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Paradise Lost – Part 1

Paradise Lost – Part 2

Geraldo, 1994:  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6

48 Hours: A Cry for Innocence

ID:  West Memphis Three


Investigative Report May 10.1993

Robbie Young statement May 15.1993

Hollingsworth family various statements and testimony

Statement from Aaron Hutcheson May 27.1993

Statement from Victoria Hutcheson May 28.1993

Statement from Aaron Hutcheson June 9.1993

Statement of Joe Houston Bartoush Jr June 14.1993

Jerry Driver Statement Dec 3. 1993

Statement of John Mark Byers Jan 26.1994

Andy Jack Echols Declaration

Eddie Joe Hutchison Declaration


Bodies at Scene

Christopher Byers autopsy

Steve Branch autopsy

Michael Moore autopsy


Full Audio of Confession

Transcript of Misskelley Confession


Statement from Jesse Misskelley June 3.1993

Suppression Hearing Misskelley trial January 13.1994

Problems with MissKelley’s wrestling alibi


Opening Statements  Jan 26.1994

Defense Opening Statements  Jan 26.1994

Bryn Ridge Jan 26.1994

Gary Gitchell  Jan 27.1994

Victoria Hucheson  Jan 28.1994

Lisa Sakevicius Jan 28.1994

Charles Ashley Jr  Feb 1994

 Dana Moore  Feb 1994

 Debra O’Tinger  Feb 1994

 Dennis Carter  Feb 1994

Dr Frank Peretti  Feb 1994

Dr Vaughn Rickert  Feb 1994

Dr William Wilkins  Feb 1994

Fred Revelle  Feb 1994

Gloria Wilson  Feb 1994

James Dollahite Feb 1994

James Sudbury  Feb 1994

 Jason Oliver  Feb 1994

Jennifer Roberts  Feb 1994

 Jessie Miskelley Sr Feb 1994

 Jim McNease  Feb 1994

 Joe McCafferty  Feb 1994

 Johnny Hamilton  Feb 1994

 Josh Darby Feb 1994

Keith Johnson  Feb 1994

Keith Mercier  Feb 1994

Kermit Channell Feb 1994

 Kevin Johnson  Feb 1994

Louis Hoggard  Feb 1994

Marty King Feb 1994

Melissa Byers Feb 1994

 Michael DeGuglielmo  Feb 1994

Mike Allen Feb 1994

 Officer John Moore  Feb 1994

Pam Hobbs  Feb 1994

Ralph Turbyfill  Feb 1994

Regenia Meek  Feb 1994

Rhonda Dedman  Feb 1994

Ricky Deese Feb 1994

Roger Jones  Feb 1994

Ron Lax  Feb 1994

Ryan Clark  February 1994

Shane Griffin in Feb 1994

Stephanie Dollar (Part 1)  Feb 1994

Stephanie Dollar (Part 2) Feb 1994

Susie Brewer  Feb 1994

Tabitha Hollingsworth  Feb 1994

Warren Holmes Feb 1.1994

 Richard Ofshe  Feb 2.1994

State Closing Arguments  Feb 3.1994

Defense Closing Arguments  Feb 3.1994

State 2nd Closing Argument  Feb 3.1994

Announcement of Verdict  Feb 4.1994

Court upholds conviction in Jessie Lloyd MISSKELLEY, Jr. v State of AR Feb 1996


Polygraph test of Echols May 10.1993


Exhibit 500 Index

Opening Statement Feb 28.1994

Defense Opening Statement for Jason Baldwin  Feb 28.1994

Defense Opening Statement for Damien Echols  Feb 28.1994

Pam Hobbs  Feb 28.1994

Bryn Ridge Feb 28.1994

Mike Allen  February 28.1994

Dr Frank Peretti – Medical Examiner  March 1.1994

Michael CarsonMarch 2.1994

Michael DeGuglielmoMarch 3.1994

Anthony Hollingsworth March 3.1994

Deanna Holcomb March 7.1994

Dale Griffis March 8.1994

Christy Van Vickle March 9.1994

Jodee Medford March 9.1994

Damien Echols  March 9.1994

 Gary Gitchell  trial March 10.1994

Christopher Morgan March 10.1994

John Mark Byers March 11.1994

Robert Hicks  March 11.1994

State Closing Arguments March 17.1994

Defense Closing for Jason Baldwin  March 17.1994

Defense Closing for Damien Echols  March 17.1994

State 2nd Closing Argument  March 17.1994

Announcement of Verdict  March 18.1994

Dr Moneypenny in penalty phase for Echols March 1994

Announcement of Verdict Punishment Phase  March 19.1994 Includes statements from Echols and Baldwin

Court upholds convictions in Damien Wayne ECHOLS and Charles Jason Baldwin v state of AR Dec 1996


