Coming Soon: A Follow-Up Book to TWO FACE

Due to popular demand, but also due to a few people coming forward with challenging notions such as “it’s too early for conjecture”, a follow up book to the first TWO FACE is already in the works.

For those who don’t know SHAKEDOWN, we’re all about conjecture, about painstaking thinking, about analysis, about working with the evidence beyond the media and court narrative, beyond every other narrative.

SHAKEDOWN’s research has been used in true crime movies by major networks such as A&E, and even posts on this site have been published almost verbatim in news media, such as a recent article a few weeks ago in the Sunday Tribune.

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It may seem as if all that can possibly be said about the Chris Watts case, at this stage, has been said or written, especially on this blog. Far from it. We haven’t even begun to test legal merits, or scratch the surface of the cast of characters associated with this case, particularly Chris Watts himself. We’re still getting to know the crime scenes and legal teams.

Although it may seem as if all the available material out there goes onto Shakedown [and especially this page], in reality it’s simply the low hanging fruit. TWO FACE BENEATH THE OIL contains some shocking revelations that no one knows about, and that have not yet been released on this site or anywhere else.

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For those who are regular consumers at this site, as from next week the daily coverage of the Chris Watts case won’t stop, but it will slow down as I focus on nailing down the second narrative.

Those who haven’t read TWO FACE yet are encouraged to do so, because the second book is built on the first. Those who have read the first book in the K9 series are encouraged to review it if you haven’t already done so.


Those living in Frederick with firsthand knowledge of any of the individuals or companies or sites mentioned in this case are encouraged to contact me directly, on or off the record, anonymously at this email.

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  1. Well, there is something. Anadarko Petroleum Company has a dark and oily past. There was the nasty business of the Firestone explosion that held Anadarko directly responsible for the death of two people and the injury of another and now recently and although they settled the Firestone explosion, there is a class action lawsuit re-filed led by the Iron Workers Benefit and Pensioners Fund. Sometimes we don’t know how things are connected to another, but it does involve the company where Watts worked – and isn’t it interesting they fired him the very next day he reported his wife “missing” without giving him the benefit of the doubt? Perhaps they couldn’t afford another scandal much the way Lockheed Martin terminated John Ramsey soon after he moved back to Atlanta.


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