John Ramsey’s Flight Schedule August 2007 – July 2008

“Private jets cost a lot of money.” — Donald Trump

How much was Access Graphics worth when John lost it in November 1997?  According to John in Death of Innocence, Access Graphics was “poised to gross $1.5 billion with operations in 20 countries.”

Thus, between December 15th 1996 and early November 1997, Access Graphics had added 50% to its already enormous revenue stream.  Half a billion in eleven months!  That means the company would likely have doubled its revenues by the end of 1999, around the time of the Grand Jury non-announcement.

It’s easy to imagine that when John was booted out of his own company in 1997 that he “lost everything.”  While he certainly lost out in terms of future earnings, John was nevertheless already worth a fortune, and his expulsion was likely accompanied with a sweet golden parachute.

We don’t know for a fact whether John was paid or incentivized to walk away, but knowing John, had there not been a sweetener involved it’s difficult to imagine John accepting his exit as graciously as he did.  I can’t imagine John riding off without something in his saddlebags.

Although John pleads poverty in Death of Innocence leading up to the Grand Jury trial in 1999, so much so that he said he had to sell his plane, it seems he wasn’t so poor that he had sell the other one.

A Beechcraft in a blue sky when it’s very high up resembles a sequin in the sky, doesn’t it.  A splinter defying the Earth, defying gravity, seemingly defying all odds.  One has to wonder what was going on with the pilot of that Beechcraft, and why it went where it went with such a dizzying frequency.

According to Lisa’s research John still owned one plane, registration N2059W, in 2007/2008, even though he claimed to be having serious financial issues – and he flew N2059W frequently.

This schedule below ties into the timeframe when John was considering running for office a second time.  There’s some talk on the forum thread provided below about Burke leaving Purdue for school in Georgia – which may not be entirely accurate – because we know Burke did eventually graduate from Purdue.


Here’s the flight log for John’s plane, N2059W, for the past four months.  (It’s listed chronologically from the bottom up.)  John has been a very busy little boy and doing HIS part to contribute to air pollution and global warming by using up all the jet fuel he possibly [could].  And he’s not just burning up the sky between Charlevoix, Atlanta and Arkansas… oh no, John likes to spread his favors around to Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, and both sides of the southern part of Michigan, just to name a few places he’s dropped wing.

He even took a trip out to Winner, South Dakota (population 3137). I can’t imagine what THAT was about.  They must have a rip-snorter of a golf course!

By the way, Adams Field = Little Rock, AR [where Beth Twitty is from]


August 2007:

Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration:

08-Aug-2007 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Cobb County-Mc Collum Field (KRYY) 03:02PM EDT 07:10PM EDT 4:08

10-Aug-2007 BE35/G Cobb County-Mc Collum Field (KRYY) Boyne City Muni (N98) 03:44PM EDT 08:06PM EDT 4:22

15-Aug-2007 B350/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Gerald R. Ford Intl (KGRR) 04:49PM EDT 05:50PM EDT 1:01

15-Aug-2007 B350/G Gerald R. Ford Intl (KGRR) Boyne City Muni (N98) 09:12PM EDT 09:26PM EDT 0:14

23-Aug-2007 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Grider Field (KPBF) 10:44AM EDT Diverted

23-Aug-2007 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Vermilion County (KDNV) 10:44AM EDT 12:16PM CDT 2:32

28-Aug-2007 BE35/G Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) Adams Field (KLIT) 03:39PM EDT 05:11PM CDT 2:32

29-Aug-2007 BE35/G Adams Field (KLIT) Gerald R. Ford Intl (KGRR) 09:11AM CDT 01:39PM EDT 3:28

One flight in August to Beth Twitty.


September 2007:

Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration:

03-Sep-2007 BE35/G Charlevoix Muni (KCVX) Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) 04:32PM EDT 08:36PM EDT 4:04

10-Sep-2007 BE35/G Adams Field (KLIT) Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) 01:08PM CDT 04:39PM EDT 2:31

23-Sep-2007 BE35/G Gerald R. Ford Intl (KGRR) Adams Field (KLIT) 02:08PM EDT 04:57PM CDT 3:49

25-Sep-2007 BE35/G Adams Field (KLIT) Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) 05:21PM CDT 08:00PM EDT 1:39

26-Sep-2007 BE35/G Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) Gerald R. Ford Intl (KGRR) 10:28AM EDT 01:46PM EDT 3:18

27-Sep-2007 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County (KDTW) 01:56PM EDT 03:03PM EDT 1:07

28-Sep-2007 B350/G Cherry Capital (KTVC) Marion Muni (KMZZ) 07:57AM EDT 09:26AM EDT 1:29

Two flights in September to Beth Twitty.


