Shan’ann Watts died Intestate – Is A Court Battle Looming in Probate Court over Life Insurance?

Weaving straw into gold. It sounds poetic, it’s even the stuff of fairy tales, but real human bodies can be converted to gold coins. It’s called Life Insurance. It should be called Death Insurance.

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We saw the same battles over Laci Peterson’s inheritance, which was quite sizable, dragging on for years as a parallel to the criminal trial.

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14 thoughts on “Shan’ann Watts died Intestate – Is A Court Battle Looming in Probate Court over Life Insurance?

  1. Nick, I have a lot of trouble finding your blog posts on the Watts case. I find several that I have never read before and when I leave your site and return later I have no idea where to continue reading I had found so interesting. I am completely lost and confused as to how to find blog posts that seem to disappear. Is there a way of having all your Watts case pages in a searchable list? Please,… help!

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    • If you look at the bottom of every blog post there are two links, one on the left to the previous post and one on the right to the next post. Under the tab at the top, “Blogs” is a drop down menu listing all the blog posts. Sharing a post to your own social media is also a good way of archiving for further reading later.

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      • Hi Piktor. As per your comment I’ve spent a few hours trying to streamline the navigation of the Shakedown site as a whole. There’s now a Watts Archive tab as well as two sections in the right margin dedicated to recent posts and most popular posts. Hopefully this makes finding your way a little easier. If you have any more difficulties please let me know.

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  2. Don’t want to step on your question there Piktor, but Nick, look down at item 8h where it says “Other monthly income Direct Sales Commissions” column 2 – $111. Don’t that beat all.


  3. Taken from “What else do we know” Updated September
    (can’t find the page so I can link it here. Sorry.)

    140. “He didn’t have a plan. Things unfolded so quickly that he was trapped with no alternative but to cooperate with the reporters [in his TV interviews]. I don’t think he anticipated that a friend of his wife would so quickly alert authorities to her failing to show up for a scheduled medical appointment and was not at the house on Monday.” – Philip Stinson, criminologist

    Agree? Disagree?

    It’s becoming clear Watts had no plan. Scott Peterson sorta had a plan to do away with his dead wife. Took until April to find Lacy and her baby. Without a moment’s hesitation police arrested Peterson. Watts turn to be handcuffed and shackled took what- 2 days?
    Watts fatal turn of bad luck was the back sliding door. It was locked from the inside. How does an angry and hurt wife take her two small girls “for a walk to sort things out” (and then “goes missing”, “vanishes”, never to be seen again)
    – if there is no possible physical means to leave the house by the back though a locked door
    – locked from the inside
    – with Shanann’s house keys left in the kitchen island where the cop and Nickole could see them.

    Why was Nickole so invested in her friend Shanann’s well-being? Baby Niko named after her? That’s my guess. Nickole was so invested that she rang the doc’s office to check on her friend (bet Mr. Watts never saw that coming). When she was told Shanann missed her appointment, it was all alarms and bells ringing!
    With no bodies and no evidence of foul play, cops had no proof of a crime. Watts just might have gotten away with triple murder.
    On the face of it, Watts’ scenario works- had it been planned in actuality. He seems the careful plodder type. But the comedy of errors that got him caught point to no plan but mere improvising as he went along.
    I don’t think he even planned on killing anyone.
    Something made him snap- what and why we’ll probably never know. Same as Peterson. Maybe neither of them know WHY they did it. They do know WHAT made them do it. But they will keep that shameful secret to themselves. What caused that snap and made them turn into murdering monsters is no doubt something banal at the root. Banality to explain the horror. Go ahead and explain that.

    If there’s anything real and redeeming in this grotesque tragedy, it is Nickole’s faith, love and loyalty to Shanann.


  4. Well I can see you haven’t read TWO FACE. I don’t think Niko was named after that Nickole. And I don’t think she’s the bestie some have made her out to be.


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