October 27.2007 Court Filing

Declaration of Pam Hobbs 5.20.2009

Pre-Hearing Brief Feb 18.2011

Pam Hobbs and John Mark Byers Court Filing Feb 2013


Details about the death and death investigation of Melissa Byers

Melissa Byers Reports from March 29 and March 30

Melissa Byers autopsy docs


Transcript of August 19, 2011 Hearing

VIDEO:  Hearing Clip 1

VIDEO:  Hearing Clip 2

VIDEO:  Press Conference

VIDEO:  Panel Discussion, October 10, 2011


Video surveillance of Christopher Byers funeral

Video surveillance of Michael Moore funeral

Video surveillance of Stevie Branch funeral

Kevin Govar 5/8/93

Donald Warwick 5/10/93

Narlene Hollingsworth 5/10/93

Pam [Echols] Hutchison 5/12/93

Tabitha Hollingsworth 5/20/93

Original crime scene footage 5/6/93

Crime scene trails 6/1/93

Probable Cause Hearing 6/03/93

Aaron Hucheson 6/7/93

Charles Austin 6/9/93

Fred Revelle 6/9/93

Charles Stone 6/9/93

Jason Frazier 6/11/93

Garrett Schwarting 6/11/93

Jessica Bryant 6/11/93

Brandy Wilson 6/16/93

Shane Divilbiss 6/17/93

Jessie Hurst 7/21/93

Jason Crosby 9/2/93

Stacy Sanders 9/2/93

Holly George 9/22/93

Matthew Baldwin 9/23/93

Terry Grinnell 9/23/93

Alvis Bly 6/29/93

Rex Heath 10/20/93

Buddy Lucas 10/14/93

Aaron Hucheson 12/31/93

Dennis Dent 1/7/94

Mark Byers 1/26/94

Kevin Johnson 2/2/94

Joni Brown 2/18/94

Sammie and Lenora Beason 2/17/94

TRIAL CLIPS:  The Softball Girls Confession

CLIP:  Damien’s bizarre behavior in court

CLIP:  Video of Echols at the close of trial 1994

INTERVIEW: Larry King – Damien Echols interview transcript Dec 19.2007

VIDEO:  1996 Court TV, Damien Echols

VIDEO:  Arkansas Times Interview with Jason Baldwin 2011

VIDEO:  Fox News Damien Echols from prison Nov 23, 2010

VIDEO:  Hex, Lies and Videotapes Part 1

VIDEO:  Hex, Lies and Videotape Part 2

VIDEO:  Hex, Lies and Videotape Part 3

VIDEO:  Damien Echols talks about life after death row 2/5/2013

NEWS CLIPS:  John Mark Byers November 2007

NEWS CLIP:  Pam Hobbs Feb 2012 – clip 1

NEWS CLIP:  Pam Hobbs Feb 2012 – clip 2 

POLICE INTERVIEW:  Terry Hobbs June 21, 2007

INTERVIEW:  Jason Baldwin – November 16, 2013


Reasonable Doubt


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Wiki 3

Terminal Boredom

Violence Prevention Institute

Mirror UK

Verbicide Magazine



[March 28] Crime Feed:  The West Memphis Three: Where are they now?


[May 5] Rolling Stone:  Echols: ‘Today was my original execution date’


[June 8] True story of satanic murders which inspired Colin Firth’s ‘deeply disturbing’ new film Devil’s Knot


[June 25] Black and Blue:  Damien Echols Tries to Rebuild his Life in Salem

[May 10] Terry Hobbs breaks his silence

[March 19] The exorcism of Damiel Echols in Salem

[Feb 20] The unsettling reckless of Peter Jackson’s West of Memphis

[Jan 2] Rolling Stone:  Q&A: Eddie Vedder on West Memphis Three


[Aug 17] NY Times:  West Memphis Three, A Year out of Prison, Navigate New Paths


[Oct 13] NY Times:  A Death Row Love Story

[Aug 24] AR Times:  The West Memphis Three are Free

[Aug 22] Damien Echols has fooled you all

[June 8] Eddie Vedder sings ‘Satellite’ for West Memphis prisoner’s wife

[Jan 4] Judge imposes new gag order, in case of possible new trial for WM3


[July 9] Case 93-66-666:  Analyzing the Pretrial Publicity of the West Memphis Three Trial


[June 6] Damien seeks permission to marry


[Sept 17] Lawyers for Echols to take final appeal to supreme court


[Nov 1] ABC News:  Father of Victim to Convicted Killer:  ‘I’m here for you’

