Beth Karas on what should have happened – legally speaking – in the #JonBenetRamsey case

“You gotta take the tough cases to trial.  Sometimes you just have to do it and let the jurors decide because it is the right thing to do.” – Beth Karas

Last month, Investigation Discovery aired their special on JonBenet Ramsey titled An American Murder Mystery.  Beth Karas was a featured legal analyst on the program and offered insights on the suspects, including Mark Karr.

This week, she joined Nick and I for a discussion on numerous aspects of the case spanning the 20 years that have passed since the murder of JonBenet.

We delve into Alex Hunter.  Were his investigative choices strategic?  Should the Grand Jury indictment have been filed?  What about Lou Smit; were his findings objective?    We also touch on Linda Arndt, Steve Thomas, Ollie Gray… and many more.  And of course, we discuss the Ramseys.

“Mark Klaas, I have read, whose daughter Polly Klaas was kidnapped and murdered right from her home in a pajama party she’s having with girlfriends when she was about 13, begged them [John and Patsy] to cooperate with the police.  Work with the police.  Act like parents who have had their daughter senselessly, brutally murdered.” – Beth Karas

Watch the full discussion here…

For more on the JonBenet case, read The Craven Silence, parts 1 and 2, available on Amazon Kindle.

Beth Karas will be featured on the Reelz Channel program Hollywood Homicide Uncovered offering her expertise on the Phil Spector case.






Beth Karas on Oscar Sanitizing the Crime Scene?

One of America’s most renowned legal journalists, Beth Karas, spent time with Nick and I yesterday in an hour long chat about two of the biggest cases in modern history.

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Before diving into Oscar and O.J., Beth shared with us some stories from her early days in New York where she started her legal career.

In this conversation, you’ll hear about some of the differences between South African and American law.  Beth explains how premeditation is typically defined, as well as the different levels of murder here in the states.  Meanwhile, Nick introduces his idea of “post-meditation” as we shift our focus to an examination of the Oscar Pistorius crime scene.

In response to our recent blog post titled An Oscar for the Great Pretender, Beth said:

“Her face being clean does seem to indicate it’s been wiped off.” 

To hear more of Beth’s opinions on #Shakedown’s findings, check out our full conversation on YouTube…


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