had certain feelings because of the way she treated him and that’s why he killed her? You’re justifying why she was killed, and that’s disgusting. If she treated him in such a bad way like you are implying, maybe it was because of HIS actions. Constant lying and cheating takes its toll on people and they build up resentment, especially when you’re a mom busting your ass taking care of your family while your husband is off having affairs. And what about his kids then, what reason do you have that their murders were justified? I don’t even know why i’m responding to this, I googled to see if there were updates on the case and came across your comment and I just found it distasteful.


  3. Omg!! You’re the first person who has said exactly what I’ve been saying. He was a “puppet”. She was so annoying to him. No. That doesn’t justify anything that happened, but the dude couldn’t take it anymore. He snapped.


    • He was no more a puppet than Shannan was the cause of him ‘snapping’. Also, he didn’t ‘snap’ – he cold-bloodedly planned the annihilation of his wife, their unborn son and their two little girls. While Shannan was trying everything to save their marriage he shunned communication with her and embarked on a torrid affair with a sleazy, dubious co-worker. Yet, people like you are blaming the victim(s) for their murders. SHAME ON YOU.

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    • How the hell would you know how he felt about her!? Just because she seemed annoying to you, doesn’t mean she was “so annoying to him”. Clearly he liked her or he wouldn’t have stayed with her for years. I know people stay in relationships they aren’t happy in but they planned out having another baby together, until he found a new side piece and started having regrets. I don’t know why but comments like yours just piss me off, because they are not only extremely disrespectful, but it’s always coming from a complete outsider who doesn’t know shit but acts like they know everything. The girl and her two kids were murdered! And you’re sitting here defending the guy who did it and acting like you understand why!? Disgusting.


  4. The coworker was not at fault. Watts misled her, deceived her into thinking he was available. This was not her fault and there’s nothing “sleazy” about her – she simply believed someone else’s lies.

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  5. I can’t imagine anyone blaming Shanann. How the hell do you blame her for any of this. If you are unhappy in your marriage leave you don’t kill your family. Anyone who blames her is screwed up. She was a beautiful loving mother and I didn’t have to know her to see that and it was clear in all her videos that she loved chris. He did not want the third child and wanted to live the single life again and wanted a way out. This was not just a moment he snapped this was clearly planned. He knew what he was doing for over a couple of months was wrong. She was pregnant and wanted to have her family together and she sensed that something wasn’t right. My god people really blaming the innocent people who were murdered. He buried his wife in a shallow grave with their unborn child and stuff his children in oil tanks then went to work like nothing happened. This is not a person who just snapped this is a murderer who deserves to live in prison all his life and when the time comes he will have to answer to the man above for what happened if they don’t kill him in prison first.


  6. That guy was sick way before he met Shannon! Period! Shannon may have had some unappealing traits to some, but who the heck kills your family over that? The man was sick way before Shannon and probably most of his life.


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