October 2007:

Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration:

22-Oct-2007 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Winner Rgnl (KICR) 07:15AM EDT 03:51PM GMT 4:36

25-Oct-2007 BE35/G Winner Rgnl (KICR) Boyne City Muni (N98) 03:36PM GMT 03:46PM EDT 4:10

26-Oct-2007 BE35/G Grayling Aaf (KGOV) Ann Arbor Muni (KARB) 12:50PM EDT 02:07PM EDT 1:17

27-Oct-2007 ZZZZ/ Ann Arbor Muni (KARB) Boyne City Muni (N98) 06:14PM EDT 07:51PM EDT 1:37

November 2007

Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration:

12-Nov-2007 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Adams Field (KLIT) 11:29AM EST 03:46PM CST 5:17

14-Nov-2007 BE35/G Adams Field (KLIT) Fulton County Airport-Brown Field (KFTY) 01:03PM CST Diverted

14-Nov-2007 BE35/G Adams Field (KLIT) Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) 01:03PM CST

16-Nov-2007 BE35/G Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) Acadiana Rgnl (KARA) 04:43PM EST 06:44PM CST 3:01

17-Nov-2007 BE35/G Lafayette Rgnl (KLFT) Birmingham Intl (KBHM) 06:24PM CST

17-Nov-2007 BE35/G Lafayette Rgnl (KLFT) Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) 06:24PM CST

20-Nov-2007 BE35/G Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) Charlevoix Muni (KCVX) 12:16PM EST Diverted

20-Nov-2007 BE35/G Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) Boyne City Muni (N98) 12:16PM EST

25-Nov-2007 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) 01:58PM EST

25-Nov-2007 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Mc Ghee Tyson (KTYS) 01:58PM EST

25-Nov-2007 BE35/G Mc Ghee Tyson (KTYS) Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) 06:47PM EST 07:55PM EST 1:08

28-Nov-2007 BE35/G Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) Adams Field (KLIT) 08:40AM EST

Three flights in November to Beth Twitty.


December 2007

Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration:

04-Dec-2007 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Adams Field (KLIT) 10:03AM EST 01:24PM CST 4:21

04-Dec-2007 BE35/G Adams Field (KLIT) Cobb County-Mc Collum Field (KRYY) 02:40PM CST 05:45PM EST 2:05

One flight in December to Beth Twitty.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with the commentary below, it was topical for its time, and as such I’ve included it here.


Posted by Why_Nut, Dec 8, 2007:

Looking at those logs, though, you can see how the voters of Michigan knew that John was a liar through and through when he claimed that Charlevoix and Michigan were his true home. He still finds it seemingly impossible to bring himself to spend more than a couple of weeks or so in a row there without flying out to some other state. I [will] keep an eye on the real estate listings in the area, because I know that there will be a point when we will see him put the Charlevoix house up for sale.

Burke seems to want nothing to do with that place, and the town and state are hurting for money and they keep putting his property taxes up enough that I think John will simply decide to buy property in Arkansas and turn his back on all pretense he had that he liked Michigan for anything other than his old access to Round Lake for the boats he no longer has.


January 2008

Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration:

27-Jan-2008 BE35/G Charlevoix Muni (KCVX) Purdue University (KLAF) 11:10AM EST 12:57PM EST

27-Jan-2008 BE35/G Purdue University (KLAF) Charlevoix Muni (KCVX) 06:19PM EST Diverted

27-Jan-2008 BE35/G Purdue University (KLAF) Boyne City Muni (N98) 06:19PM EST Diverted

27-Jan-2008 BE35/G Purdue University (KLAF) Boyne Mountain (KBFA) 06:19PM EST 08:16PM EST 1:57

15-Feb-2008 BE35/G Boyne Mountain (KBFA) Tri-Cities Rgnl Tn/Va (KTRI) 10:23AM EST 10:57AM EST 0:34

16-Feb-2008 BE38/G Tri-Cities Rgnl Tn/Va (KTRI) Boyne City Muni (N98) 04:41PM EST 08:06PM EST 3:25

23-Apr-2008 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Sault Ste Marie Muni (KANJ) 11:06AM EDT 11:54AM EDT 0:48


Posted by Cherokee, May 3, 2008:

As Why_Nut pointed out, John still hasn’t filed the necessary paperwork to run for election in Michigan. The deadline is May 13th.

