Shan’ann Watts tells her husband: “I don’t want a video of you…” while recording her children

Each of Shan’ann’s videos is a tiny piece of a puzzle, and yet seemingly as the pieces are assembled, the scale of the puzzle gets bigger and bigger.

In the video below Shan’ann tells Chris Watts “I don’t want a video of you…” Whether she says it in jest or with a wry sense of humor, her husband reacts the way most people would. He’s stung by it.

Is her attitude to him influenced by his wayward sexuality? Is her disdain justified or not justified? Is his?

“Ceecee’s been a crying mess for two weeks…”

Does been on social media excessively impact on the moods and sense of boundaries of young children?

We’ve spent some time analyzing whether Shan’ann was happy in her marriage, and whether Chris Watts was happy, but what about the children? Were the children being raised in a wholesome, caring, sensitive way, in a stable home with a stable mom and dad looking over them?

Was the way the children experienced discipline and freedom well-balanced?

There are plenty of videos showing Chris Watts interacting playfully with the children. Since Shan’ann’s either holding the camera or a product, we don’t see much of her natural interactions with the children.

Now let’s hear your observations…