[Oct 30] NY Times:  Defense Offers New Evidence in Case that Shocked Arkansas

[Oct 30] Terry Hobbs admitted to 1982 sexual assault

[Aug 10] Hobbs knives to be tested

[July 20] Terry Hobbs reports being told his DNA was found at crime scene

[Jan 29] The prison investigation chronology to date


[Oct 7] AR Times:  Complete Fabrication


[Dec 26] AR Times:  The Strange Demise of Melissa Byers


[Jun 7] AR Times:  John Grisham meet Dan Stidham


[Nov 25] AR Times:  The Legal Troubles of Terry Hobbs and John Mark Byers

[April 7] AR Times:  The Devil on Trial

[March 19] NY Times:  Two Teen-Agers Convicted of Killing 3 Arkansas Boys

[March 4] Police Interviewed Boy’s Father


[June 6] NY Times:  3 Teen-Agers Accused in the Killing of Three Boys


wm3 victims

Michael MooreStevie Branch 2Chris Byers 2Chris Byers 3Stevie BranchChris Byers

Michael MooreMoore graveByers graveBranch grave

aerial viewMapmap 2

Jason 1996

Jason 1996

Damien 3

Damien suicide note

Damien suicide note

Judge David Burnett

Judge David Burnett



Jason with lawyers

Dale Griffis

Dale Griffis



Damien and Lori

Damien & Lori

shot by Tim Knox for HBO

susie brewer2susie brewerBaldwin with cameras

John Mark Byers 1993

John Mark Byers

Terry Hobbs 1993

Gary Gitchell

Vicki Hucheson 1994

Vickie Hucheson 1994

Jason 1994

Jason 1994

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Misskelleymisskelley 4misskelley 3Misskelley Seniorjason-baldwinJason Baldwin 2Baldwin

Jason Baldwin 3

Jason Baldwin after release

Damien with lawyer 2Damien with lawyer

1993Damien in courtPam Echolswm3


West Memphis Child Murders Trial

17 Mar 1994, Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA — March 17, 1994 – Jonesboro, AR, U.S. – March 17, 1994 – Tracy Fisher (left) talks with Domini Teer, holding her son Seth, during a break in the trial of Seth’s father, Damien Echols, on charges he participated in the slayings of three West Memphis 8-year-olds. The case against Echols and Charles Jason Baldwin went to the jury at 4:59 p.m. after more than four hours of closing arguments. I’m a little bit scared they might come back with the wrong verdict,” said Teer, awaiting a jury verdict. On her knee, she bounced their infant son, Seth, later handing the child to an attorney for a backroom visit with his father, who would hold him for the first time. We plan on getting married,” Teer said in a soft, hopeful voice. We plan on getting out of Arkansas. (Credit Image: © Lisa Waddell/The Commercial Appeal) — Image by © Lisa Waddell/ZUMA Press/Corbis



Damian Seth Teer (Damien’s son with Domini Teer)


Aaron Hutcheson

Aaron Hucheson

Damian Echols

Echols MisKelley Baldwin


Jesse Miskelley

Jurys pros and cons for Damian

Jury’s pros and cons for Damien

Jurys pros and cons for Jason

Jury’s pros and cons for Jason

Melissa and Mark Byers

John Mark and Melissa Byers

Pam and Terry Hobbs

Pam and Terry Hobbs [L] and Todd and Diana Moore [R]

Pam Hobbs 1993

Pam Hobbs

Pam and Terry Hobbs2Byers2

Polygraph test for Echols May 10.1993

Echols polygraph 1993

questionnaire for Echols May 10. 1993

questionnaire for Echols polygraph 1993

Terry Hobbs - Steven Branch stepfatherWest Memphis Police Station Log May 5.1993West-Memphis-Map

Aug242011ArkansasTimescover1ArkansasTimesDanStidhamcover6.7.96ArkansasTimescover4.7.94baldwininprison2011misskelley2011 2misskelley2011Echols2011 3Echols2011 2Echols2011eddieveddervoicepresser2010Mara Leverittlorridavisandnataliemaines2007

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Ozzy and EcholsHenry Rollins and EcholsMarilyn Manson with EcholsWinonaart2007statecapitolrallyjason2000Misskelley2000damien1996

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Vedder and MisskelleyDamien 7Damien 6Damien 5walk freeByersDamien 4Echols and Deppriverbank2Terry Hobbs and David JacobyIMG_0013IMG_0035IMG_0010DSCI0906-1earring from huchesonluminol0341luminol0441police-search-smallrobin-hood-hills-smallditch-location-of-bodies2-small

Knife2 wm3Knife wm3Aaron and Vickie Hucheson with policeDamianDamien and Lori wedding4tombstone_drawingdrawing by DamienDamiens writings part of exhibit 500Domini Teer 2Domini and babyDamien and sonDamien 8Domini TeerDamien & DominiDamian Seth TeerDamian Teer cases in Maricopa CountyDomini [now Ferris]Damien & Lori

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Anthony Hollingsworth


L.G. Hollingsworth

Clothing descriptionsDamien and Amanda