I thought maybe John was too busy cavorting about the countryside in his private plane to notice he’s getting dangerously close to not being a candidate for office. So, I thought I’d take a look at his recent flight logs.

John made a trip to Purdue on January 27th. Burke should have already started classes at Georgia State by then, so I don’t know what that was about. Then John makes a trip to the Kingsport, TN area on February 15th. He spends the night, then flies back to Charlevoix the next day. John’s most recent flight occurred on April 23rd when he flew up to Sault Ste Marie, Michigan near the Canadian border. Apparently, he’s been there for the past 10 days.

April 2008

Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration:

23-Apr-2008 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Sault Ste Marie Muni (KANJ) 11:06AM EDT 11:54AM EDT

04-May-2008 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Oakland County Intl (KPTK) 03:40PM EDT 04:36PM EDT 0:56

04-May-2008 BE35/G Oakland County Intl (KPTK) Boyne City Muni (N98) 10:42PM EDT 11:44PM EDT 1:02

05-May-2008 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Oakland County Intl (KPTK) 03:38PM EDT 04:35PM EDT 0:57


Posted by Cherokee, May 5, 2008:

Good grief! John has been burning up the airspace over Michigan the past two days!

First, John flies from Charlevoix down to Pontiac, MI at 3:40 p.m. yesterday. Then last night, he flies back to Charlevoix, arriving close to midnight at 11:44 p.m.

Today, John flies BACK to Pontiac (at almost the exact same time in the afternoon as yesterday’s flight) at 3:38 p.m. He’s still in Pontiac as we speak. I wonder what is so pressing in Pontiac that John has to fly there two days in a row. Wouldn’t it be cheaper and save precious (and expensive) plane fuel to spend the night in Pontiac?

The strange thing is … I didn’t find a record of John flying from Sault Ste Marie back to Charlevoix. John flew to Sault Ste Marie on April 23rd, but there is no flight log for his return! How did he get his plane from Sault Ste Marie to Charlevoix? Obviously, he flew out of Charlevoix to Pontiac, so he had to travel from Sault Ste Marie to Charlevoix SOMEHOW. Hmmmm.

I admire the dedication of these folks on Forum For Justice but the online snooping eventually becomes amusing if little else.  Although John did seem to have a freewheeling lifestyle following Patsy’s death, I’m not sure whether gas guzzling is necessarily a crime.

In July 2008 oil prices hit an all-time record of US$147.27 so Cherokee’s point below – posted in August 2008 –  isn’t without merit.


Posted by Cherokee, August 11, 2008:

Hmmm. It looks like he’s made a couple of trips to Purdue from Charlevoix since the last time we tracked his plane. That’s curious. Burke transferred from Purdue to Georgia State last year, and Purdue wouldn’t be [in] session anyway unless Burke is taking summer school. Is Burke re-enrolling in Purdue after a year at Georgia State?

Whatever the case, John stayed only one hour at Purdue on July 24th, and only 15 minutes on July 27th! 15 minutes on land for a four-hour flight? Did John forget something the first trip and think he had to go back and hand deliver it? Whatever happened to using the US mail? Oh, I forgot. When you have money and your own private plane (and you don’t seem to care about the environment and that there’s a gas crunch going on) you just jet around whenever you feel like it BECAUSE YOU CAN.

By the way, it sure looks like John’s romance with Beth Twitty is kaput. No more flights to HER hometown or out to Arkansas to meet her family.

July 2008

Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration:

27-Jul-2008 BE35/G Purdue University (KLAF) Charlevoix Muni (KCVX) 08:09PM EDT 10:07PM EDT 1:58

In August 2016, a month before John and Burke’s appearances on Dr. Phil, it seems N2059W was sold to Jeffrey Morgan, from Kentucky. At that stage, John’s 285 horsepower Beechcraft had sailed from shore to shining shore under John’s command for more than half a century.  Was it sold to raise money to pay for an Apologia War Chest to coincide with the 20-year Anniversary and an anticipated media blitz? Or did the loot from appearing on Dr. Phil mean John could upgrade at last to something shinier and new?